Marble manicure: beautiful options

A manicure with a pattern imitating a marble surface is a real find in modern nail art. After all, the light and at the same time spectacular design harmoniously combines with almost all elements of the wardrobe and has absolutely no age restrictions. Therefore, we suggest that you take a closer look at marble manicure, its features, as well as original ideas for decorating such a design on nails from our article.


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Features of marble manicure

The design of a manicure with marble is the creation of a pattern on the surface of the nail that imitates the surface of a natural stone. Most often, everyone performs it in a neutral palette, but this does not mean that this manicure cannot be combined with brighter colors such as red, blue, green, hot pink, coffee, etc.

It is absolutely easy to recreate such a pattern on the nails, since now there are several marble design techniques at once. You just need to be patient and the following accessories.

  • Polyethylene film. This is a kind of life hack, which is often used by professional nail art masters. It is only necessary to apply colored gel polish with chaotic spots on the already dried decorative substrate and blot with plastic wrap on top. The result is a very realistic imitation of stone, which is quite difficult to obtain with a brush.

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Interesting! In order for the pattern to be more saturated and ornate, the plastic bag should first be crumpled well to get as many creases as possible.


  • Fine brush. The basic technique, which is based on applying colored stripes on top of the main dry decorative layer with a brush. Thus, the pattern begins to spread over the surface of the plate, thereby forming a marble design on the nail.

  • Water + toothpick. Thanks to the layering of varnishes of different colors on the surface of the water, the result is an original pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of a stone surface. It is only necessary to alternately drip varnish into a container of water and then, using a toothpick, create the desired pattern. At the end, the nail should be dipped in water and the finished decor should be transferred to it.

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Important! Today, a series of gel polishes has been created, which also imitate the marble pattern on the nails thanks to special inclusions in the composition. Unfortunately, such a coating is not similar to the design that is obtained with a brush, however, some imitation of the natural surface is still present.


“Marble” lacquer

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Trendy Marble Design Ideas

The design of a manicure with imitation of a marble coating on nails has become one of the most popular today, so on the Internet you can find many examples of such a design of marigolds. The most original of them we have given below.


  • Classical. Standard design, the meaning of which is that black thin lines are applied to a white substrate, which imitate the marble pattern as much as possible. The result is a flawless manicure that can be worn even to work with a strict dress code.

  • “Cold Stone” Despite the seeming gloom at first, this is a rather bright and fashionable design. It is based on a dark gray substrate with light gray lines applied over it. The same lines of liquid mica, sparkles or rhinestones will help to complement such a manicure.

  • Lunar stone manicure. A rather unusual and charismatic design, which is based on two nail art techniques that are relevant today. In this case, minimalist solutions should be followed and the lunula should be left transparent, while the nail plate itself is decorated with a decorative coating in the form of a marble surface.

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Important! Marble moon manicure is considered one of the most practical and wearable designs, as it looks beautiful not only on long nails, but also on short ones.


  • “Pink jade“. And here is just the place for various experiments. It can be a light pink base and white, light gray or silver lines applied on top. Another option is already bright pink lines on a gray, black or beige substrate. All this riot is complemented by a small scattering of rhinestones or small sparkles.

  • Marble french. An amazing manicure, the essence of which is the combination of a marble base and a French smile in one design. At the same time, the smile itself can have not only the classic semicircular shape, but also be straight or V-shaped. To complement such a manicure, a thin adhesive tape of silver or golden color, placed directly on the separating border, will help.

  • “Black marble”. An ideal option for a festive event, which will perfectly emphasize an evening dress in black. Its peculiarity is thin white and silver lines painted over a blue-black substrate, imitating the surface of a stone.

  • “Dark Sapphire“. A bewitching design that many associate with the dark depths of the sea. Indeed, thanks to the white base and the randomly intertwining dark blue lines with slightly blurred borders applied on top, just such an effect is achieved.

  • Matte. A manicure with marble and a velvet finish looks very elegant. Most often, a matte top is used mainly to cover all nails, however, there are also designs in which a velvet finish alternates with a glossy top.

Combined manicure – matte and glossy

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  • “Lapis lazuli”. Another design that identifies the marine theme and is an original solution for decorating a summer manicure. The combination of a light mint backing with dark blue streaks results in a very bright and presentable manicure.

  • with foil. The hit of the autumn-winter season 2019-2019 was a marble manicure with a metallic gold backing. You can decorate with this decor one or two fingers for everyday wear and completely the whole hand for special occasions. As for the marble stains themselves, in this case they can have absolutely any color.

  • With rhinestones. In a stone manicure, it is very important not to overload the overall design, so rhinestones are used here only as a small accent. They must be necessarily small and, in terms of color, succinctly fit into the overall design, while not contrasting with it. It is better to lay out rhinestones along one line or to highlight several strips at once with single accents in the form of sparkling dots.

  • With rubbing. Pearl Coating Compound…

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