Marine manicure: 10 fashionable novelties

Summer is coming to an end, but the time for holidays is still in force, and therefore you need to know about fashion trends in marine manicure, as well as fresh photo ideas for 2019. Moreover, a marine pattern on nails is the perfect way to bring back the summer mood, even if the calendar indicates the beginning of autumn . So, ten fresh ideas for the most beautiful marine manicure!

Stylish ideas for a marine manicure

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Drawing with a marine theme

Let’s start with the simplest – experienced fashionistas will even be able to create such a manicure on their own, without resorting to the help of a master. Many photos show that a marine design can be created simply by painting your nails in any of the shades of blue: after all, the sea has hundreds of colors! It can be soft turquoise, heavenly, deep blue.

Gentle turquoise monochromatic manicure

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To add more lightness to the manicure, use marine drawings: with a thin brush, draw a palm tree, a silhouette of a ship, a shell or a starfish on the nail plastic.

Marine manicure with a pattern

[stextbox id=’warning’]You can draw a scaly mesh on your nails with shiny nail polish – this will evoke associations with a mermaid’s tail, fish scales or with a sea net.[/stextbox]

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Add some glitter

Have you heard that shiny nails are bad manners? Only not for marine manicure! The most fashionable trend is to repeat the pattern of sequins twice on one arm. For example, completely paint over the nail of the ring finger with sparkles, and on the middle finger, draw a starfish or a seahorse with sparkles.

Marble marine manicure with sparkles


French outdated? No matter how! He just changed his format. A fashionable novelty is a jacket in a contrasting color. For example, you can give preference to black and blue colors – this will create a feeling of night on the seashore.

Black and blue jacket – the color of the night sea

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French is especially relevant in combination with a gradient. It is easiest for a professional craftsman to do this job. You need to make a gradient that resembles a sunset in colors, on top – a jacket of a contrasting color, and draw a palm tree or, for example, a seahorse with the same varnish.

Sea jacket


The stripe is always associated with the sea, reminiscent of a sailor T-shirt. The main thing here is to experiment with colors. Try combinations of blue and white, gold and blue, light green and pink, purple and white.

Striped marine manicure

Please note: uneven stripes immediately catch the eye, causing a feeling of untidiness. Therefore, it is better to make every effort by drawing them, or even entrust the matter to a professional. After all, no one wants others to think that a manicure was done in a hurry.

Stylish stripes

Add Dolphins

A joyful flock of dolphins – hardly anything can remind you of the sea better. We propose to arrange a real dolphinarium on your nails. Experiment with colors and shapes:

  • Dolphins can “jump” against the sunset (pink, purple and red varnish) or against the background of the ocean (blue, blue, turquoise varnish).
  • There may be palm trees in the background. Or, if the nail plate is not too wide and long, palm trees can be on another nail – this way you will add a habitat to your dolphins, and even more summer to your manicure.

Dolphin Manicure

  • Painted black dolphins pair perfectly with sequins, gold beads, stripes or sparkly beads and rhinestones.
  • It’s a great idea to draw a dolphin over a gradient like peach and blue. It will bring back memories of a sea sunset.


Anchor and helm – add ship symbolism

Ships are unforgettable cruises, sunny days on decks, loud music in the evenings and luxurious summer dresses… To remember this even in cold autumn, a marine manicure can be done using ship symbols – as shown in the photo. Following fashion trends, you can choose the most beautiful design, combining the helm with an anchor, and all together – with horizontal stripes, the image of dolphins and palm trees, and so on.

Stylish marine manicure with a ship

[stextbox id=’warning’]Being carried away by marine manicure and looking through photos, do not forget also that the design should fit your nail plate. On too narrow nails, the steering wheel will look bulky and out of place, and it would be better to place the anchor not evenly, but a little obliquely – this will visually lengthen the fingers and the nail itself.[/stextbox]

Stylish marine manicure ideas

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Fruits and waves

For many, exotic fruits are associated with the sea. Draw a pineapple on two of the five fingers, and light sea waves on the rest (you can achieve the effect by combining blue varnish and white wavy stripes).

Bright manicure with pineapple – a real marine mood

Optionally, you can add stickers in the form of shells or marine life – this will emphasize the beach orientation of the manicure. Looking through a photo of a manicure with a marine design, you can understand that pineapple on nails is one of the most fashionable trends of the 2019 season.


Beads and modeling

Colored beads, especially white and gold colors, go well with the blue of the sea wave. They are reminiscent of the seabed strewn with pebbles, sand and drops of spray. It’s a good idea to pair the beads with small decals depicting seashells or anchors.

Marine manicure with rhinestones

[stextbox id=’warning’]Paint all nails, except for the ring finger, light green. Place beads and gold-colored stickers on them. Paint the nail of the ring finger in a tricolor stripe: light green, white, gold. Attach a large gold anchor sticker to the top.[/stextbox]

Interesting ideas for a beautiful marine manicure

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The modeling technique does not lose its relevance either – ask the master to create voluminous shells and starfish on your nails. In combination with beads, such a manicure will make a splash.

Modeling and rhinestones – marine manicure

A color scheme

Not everything is about blue. Feel free to use peach, light green, purple, yellow and other colors. Here are some ideas:

  • The combination of blue and yellow evokes associations of the sun and the sea. Try to apply white stripes on yellow – this will emphasize the effect of a marine manicure.

The combination of blue and gold – marine manicure

  • A huge palette of colors can be chosen for the sunset – start with yellow, continue with orange, then scarlet, purple, and finally light green-blue. You will get a mini-picture on the theme of “sunset over blue water”.
  • On a blue nail, apply a dark blue shadow – it will be a shark. With a thin brush, add white stains – you get the effect of the seabed, which reflects the shadow of the shark.

Sunset Manicure

Underwater world

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