Maria Kozhevnikova demonstrated a casual look for 80 thousand rubles

The star of the series “Univer” and a deputy from the ruling party of the VI convocation, Maria Kozhevnikova, always dresses fashionably and stylishly. Her evening and everyday looks are tastefully chosen, and one can only guess about their cost.

And recently, in her Instagram profile, Maria spoke about her admiration for the twin sisters Irina and Marina Golomazdin, who created their successful clothing brand 12storeez.

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Publication from Maria Kozhevnikova (@mkozhevnikova)

Kozhevnikova wrote: “Two girls in love with their work with the idea to develop a thoughtful wardrobe formula! And if I didn’t know @mgolomazdina personally, I wouldn’t believe that from scratch, you can create the number 1 women’s clothing brand in Russia, with billions in revenue … And now @12storeez are confidently entering the international market.”

Under the post, the actress and politician posted a photo in a modest beige coat, suit and edging boots from the designer sisters.

But as it turns out, the image turned out to be not at all modest. After all, the prices of the domestic brand are not designed for ordinary people.

On the official website of the 12storeez store, the sheepskin-trimmed ankle boots chosen by Maria cost 13,361 rubles. A coat made of wool and cashmere – 35,475 rubles, and a set of a jumper and trousers made of cashmere cost Kozhevnikova 30,776 rubles.

As a result, Maria paid 79,612 rubles for such an everyday look.

With an average salary in Russia of 50 thousand, the former State Duma deputy spent the income for a month and a half of an ordinary Russian worker. And this is not an evening or holiday set!

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