Manicure that does not need correction for a long time

A manicure that does not need correction for a long time can be extremely fashionable and relevant. In this article, we have collected the most stylish ideas!


The main secret

To make the manicure look neat and tidy for as long as possible, you should choose a nude or transparent coating as a basis. Against such a background, you can perform any laconic design, because the desire for minimalism is the unconditional trend of the 2020 season. The most interesting thing is that such nail art options are also suitable for short nails and are a stylish decoration for them.

Another condition for maximum durability of a manicure is a high-quality finishing top. At home, you can use ordinary clear varnish for this purpose. It’s great if you have a protective base in your arsenal that protects the manicure from damage and chips. Another feature of such a final stage is the preservation of the brightness and color saturation of the design.

[stextbox id=’info’]To refresh the created design, it is recommended to cover it with a top layer once a week – this step will increase the duration of the manicure.[/stextbox]

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French is perhaps the most famous manicure design that does not need correction for a long time. The classic version of this nail art is a universal solution for women of any age. The iconic French design with a white smile and a transparent base is a win-win solution for any occasion that will never let you down in its flawless look.

But fashion does not stand still and offers all new ideas for the embodiment of a classic manicure. Usually, stylish transformations concern a smile – this element changes its shape and direction with a light touch from the master. A fashionable design will turn out with the addition of sparkles or foil in the design of the edging of the nail.

The classic jacket can also be complemented with various patterns. So that they do not contradict the durability of the manicure, it is better to place such accents not at the very base of the nail, but about a few millimeters higher. For example, your choice may fall on a charming polka dot print, which is easy to implement at home with dots, a toothpick or a ballpoint pen. The choice of tool directly depends on the expected size of the peas.

With the approach of summer, juicy and cheerful fruits can be an accent in the jacket.

Lunar design

There is another classic of the genre that guarantees the creation of a durable design. We are talking about a moon manicure with a transparent hole characteristic of it. In the traditional version, such an element is made in the form of an arc, and the rest of the nail is covered with body varnish. But today, the color boundaries for the lunar design are virtually limitless, and the hole itself willingly changes its shape and accepts various decor in its company.

You can also diversify the usual lunar design with the help of sparkles or a bewitching cat-eye effect.


With the right approach, a design with actual floral motifs looks expensive, feminine and elegant. The sacred secret of success lies in the use of such patterns in a metered amount and in a concise design. So, a winning idea for many seasons is an imitation of a jacket, in which flowers are located in the place of a smile.

However, for the durability of the design, flowers can be placed not only on the edging of the nails. Provided that the composition is successful (with the beginning not at the cuticle itself), exquisite floral motifs will look aesthetically pleasing and neat for several weeks.


Many women of fashion in record time have mastered a new fashion squeak – a rainbow on the nails. The most current manifestation of this trend is to place the pattern on a transparent or nude base, and this technique significantly increases the wear time of the finished design. A multi-colored rainbow on the nails is both a minimalistic and original manicure solution that can improve your mood with just a glance.


Artistic strokes in manicure are an unconditional trend for many seasons. This design allows you to express your individuality and creativity. Classic strokes are done with a flat dry brush. If desired, this pattern can be supplemented with the “quail egg” technique with characteristic dots, foil inserts, glitter or other decor.

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The embodiment of geometric motifs in manicure is not only fashionable, but also a very original solution. In order for the created composition not to lose its presentable appearance for a long time, the design should be thought out so that it has a transparent base or a similar background. Examples of successful options are shown in this photo.


A stylish manifestation of the geometric direction is the design with stripes. Now it is important to place them in a horizontal position and connect various decor to the manicure. The main thing is to use graceful thin lines so that the final design does not look overloaded.

The stripes combined with the negative space effect can create a simplistic gradient design. To apply this technique in practice, you should use different shades of the same color for the execution of strips – from dark to light or vice versa.


“Half” manicure quickly gained popularity due to the fact that it is a stylish and practical solution. Its essence lies in the design of the design on only one half of the nail. It can be a plain coating with a thin stripe border, rhinestones, various patterns and creative color combinations. Any option will look relevant and will not give out its actual “shelf life”. Inspirational examples can be found in the photo below.


Each girl has her own criteria for the perfect manicure. If for you they are about durability and elegance, you can take a closer look at the universal design using the ombre technique. To make it happy with its beauty for as long as possible, it is recommended to use a transparent or nude coating at the base with a smooth stretch of color to the tips. A win-win option for several seasons is a combination of a transparent base and white varnish. This design looks especially impressive on long almond-shaped nails.

If you want to bring variety to the usual gradient technique, you can use holographic rubbing or sparkles to create a design. True, the embodiment of stretching with these materials is a separate level of complexity in the world of nail art.

The addition of a pastel shade to the gradient effect also looks very non-trivial. The created design will please with elegance and tenderness.


These photos represent current manicure options with trendy foil, which do not need correction for a long time. In order for this condition to be met, the decor should be placed away from the cuticle, and …

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