Manicure gray with silver

Gray manicure with silver is popular due to its neutral and at the same time interesting palette. It allows you to create everyday manicure that looks spectacular. If you show creativity, add interesting patterns or apply complex techniques and combine several tones at once, you will get a luxurious design for an evening or gala exit.


Popular shades of gray

Classic gray is not in great demand among either masters or women. Recently, complex shades have been in fashion, for example, brown-gray. It is close to the nude palette and looks no less elegant and sophisticated within the framework of nail art.

Warm taupe

Another interesting shade is a cool gray-blue. Slightly smoky color is best revealed in varnishes with a matte texture.

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Gentle and cold gray-blue

Unpretentious design options

The easiest way to combine the indicated combination of varnishes within one manicure is to apply a gray tone as the main coating on three or four nails of one brush. The remaining nail plates should be painted with a simple silver coating or varnish of the same tone with glitter.

[stextbox id=’info’]Such design options are rarely complemented by some complex patterns; they are very easy to make at home on your own, without turning to the master.[/stextbox]

french design

You can also find French in examples of gray manicure combined with silver, but, as a rule, this is not a classic technique for applying varnish with a clearly separated edge of the nail. To prevent the manicure from looking rough, the masters apply different shades of gray using the ombre technique, starting from the edge of the nail, and then partially or completely cover the plate with silver glitter.

French and moon manicure


Another manicure option, vaguely reminiscent of a jacket, is applying varnish in stripes with a transition from beige to gray-brown and blue. In this case, the transition boundaries are separated by special silvery stripes. This design looks no less impressive and interesting, but only on medium or long nails.

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Lunar manicure

This technique is an alternative to French. The emphasis in this case is placed on the hole of the nail. You can select it in several ways:

  • applying a silver coating along the inner edge of the nail using a special stencil;
  • by drawing geometric shapes in the area of ​​the hole.

Wells marked with triangles

[stextbox id=’info’]In the case of drawings, masters increasingly prefer triangles. They are best used on short nails, as they visually stretch the nail plate.[/stextbox]

Silver glitter streaks

Marble stains

Ornaments characteristic of natural stone, which were popular last year, will remain on the crest of the fashion wave in 2019. You can see in the photo that this is a combination of white and black lacquer, which, when mixed, gives out several shades of gray at once. The design itself is impressive. If desired, the pronounced lines of the pattern can be additionally decorated with silver-tone varnish or sparkles.

Marble stains and foil

[stextbox id=’info’]If you decide to do this, be sure to use a thin brush consisting of several bristles. So the manicure will turn out neat.[/stextbox]

Nail art looks no less interesting, in which only two out of five nails stand out with silver and marble.

Combination of textures

Emphasis on the texture of nails has gained popularity after the appearance of gel polishes with a matte effect. Many craftsmen began to combine them with other types of coating. This trend has not bypassed the combination of silver and gray.

Within the framework of one design, specialists can use several shades of gray, gloss, matte and silver-colored lacquer with mother-of-pearl shine or glitter at once. As a rule, a similar manicure is made in the form of stripes.

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different textures

If this design option seems too complicated for you, you can pay attention to the classics and just cover different nails with different varnishes.

Heap of drawings

Drawings on a manicure with a gray base are made by masters different. They differ in technology and time.

If you really want a complex pattern, but time is running out or you don’t have enough artistic skills, using special stencils is a great idea. On an already prepared nail with a gray base, a stencil is applied and silver varnish or glitter is applied on top of it.

Drawings created with a stencil

Also, drawings can be drawn independently and from scratch. The theme will depend on the mood and season. In winter, it is most often snowflakes and snowmen. In addition to them, you can depict trees or abstract stripes.

It is important that the drawings look neat. We have shown examples of images popular in winter in the photo. Please note that snowflakes painted in white will look brighter and more interesting if they are decorated with silver varnish and sparkles.

Design with simple patterns

Another option for those who do not want to use stamps and do not know how to draw is minimalist lines. One or two stripes of black on a gray background, complemented by splashes of silver glitter, will be more than enough.

Stripe patterns

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[stextbox id=’info’]Since the combination of silver and gray is moderately strict and cold, floral motifs are rarely used in the design. Much more often you can find stripes, abstractions and images on a winter theme.[/stextbox]


The presence of bright and dynamic silver or glitter does not allow the use of an abundance of rhinestones on the nails. Within the framework of such a design, they are attached literally in a few pieces and, therefore, not all nails are designed, but only one or two.

[stextbox id=’info’]An interesting alternative to rhinestones in gray manicure with silver are decorative elements that visually resemble metal rivets..[/stextbox]

creative modeling

Very complex types of drawings include modeling from acrylic paste. In this case, the image turns out to be three-dimensional, and the silver-tone varnish enhances this effect. To make it look harmonious and not vulgar, use a gray tone substrate.

Volumetric drawings


You can also place accents on your nails and come up with a creative design option with the help of silver foil. You do not need a varnish of the same tone. After applying a gray base and letting the coating dry slightly, attach a piece of foil to the nail. Fix the resulting pattern with a transparent finish.

Gray manicure + foil

Combined with pink

A classic and win-win combination is the use of gray and…

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