Max Mara collection autumn-winter 2018-2019

The women’s collection of the Max Mara fashion house for the fall-winter 2018-2019 made a huge splash among fashionistas. Everyone expected the moderately conservative Italian brand to be dominated by the familiar camel color, which has been their hallmark for 67 years, but that was not the case.

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The designers presenting Max Mara today decided to surprise everyone. So in both collections, preliminary and main, presented this season in New York and Milan, you can see unusual pink shades for this brand, leopard prints, animal prints, rustic knitted hats and an abundance of leather.

At the same time, those who loved Max Mara for comfort and elegance should not worry either. Here, the creators of the innovative collection did not change the concept, which means that practicality, convenience and accessibility of each item are still at the forefront.


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Coat Max Mara

Of course, it is necessary to start the “debriefing” of the new Max Mara collection with a coat, because it has been the hallmark of this fashion house for many years. A big (but not the main) emphasis was placed on them this time as well.

Max Mara pre-fall collection

Pre-collection coat (PRE-FALL), showcased at the New York fashion show, have the following features:

  • exclusivity;
  • universal, beloved by all shades – beige, black, gray;
  • combinatoriality;
  • recognition.

Light nude shades in the Max Mara collection

And the main fashion trends here are:

  • long coats reaching to the middle of the calves, classic cut;
  • double-breasted coats, straight and flared;
  • elegant coats with a belt;
  • short coat models, decorated with patch pockets.

Coat with fur patch pockets

And here coat from the main collection (READY-TO-WEAR), which shone in Milan, pleased the admirers of this brand with greater freedom of choice and some emancipation. This also applies to the color palette, and textures, and cut. Here you can find everything: classic cashmere models and light leather raincoats; soft cozy things oversized and comfortable, practical short coats; woolen parkas and the world-famous camel wool Teddy Bear.

Light leather coat

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As for the colors, in addition to the usual black and beige colors, the Max Mara coat in the women’s autumn-winter 2018-2019 collection can be found in the following colors: coral, dark blue, light gray, tea rose, several shades of pink at once , ocher and even green.

Stylish shades of the Max Mara collection

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Max Mara’s most expensive coat line is Atelier. It presents only exclusive models created from the best innovative fabrics. They are sewn in a limited number and are sold only in some branded stores belonging to the brand. The price of the most expensive coat from the Atelier line, made for the 2018-2019 collection, is 4,500 euros. Today it is one of the most fashionable models sold in Milan. [/stextbox]

Coat from the Atelier line

Fur coats

Pleased with a collection of ready-to-wear and fur coats. They became a real trend of the Milan show, captivating the viewer with a variety of colors and textures of fur. Fashionistas especially liked long luxurious fur coats in white, black and brown shades. But that’s not all! For lovers of lighter models and playful colors, designers have come up with elegant coats in soft pink, blue and beige colors.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Not all the fur presented by the Max Mara fashion house was natural. On the contrary, for the most part, eco-fur was used to create clothes and decor..[/stextbox]

Dresses and skirts

Well, what kind of women’s collection will do without the attributes so familiar to every lady, like a dress and a skirt? Moreover, Max Mara had something to see at the show in New York. Take a look at the photo that we have prepared for you. They clearly demonstrate what every woman should strive for in the coming 2019.

Fashionista through the eyes of Max Mara

First of all, I would like to note that the basis for dresses and skirts from the eminent Italian brand was: conciseness, ultimate elegance, style, sophistication and minimalism. Yes, yes, all this brilliantly combined in one line and was received with a standing ovation on the podium. And this line is aimed at business women who value restraint, comfort and relevance of their image above all else.

Stylish trouser suit for business women

Among the most memorable fashionable dresses from Max Mara are the following.

  • Restrained classical dresses of direct style.
  • Vintage midi length dresses with a slightly flared hem.
  • Chiffon dress with small polka dots.
  • Wool and silk dress.
  • Evening black fur dress.
  • Navy blue floor-length evening dress with satin crepe.

Max Mara dress in small polka dot chiffon

[stextbox id=’info’]Important: It should be noted that most of the dresses presented in the preliminary collection are black or other rich dark shades. But, if you like something lighter, don’t be discouraged, the designers have not forgotten about you either, presenting everyday things in white, gray, green and blue colors. [/stextbox]

As for skirts, here fashionistas should pay attention to the following proposed models.

  • Fluffy skirt maxi length.
  • Pencil skirt with leather suspenders.
  • Skirt in lightweight, flowing fabric, embellished with ruffles.
  • Skirt-mermaid “on the floor”.


There were a lot of her at the Max Mara fashion show in Milan. And it was she who became the fundamental element of the entire collection of the Italian brand. Although, there is nothing surprising here, because the “leather” style is now at the height of fashion.

What could be found here? Yes, anything! Things were both completely made of leather and decorated with it. Black leather coats, leather trousers, skirts, gloves, blouses, dresses, belts, high boots – all this brought the Max Mara women’s autumn-winter 2018-2019 collection to a new level.

[stextbox id=’info’]

Important! To be more specific, not real leather was used to create a new style, but a textured fabric that is very similar to it.


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The most current prints

The designers of the fashion house were surprised by the variety of clothing decor in all of the collections presented this year. Strange as it may seem, but special emphasis was placed on the seemingly out of fashion extravagant leopard print and the plaid, which is already familiar to everyone. Although, with the latter, everything is more or less clear, since it is now in great demand.

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As for the image of the “wild cat”, here the brand’s designers did their best. On the podium one could see entire ensembles, …

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