Manicure minimalism 2023

Minimalist manicure 2023 is an aesthetic addition to any look. We share with you the key trends of the season that will help you decide on the right design.


One of the key minimalist nail trends for 2023 is geometric shapes. Such patterns can be made in different colors and combinations, but they always look strict and neat. Simple lines, circles, triangles on a translucent base – that’s all you need to create a minimalist manicure.

A feature of the laconic design with elements of geometry is the ease of execution. For example, dots on the nails can be drawn with contrasting varnish and a dots/toothpick/ballpoint pen.

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A separate fashion trend in women’s manicure 2023 is paintpoint design, which subtly borders on abstract technology.


Another interesting idea for the 2023 season is a manicure using foil. Foil in this design is used as an additional decorative element in combination with other techniques or minimalist patterns. The trend adds shine and brightness to the nails, making the manicure more interesting and elegant.

pastel palette

Laconic manicure 2023 can be done in soft and pastel colors, which are extremely relevant this season. At the peak of popularity, light yellow, blue and lavender shades. This design is guaranteed to add a touch of femininity and romance to your looks.


The fashion trends of the 2023 season reminded of the classic French manicure, showing it from a new side. The trend is a concise version of the jacket 2023, not without zest. For example, you can change the color or shape of the smile, mark only the border of the frame, add trendy geometry or minimalist stickers.

The conservative style of the jacket always remains relevant and elegant. Simple white nail tips, as well as delicate shades of pink and beige, are all you need to create an elegant minimalist 2023 nail design.

negative space

Minimalism manicure design 2023, in accordance with the leading trends, often includes transparent varnish inserts. The “negative space” technique creates an airy and light design that works on short nails too.

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It will be possible to realize the current deep design at home. Improvised stencils made of paper tape and contrasting varnishes are used.


Minimalist manicure ideas 2023 also represent chaotic waves in design. Ornate drawings look concise and at the same time interesting.

In this nail design, nail artists often deviate from the classic restrained palette of minimalism and allow a bit of brightness. So, contrasting wavy lines in rich color look stylish on a nude basis.


A separate fashion trend in the style of minimalism in manicure 2023 is elegant floristry. Refined twigs and contours of plants will become a stylish decoration for nail design. Such elements are often arranged in the form of several accents, combined with a monochromatic coating.

Miniature flowers become the highlight of a laconic design in the form of twigs and wreaths. If several contrasting colors take part in the manicure, the masters prefer to decorate the compositions on beige or translucent varnish.

red lacquer

A classic of the genre is a minimalist nail design in soothing shades. However, such a trend in the 2023 season also allows bright varnishes, provided that the design is concise and the decor is moderate. So, the clear favorite of the year was red lacquer, which fits perfectly into the minimalist style.

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The trendy minimalist manicure 2023 is a versatile yet stylish choice for those who want to look elegant and modern. Without unnecessary details and decor, this style will emphasize your fine taste and obediently fit into any outfit!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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