Manicure ideas 2020 for March 8

Manicure for March 8 should not only be beautiful, but also meet the trends of 2020. Therefore, in the article we will consider the most relevant designs for today, which are ideal for decorating festive nail art.


What should be a manicure?

Before you go to the salon, we recommend that you first study the recommendations of the nail masters below.

  • Discard excessively long nail plates in favor of short or medium length. The same applies to form. It should not be sharp and aggressive. The most optimal option are almond-shaped nails, oval, as well as soft square shapes.

  • If you want your nails to look expensive, do not neglect cleaning. It must be of high quality. After all, even the most sophisticated and complex design will look cheap and rough on fingers with dry cuticles and burrs.

  • Give preference to resistant coatings, such as gel polish or shellac. Since only with these decorative means a long-term manicure is obtained.

  • Choose the simplest design possible. It will emphasize the femininity and beauty of your hands.

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Design Ideas

Taking into account the fashion trends of 2020, we have compiled a list of designs that are suitable for decorating a manicure for March 8th.

  • With twigs. This nail art becomes the most relevant on the eve of Women’s Day. And all because the drawings in the form of blossoming leaves on the branches identify the beginning of spring. You can draw such art yourself or use ready-made stickers. As for the location, decorating with these drawings is worth no more than two fingers. Otherwise, you risk getting an overly colorful manicure.

  • Ombre. Gradient stretching on the nails looks feminine and elegant. Therefore, nail art masters often use it to create various designs for March 8th. The most popular example of such a design is an ombre, designed in one scale. Often it is decorated with a rub or a matte top. You can also find designs with a gradient stretch, which acts as a substrate, on top of which a simple art painting is placed.

  • With roses. New for 2020 is a manicure with a rose. Its highlight lies in the fact that a blooming rosebud is depicted on the ring finger. Such a design is created not only with the help of artistic painting. You can also use flock powder or acrylic powder for these purposes in order to get the current three-dimensional design.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! You can also decorate your nails with other floral designs. It can be tulips or snowdrops, daisies or gladioli, etc.[/stextbox]

  • With sequins. Glitter and shimmer powders have long been used by manicure masters to create holiday designs. They can completely decorate the nail plate, thereby highlighting one finger. Also on the surface of the marigold they can be laid out in the form of various patterns and ornaments. The substrate in this case must be necessarily light.

  • Monophonic. On March 8, stylists recommend that girls do a monochromatic manicure that is fashionable in 2020. It looks good even on short nails and is not difficult to perform. As for the color palette, red has become the leader of the latest trends. You can give preference to both aggressive bright shades and rich noble tones. Lovers of more restrained palettes can choose pastel or nude nail art. Since he will also be in the top. The finish of this design can be both glossy and matte.

  • With stamping. This nail art technique allows you to create a spectacular manicure with drawings in a matter of seconds. The theme of such arts can be anything. It will be acceptable, as an intricate abstraction, as well as sophisticated openwork patterns, ethnic ornaments or floral ones.

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  • With rub. With this decorative coating, you can get a very delicate and elegant spring manicure. It is better to stop your choice on mother-of-pearl or pearl rub. The rest of its varieties should be left for later. They will be out of place in the March nail art. With special care, you should approach the choice of the color of the substrate. In no case should it be too bright.

  • Cat eye. If you want to emphasize your nails favorably, we recommend that you pay attention to the cat’s eye decorative coatings. Their peculiarity lies in small metal particles in the composition, which, under the influence of a magnet on the nails, form a pattern. Therefore, such a manicure looks spectacular even in a monochromatic design. But if desired, it can always be supplemented with a small display of rhinestones. You can also complement monophonic nail art with magnetic coatings. For example, highlighting one finger with a wide stripe.

  • With predatory prints. Animal prints, which are now actively used in nail art, have become the trend of this season. However, it should be borne in mind that these ornaments are aggressive in themselves and in the March manicure they may look rough. Therefore, it is better to combine them with light palettes.

  • French. You can’t do without a French manicure in 2020. After all, this technique allows you to create sophisticated nail art, which, even in a simple design, makes your hands well-groomed. As before, the classic French version with a white smile zone will be fashionable. But if you want, you can always improve it. For example, highlighting a smile with a different color or even giving it the shape of a triangle or a heart. Another option is to decorate a jacket with two holes or supplement it with artistic painting.

  • With inscriptions. Festive manicure can be decorated with inscriptions. In addition to slogans and brand names, you can also place some kind of compliment to yourself on your nails. To decorate such nail art is in bright palettes, because in light ones it will look faded.

  • With kamifubuki. These small circles can also fit well into a spring manicure. You just have to cover your nails with gel polish (preferably light), and put kamifubuki on top. They can be arranged randomly, in the form of a heart, stripe or chamomile.

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  • With foil. The most popular option today is transfer foil. This is because colored prints, randomly located on the surface of the nail plate, transform even the most seedy design. You can also use other types of foil. For example, in the form of a tape. With it, you can create a jacket with horizontal gold or silver stripes. Suitable for spring nail art and foil, cut into small pieces, which is laid out on the surface of the nail plate in the form of ornaments.

  • With rhinestones. We should not forget about rhinestones. You can add them to ready-made designs, themes…

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