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Maxi skirts for the summer season 2020: fashion trends

In the summer season of 2020, maxi skirts will replace the mid-length models that have been leading for several years. Designers have prepared many surprises for fashionistas by developing stylish styles of different colors.

maxi skirts

Models of long skirts are distinguished not only by unusual shapes and colors, but also by the texture of fabrics and the decor used.

Trendy colors and prints

When choosing any item of clothing, the first thing that most girls pay attention to is the color. A snow-white skirt will help you look fashionable in the summer of 2020. White color is in the top this season.

To create a romantic look, shades of the nude palette are suitable:

  • lavender;
  • pink;
  • beige;
  • pistachio;
  • blue.

Girls who want to always be in the spotlight will be able to create a spectacular outfit with the help of bright, rich colors – red, blue, green, orange.

The trend is the yellow range of both bright and muted shades.

Summer is the best time to wear not only solid colors, but also prints.

Fashion designers have decorated long products:

  • floral motifs – flowers, grass, leaves;
  • animal print – leopards, zebras, turtles, tigers, snakes, crocodiles – in trend in the summer season of 2020;
  • abstract and geometric shapes;
  • ethnic themes;
  • peas, stripes, cage.

Maxi skirts made using the tie-dye technique look especially stylish. Gradient colored models were present in the collections of all fashion designers.

trendy skirt colors

fashion prints

Actual fabrics

The choice of textures is no less diverse than the colors. Long satin, silk or satin skirts will help create an elegant evening bow. During the summer heat, any woman feels comfortable in linen, cotton or chiffon products.

Some designers have introduced knitwear. Crocheted or macrame skirts will help out on a cool summer evening.

A bold look can be created using floor models sewn from transparent materials.

The trend of the season 2020 is maxi denim skirts. Fashion shows were full of denim models.

No less popular will be lace products that give any girl a special femininity.

skirt fabrics

trendy styles

Eminent couturiers have included models of various styles and cuts in their new collections. Strict pencil skirts, puffy products, the sun, a-line, floor-length skirts with an asymmetrical hem and many others fell into the trends of the summer of 2020.


Popular in the new season, the sun style is the perfect choice for women with wide hips. The high waist, which is trending in 2020, emphasizes the waist, visually reducing the size of the hips.

To create such models, designers used silk, organza, chiffon. Airy, light fabrics will give a woman grace and sophistication.

skirt sun


A romantic look can be created with the help of A-line long skirts, fashionable in the summer of 2020. Fitted waist and slightly flared hem visually balance the line of the shoulders and hips.

Models in the form of a trapezoid are one of the best options for obese women, as they hide the stomach.

a-line skirt


Particularly in demand in the new fashion season will be long bell skirts. Models made of linen and satin fabrics are suitable for creating casual and office bows.

The bell, complemented by a belt, pockets or transparent lace inserts, will add elegance and sophistication to the image.

skirt bell

Tight maxi skirts

For girls with a slim figure, narrow floor-length models are suitable. A tight maxi skirt will emphasize the girl’s figure. Such a thing can be worn for a walk with friends or for a business dinner.

But this style is not recommended for those whose figure is far from ideal. In a tight skirt, even minor flaws will be visible.

Tight maxi skirts


At the fashion shows of the summer models of 2020, long skirts in a retro style were presented – the year. The style is a cut, the top of which is straight and tight around the hips, and the bottom is a wide hem, consisting of several wedges.

Such a thing gives the image elegance and romance at the same time. Both young girls and women over 50 can wear year-round skirts.

year skirt

Pencil skirt

A universal option for the summer season 2020 is a straight pencil skirt. Such models emphasize the figure.

If earlier “pencils” were worn mainly to work, then bright products that are fashionable in 2020 are even suitable for holidays. In addition, more respectable women can wear this style.

Pencil skirt


Among the current trends of the summer season 2020, one of the leading places is given to long models with an asymmetrical cut, where the hem angles are of different lengths.

In asymmetric long products, the image is extravagant and spectacular. For sewing such models, contrasting colors and fabrics with different textures are most often used. Therefore, more often skirts with an asymmetrical hem are preferred by outrageous girls.



Skirts consisting of several tiers are the trend of this summer season. Long layered models are suitable for creating a beach look. Light, weightless fabrics will make you feel comfortable even in the heat.

For cool weather, products from denser fabrics – denim or wool are suitable.

layered skirt

Pleated and corrugated

The favorite of the season is floor-length skirts with a pleated cut and corrugation. Pleating was popular in past seasons, but to create new summer models, designers used light fabrics (silk, chiffon, synthetics).

Long chiffon skirts fluttering while moving look very feminine. Models made in the ombre style look especially impressive.


With smell

The novelty of the 2020 season is long wrap models. This style can be worn not only by slender women, but also by full ones. With the help of the smell, you can hide the flaws of the figure, focusing on the waist and forming a feminine silhouette.

Women who prefer to look original will like products with a smell cut asymmetrically. This style will allow you to demonstrate slender legs.

wrap skirt

With a slit

You can create a feminine and sexy bow with the help of maxi skirts with a slit. The sewn product can be narrow or, conversely, flared. The cutout can be located in front, behind or on the side.

Some summer models are equipped with a zipper that allows you to adjust the height of the cut.

slit skirt

With drape

At the fashion shows of summer models, maxi skirts made in the Greek style were also shown. Drapery in such models is located in front or on the sides.

A draped skirt can be used not only to create a festive, but also an office bow.

draped skirt

Fluffy skirt

Girls with an hourglass figure will be able to choose lush floor-length models made of tulle for the summer.

This style makes the hips visually more rounded and emphasizes the waist, hiding…

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