Maternity fashion: spring and summer 2019

If you are expecting a baby and follow the shows of world designers, then you just need to know what fashion has prepared for pregnant women. spring 2019. Indeed, despite the fact that the figure has changed a little and a tummy has appeared, girls want to look fashionable and stylish. And if a couple of years ago it was difficult to find something worthwhile, today fashion designers even present separate clothing lines for girls in an interesting position. Of course, these are mostly dresses, but there is something more interesting.


Now maternity clothes in 2019 are not simple everyday looks, but also business, romantic bows, in which bright, interesting accessories are added.

What do designers offer to pregnant women in the spring of 2019?

Compared to last year, fashion for girls in position has changed dramatically. After all, if earlier they were offered to completely update their wardrobe, today designers have made sure that clothes can be worn at any period of pregnancy and even after it. And this, in turn, cannot but rejoice, because you don’t really want to spend money on a thing that will be relevant for only a couple of months.

Fashion for pregnant women

[stextbox id=’info’] Maternity fashion in spring 2019 offers a loose fit with a strap that emphasizes the tummy. All this will make you more feminine and sophisticated. [/stextbox]

Dresses for pregnant women

Spring has prepared a huge variety of dresses, but the most popular are:

  • Sports models;
  • Dress with a strap, complemented by a neckerchief;
  • A-line dress with a bell-bottom bottom.

Dresses for pregnant women

When choosing a dress, you need to opt exclusively for those models in which natural fabrics were used. Due to them, clothes do not look shapeless, are pleasant to the body and allow the skin to breathe.

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Modern fashion for pregnant women offers short shirt dresses that are made from organic cotton. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they can be worn right up to the very birth.

Dresses for pregnant women

We recommend to pay attention to models with a high waist. They look the best on pregnant women, plus they can be worn at any time during pregnancy.

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The spring collection also includes delicate, airy trapeze dresses made of light fabrics. Such cocktail dresses allow girls to look stylish in any situation.

Dresses for pregnant women

[stextbox id=’warning’] The color of clothes can be the most diverse from simple, calm pastel to bright and colorful. Here, expectant mothers are offered a huge choice. [/stextbox]

Fashionable clothes for pregnant women in 2019 spring-summer are presented in the photo below.

Fashion clothes for pregnant women

Tunics and blouses

Perhaps this is one of the most favorite clothing options for girls who are in position. The fitted top and loose bottom make this wardrobe element as comfortable and versatile as possible. After all, a tunic can be worn with jeans, and with trousers, and even with leggings.

Tunics for pregnant women

If you need an option for daily wear to work, then take a look at the shirt blouses, as well as the classic cut. Oversized tunics and bomber blouses will be popular this season. It is important that all things are made from natural materials, jeans are not yet included in the fashion trends of this season.

Tunic for pregnant women

Pants and jeans

Now on the podium there are just a lot of models of trousers and jeans for pregnant girls. And among them, mostly casual style, and therefore any comfortable clothing from it is “doomed” to become part of the image of a girl in position.

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It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that jeans, leggings with a low and standard fit will not work, it is better to lean towards a high waist. In such things you will feel more comfortable.

Jeans and trousers for pregnant women

If you are interested in a style that will be at the peak of popularity, then you can choose everything except for too narrow models. Plain and denim leggings will be in fashion.

[stextbox id=’alert’] And in the summer you can please yourself with stylish shorts with an elastic insert, which is designed to support the tummy. Such shorts will be appropriate both for a walk in the city and in nature. [/stextbox]

Jeans and trousers for pregnant women

Remember that short belly shorts can be in your wardrobe up to the seventh month, then they need to be replaced with models with large inserts. In the collections of designers, this element of clothing is presented from silk, satin, denim, cotton, and in some you can even find lace.


Although the fashion for pregnant women spring-summer 2019 dictates its own rules, overalls remain at the peak of popularity and always made from natural fabrics. This is due to the fact that these are the most comfortable clothes for girls with an ever-growing tummy. It seems that overalls were invented specifically for pregnant women, but maybe it is?

Overalls for pregnant women

But in any case, this is a must have for girls in position. After all, the cut of even the most ordinary models involves maintaining the tummy.

What shoes to choose for pregnant women?

It seemed that it was difficult here, you just put on what fits the outfit. But no, it also has its own peculiarities. And first of all, this applies to shoes, which must be abandoned during pregnancy:

  • High platform or heel;
  • Unreliable lock;
  • Flat shoes;
  • Shoes not the right size.

Shoes for pregnant women

Remember that the rise on the shoes should be present, but the most minimal, since there should be no possibility of losing balance. And if you want the shoes to be not only comfortable, but also stylish, then the TOP 3 best shoes for pregnant women are especially for you.

[stextbox id=’info’] The first place is occupied by sandals, shoes with tractor soles. They look stylish and are very comfortable. [/stextbox]

Second place, no doubt, must be given sneakers and sneakers. Fashion trends allow you to combine these shoes with dresses, tunics, and jeans.

Shoes for pregnant women

Third place – low-speed sandals with a lot of membranes. Suitable for any formal event. Photos of images with such shoes are presented below.

Being pregnant is not a sentence, but a wonderful state of a woman when she becomes more fragile, tender and refined. And with the right outfit is also very stylish. We hope that our selection of fashionable clothes for pregnant women will be useful to you, and you will definitely find your model!


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