Manicure in brown tones

Brown manicure is one of the most trendy nail designs in 2018, which has taken a leading position among modern fashion trends. Therefore, today you can find many photo examples of various designs made in brown tones, among which we have chosen the most stylish and presented further in our article.

Features of the brown nail design

Brown manicure can rightfully be called not only one of the most beautiful, but also the most versatile. Indeed, despite the fact that this is a very bright and saturated gamma, brown is considered neutral and can be used in design, both as a decorative substrate and as a contrasting shade to highlight certain elements.

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Important! The brown color is so versatile that it looks perfect not only on long, but even on short nails. In addition, such a manicure suits absolutely any skin color and style of clothing.


As for the direct combination of brown with other colors, the following combinations are considered the most relevant this season.

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  • With white. One of the basic “duets”, in which white color occupies a dominant position, therefore it is better to use it exclusively to create small accents.

  • With gold. A brown manicure with various gold splashes in the form of foil, mica or glitter looks very expensive and spectacular.

  • With pink. At first glance, there are absolutely two incompatible colors, but in one manicure design they look simply stunning. A pink backing under brown monograms or pink “glaze smudges” on a chocolate base will definitely appeal to modern girls.

  • With beige. This is one of the most calm and concise combinations, which a priori does not require any additional decor.

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  • with orange. The combination of brown and rich orange is an irreproachable trend of the autumn season, which looks harmonious both in a gradient stretch and in the form of an artistic painting.

Fashionable manicure ideas in chocolate tones

Terracotta, caramel, truffle, chocolate, cocoa and almond are the most popular shades of brown, which succinctly fit into absolutely any design. However, we have identified a number of the most original options for using the brown palette in the design of manicure, which include the ideas below.


  • Solid color matte. One of the most popular designs this season, which, despite its simplicity, looks very catchy and impressive. In addition, it is not at all necessary to use exclusively saturated colors here, since you can give your preference to simpler shades.

  • Drawings. The brown palette is simply designed to create various drawings based on it. It can be both stripes and various geometric shapes, monograms or imitation of lace, dots or abstraction. As for more serious work, in a brown manicure you can’t do without drawings in the form of a cup of fragrant coffee, a teddy bear or a beloved dog decorating the ring finger.

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  • “Sweet” french. This fall, various experiments with French design are especially relevant. Therefore, nail art masters often practice various combinations, both with other techniques and with palettes, including brown tones. Most often, a chocolate jacket is made out by a combination of glossy and matte textures. Another option is to highlight the backing in beige, and draw the smile line in dark brown.

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Important! A novelty of the autumn-winter season 2018-2019 was a brown French manicure, in which a smile line is drawn over a dark base with a decorative coating of gold color and has the shape of chocolate smudges.


  • Gradient. Another technique that is fashionable this season, which is often used in brown manicure. Stretching in this case is done, both classic from the lightest to the darkest tones, and contrasting in the form of a black or golden brown ombre.

  • Lunar. This retro manicure is now back in trend. At the same time, stylists recommend not focusing solely on simple design options, but giving preference to rich designs with abundant inlay of rhinestones or broths.

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  • “Delicious”. Today, imitation of the relief of a chocolate bar, sweets or cakes on a nail has become one of the most fashionable trends in modern nail design. In this case, it can be either simple drawings or stickers, or acrylic modeling.

  • Brilliant. Despite the fact that the brown scale itself is very rich and saturated, stylists still recommend diluting it with all sorts of sparkles in the form of glitter or shimmer. Mostly, it is better to choose a decor in the same tone as the decorative coating itself. As for the distribution of sequins, they can simply be laid out in a chaotic manner, or in the form of ornate patterns and even drawings.

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  • “Cat’s eye”. Unusual and at the same time bewitching design, which is achieved through the use of a special gel polish. At the same time, nail art masters claim that it is in a brown palette that such a manicure looks most spectacular. The main thing is to choose coatings with small metallic golden sparkles, which will further emphasize the elegance of such a design.

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Interesting! In the photo on social networks, the “snake eye” manicure design is increasingly common. Its meaning is that golden mica is laid out on a brown substrate in such a way that the result is an imitation of snake skin. At the same time, the ring finger remains transparent or is covered with a decorative base several tones lighter than the main scale and decorated with a pattern in the form of a green snake’s eye.


  • Rhinestones. One of the most popular types of decor, which is widely used in brown design. Basically, stylists recommend using stones of gold and bronze colors. They should be concisely combined with the overall idea and at the same time not overload the design. Therefore, it is better not to overdo it with rhinestones and use them only as a small accent.

  • “Knitted“. But this design is considered more a privilege of winter manicure. After all, its main highlight is the creation of a textured surface on the nail that imitates a knitting pattern. In a brown scale with a “knitted” decor, it is better to decorate one or two nails highlighted in light shades, while …

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