Manicure with a geometric pattern

A manicure with a geometric pattern is a trend that has not lost its position for several seasons in a row. It conquers with its stylish look, minimalism and simple execution. If this design did not leave you indifferent, you will probably be interested in learning about the geometric nail art trends this season. We have prepared for you the top most relevant ideas!

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Fresh trends

Read on, what will surprise geometric manicure in the 2019-2020 season!

  • The basis of this design is still all kinds of lines, dots, zigzags, strokes and geometric shapes. Nothing restricts you in their use – any number and order is allowed. In a word, fashion trends give a huge scope for imagination!
  • The trend is to combine several designs in one manicure. Geometric motifs are beautiful not only in splendid isolation, but also in a team with other techniques: French manicure, moonlight, “broken glass”, “negative space” and many others.

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  • Complex designs fade into the background, giving way to minimalism. In geometric manicure, unimaginable designs of figures often look out of place. In the new season, it is better to bet on a simple and understandable manicure.

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The master of this season is coral. You can see for yourself how fresh and original it looks in geometric design.


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The advantage of a geometric manicure is that a variety of tools are used when creating it. Sometimes even completely unexpected!

  • Paper tape is indispensable for creating perfectly straight lines and colored fragments. You just need to stick it on the nail and draw a strip along the contour.

An easy way to create a beautiful manicure at home

  • Dots is the best friend of girls who love playful polka dot nail art. It can also be replaced with a toothpick, ballpoint pen, orange stick, or a ballpoint pen.

  • Metal tapes come in handy when creating borders between color blocks. They can be peeled off and get perfectly even figures. A beautiful design will also work if you leave the ribbons.

  • When drawing more complex shapes, you can not do without stencils. You can easily find them in a nail supply store or make your own from thin paper tape.

  • Fine streaks are created with a single wave of the hand using a pointed brush.

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If you don’t have one in your arsenal, you can cut a regular brush yourself. We will tell you a secret that even professional masters do this.


  • You can also use stickers or thermal stickers. When creating such a design, it is important to carefully polish the nail plates.
  • Another tool that will save you time and eliminate freehand drawing is stamping.
  • If you want to decorate the finished design with luxurious rhinestones, you will need tweezers and glue.

  • It is convenient to draw the thinnest details of the picture with an ordinary needle or pen rod.

trend ideas

Even if you skipped geometry in school, you can still easily create such a stylish manicure. And our current ideas, in turn, will help you decide on the design.

  • Black and white geometry will tell others about your impeccable taste. She is able to add a touch of style to any everyday look and make it more interesting. You also can’t go wrong if you prefer this trendy design as an accompaniment to a luxurious evening outfit.

  • Special attention deserves a manicure “chessboard” as in the photo. He gained his popularity a long time ago and fashionistas turn to him whenever they need to create a concise and stylish design.

Unusual manicure

  • French manicure with a geometric pattern gets its “zest” in such a stylish interpretation. If you’ve been looking for a way to diversify your usual French design, then you may have just found it. Add simple geometric motifs to such a manicure, and it will instantly become trendy.

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  • Plant motifs are still at the peak of popularity, and this can be used to create geometric nail art. In this style, you can draw flowers or leaves. An alternative option is to decorate finished drawings with floral motifs with geometric elements.

  • Girls who appreciate creativity and originality opt for abstraction in a manicure with geometric motifs. The most extraordinary design in this style promises to work if you use contrasting colors. When choosing the perfect nail art, you can be inspired by Mondrian’s painting.

  • Manicure with a geometric pattern of animals is an unconditional trend for several seasons. This design is reminiscent of the Japanese art of origami. It looks stylish and original. Fashionistas love to depict a fox or a wolf on their nails in a geometric version, but you can draw other animals as well.

  • A manicure with the most summer mood is also rarely complete without geometric motifs. It can be simple stripes in themed colors or a design with nautical elements.

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Interesting! If you perform such a manicure with gel polish, you will get a lasting and stylish accent to any look on vacation.


  • The negative space design has long made friends with the geometric and has created a fashionable and stylish tandem. There are a lot of options for this combination, and this season you can try them all!

  • Among all the novelties of geometric manicure, many fashionistas especially liked the design with color blocks. Girls boldly go beyond the classic color combinations and use the brightest and most contrasting tandems. The resulting design resembles a kaleidoscope and looks very extraordinary.

  • Color block design can also be done using different textures – matte, glossy, with glitter or shimmer. Separate the blocks with thin lines and get a stunning manicure with a play of textures.

  • The cage print is reflected not only in clothes, but also in manicure. At first glance, this design may seem complicated. But in fact, all that is required for it is a solid background and alternating vertical and horizontal stripes.

  • What romantic design is complete without a heart? This season it is quite large and is located in the central part of the nail. We suggest you arm yourself with a stencil and create such a manicure for a date or just a flirtatious mood.

  • Want to add some chic to your geometric design? Then connect sparkles to its creation! It can be glitter, Yuki flakes, rhinestones or glitter polish. Keep a sense of proportion with this decor and you will get a stunning manicure.

Features of geometry on different nails

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