Manicure with inscriptions – the trend of 2019!

Manicure with colored inscriptions on the nails is the trend of 2019 in the nail art industry, which came to us from Korea and has taken a strong leading position among modern fashionistas. Such a manicure looks quite bold and creative, which allows you not only to express yourself and your individuality, but at the same time stand out from the crowd. Therefore, we suggest that you take a closer look at such an informal design and original ideas for its design, given later in our article.

Lettering on the nails

Design Features

Manicure with various inscriptions on the nails today occupies the top peaks of fashion trends. It can be both small English or Russian words on one finger, and whole phrases written on all nails at once. In addition, despite the general opinion that such a manicure is the privilege of more young people, it is also suitable for older women who are not afraid to stand out.

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Original nail lettering ideas

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As for the technique of applying inscriptions, most often manicure masters use the following tools:

  • Brushes. They allow you to draw various words or phrases and at the same time give each letter a graceful edge. In this case, it is better to write the text with special acrylic or gel paints, so that the finished result is bright and catchy.

brush lettering

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Calligraphic inscriptions look no less impressive, which can also be written with a brush and a fountain pen, which is used to create markup.


  • Stamping. The easiest option for getting beautiful inscriptions of a different nature, which is sometimes impossible to draw by hand due to the presence of excessively small design elements.

Stamping inscription

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  • Stickers. Sliders with various inscriptions are a very versatile decor that is used by both manicure masters and girls at home. Ease of application, as well as the ability to apply such stickers on any coating, including shellac, allow you to get the desired manicure design in a matter of minutes.

Stickers with inscriptions

  • Stencils. Special stencils also facilitate the process of creating inscriptions on nails of any complexity. One has only to attach the stencil to the nail and apply a varnish that contrasts with the base in color. The main thing in this case is to choose the right colored substrate so that the finished design stands out, and does not merge with it.


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It is best to apply inscriptions on a neutral or white base.


Top best manicure design ideas with inscriptions

Various letters or whole phrases in the form of inscriptions on nails can become either a small finishing touch to the entire manicure or its main accent, which blends perfectly with the following nail designs:

  • Bright. This is a trendy manicure with lacquers in rich and rich colors, in which the inscriptions will become a creative highlight of the whole design. In this case, it is better to highlight one or two nails with inscriptions, and apply a bright neon decorative coating to the rest.

Bright manicure with an inscription

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  • Gentle. At the same time, a calm and trendy manicure that will look harmonious on short nails. In this case, one or two fingers should be highlighted in letters or in small words in words. Randomly placed dots or geometric elements in the form of straight lines will help to complement this design.

Gentle manicure with an inscription

  • With kamifubuki. Small colored confetti on the nails have become the most used decor this season, which is ideally combined with various inscriptions. One has only to choose kamifubuki of the same color and lay them out as the basis for the future nail tattoo.

Delicate inscription on a stylish manicure

  • Negative Space with inscriptions. This manicure is new in 2019, the essence of which is that a certain phrase is applied to an unpainted nail or its area. Thus, the design comes out light and unobtrusive. As for the inscriptions themselves, one should also not be zealous with complex phrases. Opt for light and catchy words like “Yes”, “Don’t”, “Kiss me”, “Star”, etc.

Lettering ideas for creating a beautiful manicure

  • Glitter lettering. A simple manicure that combines notes of austerity and glamour. In this case, in addition to the white coating, you can also use colored varnishes as a base. As for the inscriptions, in addition to the main “love”, “Soul”, “Amour”, “Cool”, you can also use phrases in Russian, for example, “Princess”, “Sweet”, etc.

Glitter lettering

  • Ombre. The combination of contrasting gradient transitions with words on the nails creates a bright and unusual design as a result. In this way, you can select one, or several fingers at once.

Ombre nail art

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In a manicure with inscriptions, one should not forget about rhinestones. They can be either in the form of a small scattering, or lined with a whole word or letter on the nail, as in the examples of photos presented in our selection.


  • With foil. The foil technique combined with the inscriptions on the nails create a stylish and eye-catching design. In this case, various slogans, brand names or abbreviations, as well as names are ideal as inscriptions.


  • Matte. Delicate velvet manicure with catchy and even defiant inscriptions on the nails is the hit of the season. In fashion, both drawn and printed inscriptions in the form of newspaper clippings. As for the color palette, with a matte top, a rich shade of wine, burgundy and khaki will look the most harmonious in this design.

Matte manicure

  • French. If you are tired of the classic French manicure, and you want to diversify it somehow, the inscriptions on the nails will help you with this. One has only to highlight one nail with a completely beige base and apply one or more words on top with black gel or glitter. You can complement this design with foil, rhinestones or drawings.

French with an inscription

Manicure with various inscriptions on nails is not only a fashionable trend in nail art, but also an original accent of the whole design, as you can see by looking at photos with examples of the work of leading nail artists. Indeed, thanks to a small word or letter, a simple and boring manicure acquires a completely new bright, and even catchy design. We hope that the ideas we have proposed will appeal to you, and you will definitely bring them to life on your nails.

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