Manicure with hearts

It is hard to imagine a more delicate and romantic nail design than a manicure with hearts. Such nail art is in trend all year round, but the peak of its popularity, of course, falls on February 14th. Many girls have already learned how to create a flirtatious mood with the help of manicure and even confess their love. For the rest, our article with simple lessons has been prepared.


Why you should do such a manicure at least once in your life

  • Just as all ages are submissive to love, so the age of the owner is absolutely not important for a manicure with hearts. Despite the naivete and spontaneity, this design looks appropriate not only on the nails of young girls. It can be afforded by adult women who are not alien to a romantic mood.

French and hearts

  • If this mood is late somewhere, such a manicure is the right way to create it. With just a glance at the charming hearts, a smile appears on the nails.

Luxurious velor for decoration

  • The simplicity of this design is amazing! Even if you cannot boast of artistic drawing skills, you can create hearts on your nails using improvised materials.

Manicure with kamifubuki

Your helpers

The main trump card of a manicure with hearts is the ability to use a variety of materials to create it.

Gel polish drawings

The easiest way is to arm yourself with several colors of varnishes and start painting the design with a brush or a thin stick. Acrylic paints are also great for this purpose.

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If you doubt the evenness of hand-drawn hearts, use a stencil. It’s easy to make at home.

Hearts made with stencils

For girls who want to get a spectacular manicure without spending a lot of time on it, sparkles for nails of any shape have been invented. Such charming hearts are attached to a dry varnish and are necessarily covered with a protective layer of a transparent base.

And in specialized stores, you can also easily find various stickers of the desired shape. They can be both flat and voluminous.

Finished stickers

If you want to draw a heart with cracks, use the craquelure technique, which involves the use of the appropriate varnish.

The elementary use of stamping in no way detracts from the beauty and effectiveness of the finished design. Purchased stamps will allow you to draw elements of the same size.

Manicure Ideas

Idea #1

The elegance of French manicure goes well with the romance of hearts. Such a tandem turns out to be restrained, but very sweet. There are many options for this design – hearts can be located on a French smile, or they can take a central position on all or several nails. Imagine and you will get a beautiful and elegant manicure.

Bright hearts on a white French border

Idea #2

If the heart design in its usual execution seems rather simple to you, complement it with spectacular rhinestones. In a manicure for a special occasion, you can not do without sparkling stones in the form of exquisite accents. You can lay out figures from them, complement the pattern with stones or connect heart-shaped rhinestones to the design.

Two ways to lay out a heart with rhinestones

A manicure with hearts and rhinestones is especially chic using a matte texture. Such a game of contrasts will definitely not leave your nails without attention and compliments.

Rhinestone heart

A chic shine manicure can be added with other decor.

Idea #3

February 14 or the wonderful state of being in love is the best reason to create infinitely cute drawings on your nails. If you also think so, catch a couple of ideas for inspiration!

cartoon drawings

Bright drawings for teenagers

Story drawings

Idea #4

Drawings with a heart in the title role can be very different. If you have a great imagination, you can select each nail for a separate composition.

Drawing stretched over several nails

Idea #5

For those who do not want to cover all their nails with a scattering of hearts, one will be enough, but in contrast.

Design in the style of minimalism

Idea #6

A beautiful accent heart is easy to create from dots of various sizes and colors. We advise you to draw a barely noticeable outline in such a manicure with a pencil, and then erase it. So the figure will turn out perfectly even.

Idea #7

The hit of the season is the “negative space” design. It implies that some part of the nail remains unpainted. We propose to select for this a sweet heart on one or all nails in the center and get the most trendy manicure.

Classic “negative space”

Idea #8

The secret to stylish and effective nail art is to use the right colors. If you choose 2 contrasting shades, a successful design is guaranteed to you.

Layered pattern made using stencils

Idea #9

Helpers in creating a beautiful manicure can be kamifubuki in the shape of hearts, stars or circles.

Idea #10

A charming design will turn out with hearts and stripes, dots and other shapes. Remember, geometry is still at the peak of popularity!

Bright summer design

Drawing lessons

Heart manicure is quite easy to create, and with our photo tutorials and tips, this design will seem elementary to you!

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Lesson #1

Hearts in manicure with a simple toothpick are created in 2 counts. Memorize the algorithm and be sure to repeat it on your nails!

  • Take some lacquer with a toothpick and make a neat dot where the first half of the heart is.
  • Opposite the first drop, put a second of the same size.
  • From the second drop, draw a line down, and then direct it to the first half of the heart.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! A toothpick in such a manicure can be replaced with dots, a match with a pointed end, a pen, an orange stick or a needle for drawing very small hearts.[/stextbox]

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Lesson #2

Among the main trends in nail art of the coming season are sparkles in a variety of manifestations. We bring to your attention not only a romantic, but also a stylish manicure.

Neat hearts and tape as a stencil

  • First, coat your nails with a base coat and let it dry. You definitely can’t go wrong if you choose red for this purpose.
  • Then fold a piece of tape in half and cut out half a heart at the fold with scissors. This trick ensures that the figure is even and symmetrical.
  • Unfold the tape and apply to the nail.
  • Lubricate the hole with glue or nail polish and sprinkle with glitter.
  • When you remove the tape, a charming heart will show off in this place.

Lesson #3

This cheat sheet can be your assistant in creating a cute nail design. All you need for it is a few polishes…

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