Manicure – spring jacket 2020

French is a gentle and attractive manicure, which is the best way to create a stylish look for the spring of 2020. This design will be an excellent basis for an attractive nail art with flowers, bright and original prints, abstraction, geometry.


Current trends

Designers never cease to amaze fashionistas with interesting and original ideas. Today, a stylish jacket is performed in glossy and matte versions, experimenting with the shape, thickness and color of a smile.

French manicure looks interesting on almond-shaped and oval nails, the trend will also be the shape of a “soft” square.

Thematic and seasonal manicure looks original and appropriate. For example, in the spring you can decorate your nails with delicate snowdrops, roses, tulips or mimosa, complement them with neat twigs and a bright pattern.

Rubbing, glitter, sparkles, broths, kamifubuki, acrylic powder and foil – all this will give a special mood, help create a truly festive and luxurious manicure.

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Bright, colorful and original – a colored jacket will be a real find for creating spring looks.

The scope for creativity is simply limitless. You can use colored varnish to create smiles, or vice versa, paint over each finger with your own color, and use the traditional white palette for a smile. At the same time, the number of shades when creating a colored jacket can vary from two to infinity. It all depends on the imagination and the desired result.

[stextbox id=’info’]A colored smile can be made using the ombre technique, when one color smoothly transitions into another.[/stextbox]

Floral motifs

When creating a fashionable jacket that will be relevant in the spring of 2020, you can decorate your nails with various flowers. First of all, we should remember the traditional spring plants – tulips, snowdrops, lilies of the valley, lilacs, mimosa. Give preference to small drawings, decorate one or a pair of fingers. Such a manicure is suitable as an everyday option and will complement any stylish and sophisticated bow.

Floristry goes well with a delicate and elegant jacket. If you want something more catchy and luxurious, you should take a closer look at the voluminous floral decor. These can be large floral patterns made using modeling and rhinestones. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it with an abundance of decor, because conciseness and minimalism are in fashion.


A smooth transition from a brighter to a more delicate shade will be a great option when creating a stylish spring nail art. The most popular option is a gradient from soft pink to white. They do such a manicure on both long oval and shorter square nails.

To give such a manicure luxury and originality, you can supplement it with rhinestones.


French looks fresh and original using rubbing. It gives the manicure a special shine, luxury and elegance. To create a spring look, you can use a delicate pink and white palette, mother-of-pearl and mirror rub.

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With rhinestones

A jacket with sparkles and rhinestones looks gentle and feminine. At the same time, sequins can act not only as a decor, but as the main material for creating a smile.

To add luxury, fashionistas use glitter, rhinestones, and use foil. Experiments with the number and color of shiny decorative elements are allowed.


Triangular jacket – although not a novelty of the spring season, but a relevant and popular variant of nail design. This manicure looks fresh and interesting. And all because the horizontal strip familiar to many was replaced by triangles.

Experts suggest using several stylish options in the decor:

  • two triangles connected together in the center;
  • one oblique triangle going from the center of the nail to one of its edges.

You can add brightness and chic to this design with the help of rhinestones, which are located both along the contour of the smile and in its center, or near the base of the nail.

[stextbox id=’info’]When creating a triangular jacket, you can use not only classic white, but also stylish black, burgundy, a contrasting combination of colors.[/stextbox]

negative space

When creating a fashionable jacket, do not forget about the current negative space technique. The peculiarity of such a manicure is the presence of an unpainted area, which most often has an original shape, for example, a triangle, a heart, a square.


After winter, everything around comes to life, blooms, warmth and a special romantic mood are in the air. It is at this time of the year that women of fashion most often decide on bold experiments in the field of nail art. In the spring season of 2020, the trend will be an attractive jacket with a pattern, as well as a manicure with original pictures. Hearts, cats, ice cream, butterflies, funny emoticons and even musical signs depicted on nails will be a great addition to a stylish look.

The decor looks interesting and unusual in the form of a scattering of confetti, bright or contrasting polka dots, a “flowing” colored jacket.

With inscriptions

Manicure with inscriptions is another current trend. In the spring it will be more relevant than ever. After all, a classic or colored jacket is an excellent basis for original slogans, phrases and other stylish inscriptions.

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With lace

Gentle, stylish and elegant looks jacket, complemented by lace. This design is ideal for wedding or just solemn nail art. Most often they use white or black lace, decorate only one or apply it to several fingers at once.

reverse french

Do not forget about the fashionable moon jacket. In this case, the emphasis is not on the edge of the nail, but on its base. The hole is isolated using a contrasting color, decorated with glitter, rhinestones, foil, using the negative space technique.


Extremely popular and in demand in the new season is a metal jacket. It can be matte or glossy, in any case, it is perfect for an evening dress and will be a great option for any special occasion.


Any of the techniques presented above can be performed in both glossy and matte versions. The latter allows you to make the manicure more expressive and interesting.

What trendy French manicure design would you like to repeat?

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Fashion trends and photos of various manicure options for spring 2020 once again proved that a jacket is a real find for bold and creative fashionistas who are not used to staying on the sidelines. Experiment with colors, shapes and textures, and you will certainly…

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