Manicure in pastel colors 2020

A manicure in pastel colors is a gentle classic that does not lose its popularity from season to season. And in 2020, she will also be very popular with women. Therefore, today we suggest that you study fashion trends and novelties in this segment of nail art so that your nails always look charming.

Pastel shades in manicure 2020 – what are they?

Calm, concise and very feminine pastel manicure is always in trend. That is why ladies give him special preference. It gives the handles a well-groomed look, fits easily into any fashionable look and looks equally attractive regardless of the season. No trendy design can compete with this traditional nail art, and especially now that the whole fashion industry has taken a natural course. Here, pastel shades simply have no equal.

And which of them should be preferred in 2020, we will now list:

  • pistachio;
  • lavender;
  • mint;
  • pale yellow;

  • sky blue;
  • cream;
  • lactic;
  • muted pink;
  • lilac;
  • calm lemon;

  • light turquoise;
  • beige;
  • coral;
  • light gray;
  • light green.

Moreover, it is worth noting that all these shades are well combined with each other, as well as with brighter, contrasting colors of varnishes. In a word, the scope for experiments here is vast.

[stextbox id=’info’]Manicure in pastel colors is a great solution not only for everyday wear. Confidently it can be done for attending celebrations, parties and other festive events. Simply complement discreet nail art with any glittery design and enjoy the luxurious shine on your nails.[/stextbox]

Interesting pastel manicure design ideas

Creating a stylish and fashionable nail design in 2020 is not a problem. Indeed, in the nail industry there is simply a huge number of techniques that will turn even a discreet pastel manicure into a work of art. We will talk about them right now.

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A haze design is an interesting and non-trivial addition to a pastel-colored manicure. It is noticeably different from the usual types of decor and brings a train of mystery to the image. The image of clouds of smoke on the nails looks bewitching, like a revived magic. At the same time, smoke can have completely different shades, from bright and caustic, to translucent. The former are best suited for an evening rendezvous, and the latter for daytime nail art. As a background, you can use varnishes of completely different shades. But black and pastel palettes are especially popular.


A pastel manicure in a matte finish looks even more noble and elegant than in a glossy one. It creates a velvety effect on the nails, which adds a touch of luxury to any fashionable look.

Moreover, an additional design is not at all important for a matte finish – and without it, it will look quite self-sufficient. If you still want to decorate your nails with decorative elements such as rhinestones or glitter, then let them be few. After all, matte pastel manicure does not tolerate pretentiousness. When creating this nail art, only conciseness is appropriate. The same rule should be followed for drawings. If you want something new, try combining matte and gloss. The effect will be amazing! By the way, it fits perfectly into matte nail art and the “negative space” technique.

rainbow on nails

If you want an unusual manicure in pastel colors to flaunt on your hands in the summer of 2020, then refer to a simple but very interesting solution – a combination of different shades of varnishes within one nail art. It is very simple to do this, and there are no criteria for choosing colors, and the result will be bright and cheerful in summer. Just alternately cover the nails on each hand with varnishes of different pastel shades. Let blue, yellow, pink, purple, etc. be nearby. And do not be afraid, such nail art will not look too catchy, because all colors will be muted. But with such a manicure, you can safely go for a walk and to the beach.

[stextbox id=’alert’]And for an office where you need to follow a strict dress code, take note of the combination of nude pastel shades: soft beige, light gray, milky, cream, pale pink. The result will be very interesting.[/stextbox]

Leopard print

By themselves, animal prints look catchy, and in some cases pretentious, so they should be applied to the nails with care so as not to cheapen your look. However, these concerns are only relevant when combining leopard and bright varnishes. If you stick to the pastel palette, then the nail art will turn out to be very cute. Remember, black leopard spots look best on a beige, pale yellow, gray, pale pink background. If desired, you can add a little gold glitter to them. This will give the usual animalistic nail art more appeal.


You can get an interesting pastel manicure without a pattern by resorting to the mega-popular ombre technique. This is the trend of 2020, which is very popular among ladies of all ages. Such a manicure looks very attractive, and all thanks to smooth color transitions that can be carried out in a variety of directions. For example, in the classic horizontal way, or from one finger to another all over the hand.

A novelty in this segment of nail art is considered to be an ombre, made in combination with a French manicure. It implies smooth play of color not over the entire nail plate, but only in its lower part, where the smile line is located. Most often, varnishes of bright shades are chosen for such a design, but even in a pastel palette, the result is impressive.


This technique is far from new, and for many years now it has been pleasing fashionistas with its existence. However, despite this, rubbing does not intend to give up its positions on the fashionable pedestal, and especially when it comes to manicure in pastel colors. After all, discreet mother-of-pearl or mirror overflows on a light coating look fascinating. And such nail art is especially popular with brides, as the result is an incredibly feminine, sophisticated and delicate design, which can be safely supplemented with pearls, rhinestones, glitter, veil patterns. Although without these details, a manicure with a rub in pastel colors looks expensive and self-sufficient.


A monochrome manicure in pastel colors looks equally attractive on both short nails and long ones. But, if you want something a little more elegant, check out the trend of 2020 – marble design. It turns out discreet enough to decorate an office or casual look, and if you add a little rhinestones, glitter, or gold stripes to it, you get a noble evening nail art.

Sand design

Several seasons ago…

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