Matte manicure 2020

Fashion trends 2020 season offered many interesting ideas for implementation matte manicure. We invite you to get to know them in this article!


Current palette

Delicate pastel polishes are a real hit of the coming season. The matte finish is able to convey all the beauty of such flowers. Moreover, it is not necessary to suffer with the choice of a single favorite – now it is fashionable to embody a multi-colored manicure with a harmonious combination of different shades. Pastel varnishes always successfully rhyme with each other, which promises the creation of a successful and stylish manicure.

The most advanced fashionistas are already aware that the classic blue hue is recognized as the main color of the 2020 season. For fans of a matte finish, this is a great idea, because both trends create a great stylish company.

The main character of the current nail art is distinguished by its calmness and restraint, so many girls are not at all averse to shaking it with sparkling accents. Usually, a light coating of glitter, laconic rhinestones, rubbing or kamifubuki is used. A stylish idea would also be a combination of blue under a velvety top with a harmonious contrasting varnish under a glossy finish.

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Deep blue color often evokes associations with the evening sky. In such a creative impulse some girls create designs from stars and favorite constellations. As a rule, in such a manicure, a contrasting white varnish and miniature rhinestones come to the fore. It turns out cosmically fashionable nail art!

Fashion trends 2020 seasons offer to create matte manicure for short nails in a nude palette. Such a design always turns out to be especially delicate and elegant.

In the 2020 season, a matte top combined with rich colors is incredibly in demand. Such a coating is known for its ability to dim the brightness of any varnish and make the design more restrained and stylish.

[tds_warning]The most fashionable colors of 2020 are orange, yellow, mustard, coral and neon shades.[/tds_warning]

flower theme

unconditional trending 2020 season recognized floral theme. Delicate twigs and buds, romantic wildflowers, fatal roses – absolutely all manifestations of this trend are in fashion. You can create a graceful accent on one or two fingers, and the owners long nails can afford a magnificent flower painting.

Special mention deserves a design with sophisticated and sophisticated leaves in green. This trend was invented specifically for romantic and sophisticated natures, who always have spring in their souls, regardless of the actual season.


If you want to create an ultra-stylish design, you can safely connect foil decor to its creation. This decoration comes in various types, which allows you to embody a wide variety of design options. We offer to evaluate the most trendy of them in the photo selection below.


In a matte finish even classic french looks new fresh and interesting. In the 2020 season, it is fashionable to complement the familiar design with a variety of techniques and decor options, whether it be foil, rhinestones, drawings, sparkles or a gossamer pattern. A traditional smile can also significantly transform French design, because now you can experiment with color, shape, direction and material in its design.


The matte base goes well with various geometric motifs – triangles, lines, dots and laconic shapes. This style will make the design stylish and boring. At the same time, the geometric direction looks strict and is perfect for everyday work.

A new word in geometric design is the cage print, embodied from thin lines. Such a laconic pattern looks advantageous in combination with a plain coating.


For many fashionistas, the gradient effect causes genuine delight. In 2020, the flowing ombre technique is especially in demand in combination with a velvety top.

It is worth noting that although conciseness is the leading trend of the coming year, it is not at all against the combination of a gradient base with various fashion techniques. It can be an elegant pattern, rhinestones, foil, cobwebs or stickers. Such additions add zest to the manicure and make it more expressive.

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It’s interesting that trendy matte manicure with a gradient effect is equally good on squareoval and almond-shaped form.


Flexible gossamer gel is another trendy option for a stylish manicure in 2020. This decoration is perfectly combined with light shiny accents.

With rocks

Rhinestones and stones in manicure are a win-win way to emphasize the exquisite taste and femininity of a fashionista. This decor, combined with a velvety top, looks especially bright and luxurious. In the 2020 season, it is important to adhere to conciseness and restraint in the design of a manicure with sparkling jewelry. Sometimes one rhinestone is enough to make nail art complete and fashionable.

Charms, crystal peaks, pearls, rhinestones or polished hemispheres can act as an actual decor. From them you can iron out patterns and various shapes.

Animal prints

If fashionable animal motifs seem too daring to a girl, she can muffle their aggressiveness with a matte top. Such inserts are successfully combined with various shades, but the tandem looks most stylish with natural, nude, brown and dark shades.

Advanced craftsmen today rely on laconic accents with animal print. In such trendy matte design thin lines, foil and glitter spray can be used.

For greater effect, you can create a beautiful animal print duet on a matte background with a plain gloss.


Chaotic strokes can also appear in trendy design. It can be a colored decor or a foil decoration.

Quail egg

For several seasons in a row, the pattern with the curious name “quail egg” with characteristic dots has not lost its relevance. Many girls like to embody it on a matte basis, and cover the rest of the nails with a classic glossy varnish.

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[tds_note]The most stylish incarnation of such a pattern usually involves the use of a classic black and white palette.[/tds_note]


A real sensation in the world of nail art of the 2020 season is the abstract style. The main feature of this direction is versatility. Abstraction in design can include almost any technique and element. The final result of such creative impulses often resembles the canvases of abstract artists.


The key trend of modern fashion is minimalistic drawings. The laconic design will be an indicator of the fine taste of a fashionista. Another advantage of this nail art is its versatility….

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