Manicure with kamifubiki

Manicure with kamifubiki is a great option for celebrating the New Year 2019. This bright, original and truly festive decor will perfectly fit into any look and make it even more memorable. In addition, one cannot but rejoice here and a lot of room for imagination, because kamifubiki will look great on both long and short nails. And with the help of them it is easy to create almost any pattern. So if you want to stand out, our next review is for you.


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Popular shape of kamifubi

Laying out some beautiful confetti pattern on your nails is as easy as shelling pears. Especially if you have several types of sparkles at once. And the most popular forms here are considered.

  • Circles. It is they who can most often be found on the hands of adults and more serious women.

  • Rhombus. Another discreet option that can support office style. Rhombus manicure looks very stylish.
  • Oval. This form is much rarer, but it looks very original.
  • short stripes. These kamifubiki are small and are often applied to the nail in bulk. They look very nice and festive. They will be a great addition to any evening look.

  • Hearts. Most often, very young women of fashion resort to them, striving to attract as much attention as possible to themselves.

  • Asterisks. Another playful option for young girls who know how to enjoy life.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Outwardly, kamifubiki are very similar to sequins, only without holes in the middle. They can have any shape and size, but the surface is always flat. [/stextbox]

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Application features

An indisputable advantage when creating a design with the help of kamifubiks will be the ease of their application. Even a child can cope with this task. But, if this is your first time, then remember.

  • First, shape the nail, remove the cuticles and degrease the surface.
  • Now apply the first top coat on the nail plate and dry it in a lamp.
  • Next, paint the nail with any of the selected colors of varnish and dry again.
  • After, cover everything with the base and with the help of dots, start laying out the kamifubiki in the order in which you need.
  • When the pattern is ready, apply two or three more top coats on it, and then dry the surface completely.

The process of applying kamifubics

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The second name of kamifubikov is “Japanese sequins”. And the third is “paper storm”. You can buy them in any specialized store or online. [/stextbox]

TOP 7: design ideas for manicure with kamifubiki

In 2018, kamifubik manicure was just gaining momentum in popularity. In the coming 2019, this fashion trend will securely settle at the very top of the fashion Olympus. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to find out what decor ideas will be the most popular here.

Seasonal manicure or nail art for the occasion

Decorating your nails for a holiday or on the occasion of an event has now become incredibly fashionable. And if you do it with kamifubiki, then the result can exceed all your expectations. For example, for the upcoming New Year, it is quite possible to create a green Christmas tree, a snow-white snowman or another multi-colored New Year’s composition on one or two nails.

For Valentine’s Day, a manicure with confetti hearts is perfect. And every romantic fashionista will be able to put the name of her beloved on her nails. Fantasize! Everything is allowed here!

French manicure

This is a classic, under which the heroes of our today’s article, kamifubiki, were quite able to adapt. You can decorate a French manicure with confetti in a variety of ways. And the easiest of them is to highlight the smile line with the color of sparkles you need. This can be done both on all fingers, and on one or two. At the same time, it is better to choose a base transparent or in nude colors, and let the confetti themselves be multi-colored. So nail art will look more harmonious.

But, perhaps the most popular is the reverse jacket, when a hole is laid out with small kamifubiki. At the same time, sequins may well be complemented by geometric decor.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! To keep kamifubiki on the nail for as long as possible, attach them to a sticky layer of varnish. If your decor contains large fragments of sparkles, try not to glue them to the place where the nail can bend. In general, try not to glue anything there. [/stextbox]

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Disco ball

Unusual name, right? And the most interesting thing is that the nail art that we are talking about now really resembles a disco spinning and luminous ball. And it is performed, as you probably guessed, from kamifubiks. Everything is simple here: choose round sparkles of small diameter, and apply them on one finger (usually ring finger) as close to each other as possible. Arranged in this way, they will create an iridescent surface that will shine in the sun or shine in the rays of spotlights. By the way, this manicure looks very impressive on short nails.

geometric design

Another opportunity to stand out from the crowd, because bright kamifubiki in the form of geometric shapes, intricately laid out on the finger, is a two-in-one fashion trend. Firstly, as we already know, geometric shapes in the nail industry are a trend in and of themselves. And secondly, if you create them from kamifubiks, then they will look even more enchanting. Moreover, a bright background would look quite appropriate here, for example, black, red, purple, brown, green or blue.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The main advantages of kamifubik manicure are: the ability to create an exclusive decor that you will not find anywhere else, versatility, long wear time, ease of execution, combination with other techniques. [/stextbox]

Transparent kamifubiki

A manicure with transparent kamifubiki will look incredibly feminine and gentle. They can be placed in a completely chaotic manner, or you can create a full-fledged drawing, the main thing is that it will fit perfectly into any image. Transparent kamifubiki are not particularly bright. On the contrary, their main purpose is to emphasize the tenderness of pastel and nude shades. It is together with them, most often, that these confetti can be found.

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silver glow

The following design will also look incredibly impressive and stylish: a manicure with kamifubiki and rubbing in silver. Take a look at the photo – how fashionable and absolutely cosmic these overflows look. Of course, you should not put shiny confetti on the rub. Better combine. On several fingers, recreate, for example, the effect of broken glass from silvery shiny diamonds or triangles, and on others…

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