meat diet

Many women in our country dream of losing weight. Either for yourself or for a loved one. Having tried many diets, some abandoned them because the menu did not suit them, and began to look for new diet recipes.

There is a meat diet, but people with limited health should not go on such a diet, since meat is a heavy product and it takes a long time to digest, and the stomach suffers for this.

The meat diet, in another way it is called the protein diet, should never be confused with the Kremlin diet. Among those who want to lose weight, this diet is very popular, as there is a lot of protein in meat, and it builds elements in our body. Of course, the Kremlin diet with meat is very similar, only the meat diet does not last about 10 days. With a meat diet, meat is consumed by any type of animal, it should be fried in olive oil, but consumption should be limited to a small amount, meat products (ham, sausages, sausage, etc.) are also consumed.

With a meat diet, you eat not only meat, you can also vegetables, eggs and fish. Drinks like coffee, tea should be consumed without milk and sugar. You will need to give up salt and sugar, that is, if you make a vegetable salad, you do not need to salt it, but you need to season it with lemon juice or olive oil.

You can create a menu for each day of the diet yourself, daily food intake should not consist of more than 5 times, with the same proportion. It is impossible to drink water or drink after eating, before half an hour has passed. We use only boiled meat or for a while, fried in very small quantities. After six o’clock in the evening, we completely refuse to eat.

In no case do not take these foods during the diet: all flour products, potatoes, cereals, fruits, carrots, corn, sugary drinks and alcohol.

You can also exercise during the diet, this will only be a plus, since during such a diet our body receives a large amount of vitamins and minerals, and we can strengthen our skeletal system and muscles. In addition to all this, we will not have a feeling of hunger.

Menu for which you can create your own menu:

  • 1st day of eating: coffee (without sugar), a piece of boiled veal, 2 hard-boiled eggs.
  • 2nd day of eating: only vegetable juice.
  • 3rd day of admission write: a piece of boiled chicken without a skin, a vegetable salad of cucumbers and a tomato.
  • 4th day of eating: slightly fried – stewed meat platter in olive oil: one medium, fry the onion for one minute in olive oil, then add any 3 types of meat cut into pieces, and fry for another 4 minutes, then spread on plate and sprinkle with freshly chopped herbs.
  • 5th meal: cabbage salad and a piece of boiled fish without salt.

The results of such a diet are not even bad, we can say they surprise and delight: minus 5-6 kilograms in 10 days are provided to you if you follow the rules of the diet. The main thing for this is a positive attitude, compliance with all the rules and never torture yourself and your body, make a varied menu.

To our joy, there are many meat and vegetable recipes, fantasize and do not torture your body. To avoid rebooting the liver, the most important thing is to drink plenty of water between meals. In no case do not overdo the diet for more than 10 days.

Before you commit to such a diet, you should always consult with your doctor. And weigh the pros and cons.

Good luck with your health and excellent results in the diet.

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