Manicure with autumn leaves 2020

In the fall 2020 season, it is important to do a manicure with autumn leaves. Such a Nail design brings a touch of sadness to the image, making the bow elegant. How to decorate your nails, what to ask the master at the next manicure session, we will analyze in the material below.

What shades to do manicure

Autumn is a sad, but no less bright time of the year. Nail design for this season is recommended to be done in calm, not acidic, moderately bright pictures. All autumn colors are welcome.

The most beautiful, dynamic, with elements of sadness and falling asleep of nature, the following shades will look on the nails:

  • black;
  • red, burgundy, scarlet;
  • yellow, saffron, orange;
  • calm green, bottle;
  • brown, beige;
  • calm blue, purple, lilac.

All of these shades look amazingly beautiful on both long and short nails. The main thing is to remove the growing cuticle in time, to ensure that the varnish or gel polish does not break.

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Ideas for autumn manicure

We will offer some interesting ideas for a stylish autumn manicure. As the main decorative element, of course, it is recommended to use a maple leaf. Its carved shape and the ability to recreate the sheet in different colors will make the nail design especially elegant.

A manicure looks interesting, in which one maple leaf is used on one of the five fingers of the hand. Position the decor on the ring finger. Repeat the same technique on the second hand.

If you want something unusual, you can make a large maple leaf with a transition to the next nail. When connecting two fingers, the drawing on two nails forms a solid pattern.


Maple leaf on all nails

If you are a supporter of dynamic manicure, are not afraid to experiment, do not hesitate to overload the image, use a maple leaf decor on all nails. It can be made in different sizes. Let there be two small maple leaves on the thumb, one large one on the index finger. On the middle – two whole sheets and one half and so on. Show your imagination with the master.

Maple leaves can be painted on a glossy or matte base. Make holographic or sand.

Autumn still life

If you are interested in the fashion trends of autumn 2020 manicure with autumn leaves, then this idea will definitely appeal to you. Here on the nails you can recreate a real autumn still life. Combine in the picture a maple leaf and autumn berries – viburnum, cranberries, sea buckthorn. It is especially convenient to place a similar picture on a moderately large and long nail. Autumn leaves and berries can be diluted with small green patches. It is advisable to draw such a bright still life on a dark basis – lilac, black, brown, calm blue.

autumn apples

Who said that autumn manicure should contain only maple leaves. Try wearing a design that features fall apples combined with foliage. This pattern looks very dynamic, gives the image a special piquancy. Apples and leaves can be arranged in one picture on one nail or alternated on nails.

pumpkins and sunflowers

Those who appreciate the nail design with autumn leaves and berries will definitely like the artistic combinations that use a ripe pumpkin or sunflower. Such still lifes also convey the mood of autumn. Pumpkin will be especially relevant if Halloween is approaching. Moreover, variations of sunflowers and pumpkins can be played in a positive and negative, mystical context. In this case, it is enough to use a little more greenish, sunny colors or supplement the drawing with a black outline, respectively.

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Sad design

If you are a supporter of minimalism, but you still want to have an interesting nail design in the fall, pay attention to the new fashion – a manicure with bare tree trunks. In this case, the picture fully conveys autumn sadness. Graceful outlines of trees can be placed on a blue, purple, blue, red or brown background.

Silhouettes of autumn trees can be placed on each of the nails of five fingers or locally placed on the ring, index fingers. If you want to add even more sadness to the resulting design, use the effect of raindrops on your nails. This can be done using a polymer composition or transparent rhinestones.

Cheerful sadness

Imagine autumn raindrops drumming on the roof and glass. Make an interesting manicure in which the main character is a cheerful and bright umbrella. This nail design has been in fashion for a long time. But only this year the umbrella has become brighter, clearer and more dynamic.

Please note that an umbrella must have a cane. It is important to decorate the open dome with an imitation of raindrops. This design looks interesting in the office and in the everyday version of manicure. By the way, if your 2020 manicure design is autumn leaves, then add a couple to the umbrella. It will turn out unusual and stylish.


An interesting autumn design has also been developed for French lovers. In a moon or French manicure on a transparent basis, maple leaves, umbrellas, pumpkin outlines, located closer to the tip of the nail, look interesting. Please note that in this case, the choice of color for the pattern remains as free as possible – the reason for this is the transparent base of the nail. You can play with the tint of the image to match your outfit.


The watercolor technique in the autumn nail design looks especially elegant and sad. This nail design is easy to do. While creating a drawing directly on the nail plate, the master mixes the gel polish with the top. The result is the so-called underpainting – a translucent shade. Having created the tone of the drawing, the master applies a cocoon with a thin brush. It is very important to think over the color scheme of the watercolor drawing so that it turns out to be moderately autumnal, not too bright and dynamic. Yellow, purple, green, burgundy, brown are beautifully combined with each other.


The most popular is still a trendy manicure with autumn leaves and raindrops. This design does not require aerobatics from the master. The drawing is applied in the usual technique, raindrops are placed with rhinestones or any polymer. As a result, the image on the nails is incredibly sad, sad. Which actually corresponds to the autumn season.

It is noteworthy that raindrops will look amazing on top of any pattern, whether it be a maple leaf, still life of pumpkins, apples or sunflowers, an umbrella or silhouettes of trees with fallen leaves. Raindrops are the most important element of autumn design.

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Autumn landscape

Already this version of the nail design is considered a full-fledged artistic picture. Only masters with extensive experience can perform it. The drawing is applied in stages with the thinnest brushes. Each of the elements…

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