Manicure in pastel colors

Nail design in pastel colors is a universal solution for any look that always looks elegant and elegant. Such a manicure is chosen by women of fashion with excellent taste, who know how to look feminine and gentle. In this article, we present you with the most beautiful pastel nail art ideas that will definitely keep you on trend for the 2018-2019 season!

5 reasons to choose pastel design

  • Pastel colors always make pens well-groomed and neat, and this is the best decoration for a modern lady.
  • Predatory stilettos and incredible decor are gradually fading into the background, giving way to a more restrained and calm design. Fashion trends this season are heading for naturalness and naturalness. With pastel manicure it is very easy to be in trend.

  • Perhaps you have no idea how different a manicure in pastel colors can be. He friendly accepts any way of decorating and successfully coexists with bright shades.

Pastel shades go well with different textures and bright colors.

  • Imagine that in one week, in addition to work, you will have to appear at a holiday, and on the weekend you are scheduled to go out into nature and meet with relatives. Here, usually, girls start a headache called “what manicure to choose so that it fits any look.” Choose pastel shades and you definitely can’t go wrong.

  • Off-season is another indisputable advantage of such a manicure. It will successfully fit into both summer and winter mood.

Bright and at the same time gentle version of pastel manicure

Current palette

The pastel range of colors is not at all as monotonous as it might seem at first glance. Judge for yourself which shades have won a place of honor among the main trends in nail art.

  • lavender;
  • sky blue;
  • steel blue;
  • biscuit;
  • beige brown;
  • mint;
  • citric;
  • purple;
  • dusty pink;
  • lactic;
  • light green.

Broken glass manicure technique in pastel colors

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Pastel shades are perfectly combined with each other, but they look no less beautiful when paired with brighter colors. In short, you are given a huge scope for experimentation![/stextbox]

Shape and length of nails

The beauty of the pastel range is that it blends perfectly with any length of nails. For owners of short nails, the delicate design has the added benefit of making the fingers look sleeker and the nail plates longer.

[stextbox id=’info’]Note! If you have wide fingers, you should prefer warm pastel shades.[/stextbox]

As for the actual shape of nails, the absolute leaders of this season are almond and oval. This trend is perfectly combined with a delicate pastel design and creates a truly feminine and elegant manicure.

Owners of rectangular and square nails can also experiment with neutral shades of nail art.

Idea #1

Combining several pastel colors in one design is always a great idea. In the case of bright colors, there is always a risk that the manicure will turn out to be tasteless. Fortunately, this will definitely not happen with gentle, calm shades.

You can also use the nail-to-nail gradient effect. Such beautiful nail art will turn out if you use a gradation from dark to light shade of one color or create a stunning manicure with an ombre from one color to another.

Drawings on a gradient background in pastel shades

Idea #2

A universal move to create the most feminine and delicate manicure in the world is the use of flower patterns in combination with pastel shades.

If you can boast of artistic talent, arm yourself with a thin brush, varnishes of various colors and start creating masterpieces on your nails. Simpler options – stamping or stickers.

Such roses are made using blank drawings.

[stextbox id=’info’]Any plant motifs are the current trend in nail art. Moreover, it is not necessary to wait for the warm season to realize this idea. Flowers in a manicure can bloom even in winter![/stextbox]

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Idea #3

Look at the photo how solemn and elegant the nail design looks in pastel colors, you just need to add monograms or lace motifs to it. Contrary to the established standard, such decorative elements can be not only white. An extravagant and original manicure will turn out if you decide on dark or even bright colors.

Idea #4

A great idea for a cozy and stylish manicure is knitted motifs. Many fashionistas are looking forward to the cold season to make this cute design. In addition to inspiration for a beautiful manicure, knitted nail art will require nail polish, acrylic powder and a few brushes. That’s really all you need to create knitted motifs! Today, various voluminous braids, rhombuses and plaits are in trend.

Textured drawings are obtained by acrylic powder

[stextbox id=’info’]An alternative option for knitted designs is painted patterns. The classics of winter nail art are Scandinavian motifs with traced knitting.[/stextbox]


Idea #5

Delicate pastel design easily transforms into a bolder and more daring design if it is decorated with a scattering of rhinestones. This effect is enhanced in owners of sharp nails.

Fashionable nail shape “ballerina”

If you are looking for a New Year’s design, take a closer look at the decor with rhinestones, because this is a win-win option for creating a festive mood in a manicure. On the main night of the year, the most chic and spectacular nail art is welcome. And its durability guarantees a shellac coating that looks flawless for at least 2 weeks.

Fashionable nail design in pastel colors with rhinestones can be made in a variety of variations:

  • full inlay of 1-2 nails;
  • decoration of the hole or smile of the French manicure;
  • ornament from a brilliant decor;
  • rhinestones combined with a pattern.

An alternative to large rhinestones can be fashionable glitter or kamifubuki. The main rule that should be followed when creating a pastel manicure with sparkles is a sense of proportion and concise accents.

Idea #6

If you want to add zest to a pastel manicure, but do not plan to go beyond its conciseness, choose a matte top. This coating adds depth and elegance to the color, and the manicure becomes more luxurious.

A spectacular festive design will be obtained by combining a matte top with a glossy or rhinestone decoration. Very stylish!

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Idea #7

A special place among the trends belongs to geometric design. He is so dearly loved by fashionistas that he has been on the wave of fashion trends for several seasons in a row. Let’s tell you a secret – geometric motifs are not going to give up their confident positions. Only ts-s-s!

Remember school geometry lessons and draw any shapes on your nails. The most concise…

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