Manicure in light colors

Our article will help fashionistas to understand all the intricacies and trends of manicure in light colors. This design is an absolute favorite among all the girls, because it makes the pens more elegant, looks gentle and sophisticated. And in the new season, this design also pleases with its diversity. What? Read on!


Trump up your sleeve

Light nail design owes its popularity to undeniable advantages. We have highlighted the most important arguments in its favor!

  • Light manicure is the leader among all designs for every day. It looks restrained, modest and at the same time stylish. There is simply no better option for weekdays!
  • If you dream of long nails, this design is definitely your option. It visually lengthens the nail plates, makes them thinner and more elegant. Women’s hands with such nail art also look more beautiful and expressive.

Stylish options for light manicure

  • Light manicure will make friends with trendy techniques and various types of decor. Excellent compatibility is another important advantage.
  • Choosing such a design of marigolds, you do not have to puzzle over what image to choose for a manicure. Dress as you like – a universal light manicure will successfully fit into any bow.
  • Well-groomed hands are an indispensable detail of the image of a modern lady. With the help of light nail art, the desired effect is achieved very simply: the nails look elegant, neat and beautiful.

Light colors – universal nail design

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Win-win colors

Fashionable manicure in bright colors in 2019 pleased with a wide selection of trendy shades:

  • translucent varnish;
  • light gray;
  • white;
  • light coral;
  • lactic;
  • powdery pink;

  • beige;
  • mint;
  • cappuccino;
  • purple;
  • light lilac;
  • opal.

Do you want to combine several shades in one nail art? Good idea! If you are afraid to make a mistake, take universal combinations as the basis for manicure:

  • pink + beige;
  • white + peach;
  • caramel + sand;
  • gentle blue + turquoise;
  • beige + milky;
  • beige + transparent;
  • grey+beige or pink.

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trend options

We have collected for you the most relevant manicure ideas in a light palette so that you get a shock dose of inspiration and choose the very perfect nail design.

Best design for short length

The fashion trends of the 2019 season have announced short and medium length nails as their main favorite. Light manicure, in turn, is one of the most successful designs for small nail plates, because it makes them more elegant and longer.

Decor with acrylic powder

You can choose a variety of designs for this length:

  • decoration with acrylic powder;
  • drawings in the style of minimalism with a vertical orientation;
  • pearl rub;
  • drawings with plant motifs;
  • classic or creative jacket;
  • veil manicure;
  • the effect of cracks using craquelure;
  • accent patterns on one or two nails.

Design with floral motifs

But some design options are completely incompatible with a short length:

  • large decor;
  • three-dimensional drawings;
  • an abundance of rhinestones;
  • moon manicure.

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Note! Light manicure puts forward certain requirements for the shape of the nails. The almond-shaped and oval version are rightfully considered the best choice.


Our photo selection shows how different and equally beautiful a manicure in light colors on short nails can be.

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Idea #1

Velvet sand (aka acrylic powder) has proven itself in feminine and delicate nail art. It will be appropriate at any time of the year and fits perfectly into both everyday and festive looks. In the trend, drawing up beautiful patterns with the help of such decor or covering the whole nail with sand.

Idea #2

The simplicity of nude design is by no means a minus, but its main advantage. Conciseness and minimalism are the absolute hit of the new season in the world of nail art, so this manicure is rightfully considered the most trendy. If a solid beige finish is too boring for you, you can always add different decor to it. For example, drawings or glitter would be a great option.

To make a nude manicure successful, it is important to consider skin color. So, for owners of a light porcelain shade, it is better to prefer varnish with a yellowish or pink undertone. Dark skin is an argument in favor of a cream or golden manicure.

Idea #3

A worthy position among the trends is also occupied by pearl rubbing, which turns an ordinary manicure into the epitome of luxury. This decor gives the nails a mysterious overflow and chic shine. Rubbing looks great in splendid isolation, but if desired, it can be supplemented with other decor.

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Idea #4

Imitation of marble in design also does not lose its relevance. Such a manicure is ideal in a light version, because with it the effect of a natural stone is obtained as naturally as possible. A win-win option for marble nail art will be the following shades:

  • peach;
  • white;
  • beige;
  • sand;
  • light gray;
  • light blue.

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Idea #5

On a light coating, you can safely experiment with geometric patterns – the absolute hit of the new season. The design in this design looks stylish, elegant and concise.

Idea #6

The trend for metallic colors has captured everything around. True fashionistas not only got clothes and accessories in trendy colors, but also make a stylish mirror manicure on their nails. This design is in perfect harmony with light shades and creates a fashionable and original manicure.

Mirror coverage can be achieved in various ways:

  • use varnishes with a mirror effect;
  • thermal films with excellent durability;
  • gel polish followed by rubbing metal powder;
  • tear foil;
  • casting.

Idea #7

Even everyday manicures sometimes want to add a little shine. You should not restrain yourself, especially since the main trends support this idea.

Idea #8

French manicure and its variations firmly hold the first lines of popularity in any season. What can I say – the classics are always out of time and fashion trends.

More recently, the jacket was relevant only with a traditional white smile. Today, trends are not averse to adding variety to the usual design. In the new season, a smile of any color is allowed, but ivory or baked milk will be the safest options.

The design looks interesting, in which the smile changes its classic size and shape. Fashionistas are also experimenting with adding decor to the traditional version of French nail art. And they do it right!

Idea #9

A manicure in the fashionable ombre technique deserves thousands of compliments. In a light palette, he …

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