Manicure ideas for almond nails

The almond shape of nails is an “ageless” classic in the design of manicure, which today has become a full-fledged trend. Indeed, on such nail plates, you can create a wide variety of designs, ranging from light everyday designs to rich designs using complex nail art techniques. Therefore, we suggest that you take a closer look at the most original of them and be inspired by new ideas for decorating almond-shaped nails.

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The main trends in the design of “almond” manicure

The main feature of the almond shape is that it looks beautiful only on long nails, which allows you not to be limited in the design of manicure. However, in order for the design as a whole to turn out to be fashionable and elegant, stylists still recommend paying special attention to the following nail art trends.

  • Color palette. It is better to give preference to delicate shades, such as lavender, milky, beige, pink, mint, etc. However, you should not give up on more saturated and bright colors. The main thing in this case is to make the main emphasis on naturalness, since it is very easy to “cross” the line between accuracy and rudeness on almond-shaped nails.

Almond-shaped nails – manicure in delicate colors

  • Game” invoices. The combination of several different textures at once in one design is the hit of 2018, which is widely used in the design of manicure on almond nails. It can be a combination of matte and glossy finishes or liquid foil and glitter varnishes. In this way, you can highlight just one finger in the form of a monochromatic coating, or the entire hand with textured patterns.

Game of textures

  • Non-standard design. Sometimes completely ridiculous methods of decorating nails become full-fledged nail art techniques, a prime example of which is stone design. After all, a previously blurred and fuzzy line was more considered a defect than an ornament. Now such decor is a trend, without which not a single stylish manicure can do.

Fashionable marble manicure

  • Combination of techniques. The combination of several manicure design techniques in one design at once is a particularly popular technique among nail aesthetics masters today. Glitter gradient stretch, metallic finish jacket, etc. will be an excellent basis for creating a fashionable and at the same time unusual design.

Mix Technician

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Trendy almond nail design ideas

On almond-shaped nails, almost all manicure design options proposed by nail art masters look beautiful. However, among them, we have selected the most fashionable and wearable designs, which are given below.

  • Geometry. Triangles, diamonds, stripes, zigzags, etc. not only emphasize the elegance of the almond shape, but at the same time they will also become an unusual decor in the design of a manicure. It is better to decorate in this way one or two nails or the entire hand.

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Interesting! The novelty of the season was the geometric design of manicure, in whichaboutm straight lines are located along the edges of the plate itself, supposedly outlining it. Basically, such faces are made with a contrasting black or white varnish, as well as a metallized coating.


  • Ombre. Despite the fact that gradient stretching has been in fashion for more than a year, this manicure design, according to forecasts, will still be relevant in the upcoming 2019. It can be either an elegant ombre, made within the same palette, or colorful combinations full of contrast. To complement all this extravaganza of colors, a matte top or a small scattering of rhinestones and sparkles will help.

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  • Minimalism. The design is simply created in order to emphasize the elegance and sophistication of the almond-shaped nails. Most often, such a manicure is performed in the form of a monophonic coating, in which one finger is distinguished by a small pattern, lines or an inscription. Also, minimalist design is actively gaining popularity now, in which the emphasis is made using the negative space technique. In this case, it can be either a small area in the form of a dot or a line, or a full-fledged transparent drawing on a color basis.

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  • With glitter. On almond-shaped nails, a manicure design using sparkles looks very impressive and elegant. Highlighting one finger with such decor, or using it to create a certain element of the ornament, is one of the favorite techniques of modern nail masters.

  • With rhinestones. In this case, you can not skimp and bring to life all your creative ideas. In addition to a simple scattering of pebbles, you can also experiment with their curly layout in the form of various ornaments or patterns. This can be done with colored rhinestones of different sizes for greater texture, or you can arrange a manicure in a monochrome design.

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  • Drawings. As you can see in the photo examples given in the article, the almond shape of the nails is simply created for artistic painting. After all, on them you can create both small and simple drawings, and full-fledged paintings. As for the subject, everything here depends purely on the imagination. In addition to standard flowers, animals, bugs, fruits, monograms and abstraction, a very non-trivial painting with drawings in the form of origami crafts is also in fashion.

  • Mirror. A trendy design this season that literally “blew up” the nail art industry. Decorative rubbing imitating a pearl or metallized surface is just the perfect option for decorating both everyday and evening manicure. In the first case, one or two nails should be singled out in combination with a nude base, and in the second case, you can safely experiment with bright coatings and decorate the entire hand.

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  • Matte. The velvety finish turns even the most unprepossessing design into an expensive and eye-catching design. On almond-shaped nails, the matte top can be used both as a full cover and for creating various patterns on a glossy base.

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Important! Especially popular among nail art masters today is a special powder, thanks to which a very textured matte surface of the plate is obtained., creating the effect of “marmalade” nails.



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