Medium haircuts for women 50+

Choosing a haircut is a real problem for ladies over 50. We offer a description and photos of the most fashionable women’s haircuts for medium hair in 2019.

Medium haircuts for ladies over 50

Women of respectable age should not deny themselves a good stylish haircut just because of age or age-related shortcomings. There are options for haircuts and styling that will successfully disguise:

  • forehead wrinkles;
  • flabbiness of the skin of the chin and neck;
  • too protruding cheekbones, full cheeks, and so on;
  • sparse and thin hair;
  • White hair.

Some stylists advise women for 50 short haircuts such as Pixie, Garson, which give a touch of energy and rejuvenate. But not all ladies go for short haircuts, and why cut their hair short if they exist. The average length of the hair is good because the strands frame the face, brightening up the imperfections, and the hair falls beautifully over the shoulders, giving the image an overall elegance. A successful stylish haircut allows you to lose at least a dozen years.

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But there are some rules to follow:

  • it is preferable to refuse braids and bunches, and if, in addition, the hair is thin and sparse, then this rule is mandatory;
  • voluminous curls and waves are made only on thick hair;

  • evening high hairstyles should be styled magnificently, but with a touch of negligence and dynamics. Too fanciful, overly “varnished” hairstyles will only give out age;

  • no smooth combing;
  • We advise you to choose a suitable bang for yourself. Now any is in fashion – from ultra-short to long, from even to asymmetrical. With a straight or uneven cut. Strands of bangs will correct the oval of the face, cover wrinkles on the forehead and make the look more expressive.

[stextbox id=’info’]Advice. If the hair is sparse, you should look after yourself with layered haircuts, they will add volume and splendor to the hair.[/stextbox]

With a short crown

Fashionable women’s haircuts for women after 50

For medium hair in 2019, you can safely choose some of the most popular options. This:

  • Kare;
  • elongated (medium) Bob;
  • Cascade.

An experienced master can do something unique – a haircut in which to combine the features of different options, based on the type of face and hair of the client. Therefore, it is better to go to a good specialist to get a real masterpiece.

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Such a famous and popular haircut that every lady knows about it for sure.

Classic Kare with bangs

Now there are a huge number of modifications of Kare:

  • Classic smooth;
  • Ragged;
  • Graduated;
  • Asymmetrical.

Classic Kare

Elongated caret

Each option has its pros and cons:

  • If the hair is thick, and the face type is close to the ideal oval – why not make clear and even edges of the classic Kare strands? It can be combined with bangs or without. Such a haircut practically does not require styling, but is suitable for all occasions.

  • Sparse hair needs uneven ends, graduation, perhaps the master still profiles additionally, cutting off split or weak ends. Such variations are suitable for angular or wide faces. And bangs will help soften facial features.
  • You can adjust the length of the strands – make Kare just below the chin, if the neck is long and beautiful, or leave elongated strands to visually stretch or disguise the neck.

In any case, we warn you: it will be problematic to collect Kare in a ponytail.

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Many ladies stop at this haircut, because it gives femininity and tenderness to the image. A quality haircut guarantees ease of styling. Long Bob and Kare-bob are medium-length haircuts and are made with or without bangs.

Bob Kare

Bob on the side

Bob’s positive points are:

  • strands near the chin hide flaws in appearance and mask flabbiness of the skin;
  • the raised back of the head is cut off in a special way and gives splendor and overall volume to the hair;
  • the haircut looks elegant and dignified;
  • easily “minus” 5-10 years of age, and with the right hair color – and all 15.

Bangs are a very important element of Bob. It is made thick and voluminous, often laid on its side and given a slight negligence.


This is a haircut that can also be many-sided. The main feature is cut layers, but they can be of different lengths, the transition can be smooth or sharp. They make a double Cascade, a torn Cascade, they even combine it with a ladder near the face or deliberately long strands at the back if long hair is cut. You can create any variations.

For ladies after 50, the ideal would be:

  • voluminous crown due to shorter strands;
  • smooth transition between layers;
  • uneven ends of the hair.

The cascade should create a voluminous and beautiful head of hair, as if casually styled or only slightly “shabby” by the wind. Such a haircut is suitable for a sporty style in the country, for an elegant dress to the theater and for a luxurious dress for a gala evening. It is enough to look at the photo examples to be convinced of this.

Without difficulty, the Cascade fits in the morning – just wash your hair and dry it, and if the main length of the hair is shoulder-length, the strands can be collected in a high hairstyle, creating a delightful evening styling.

Other model haircuts

Some women are also interested in rarer haircut options:

  • Cesson;
  • Debut;
  • Aurora.


Cesson has her admirers and her star example – Mireille Mathieu. This delightful Frenchwoman has never changed her haircut, although her Cesson has changed slightly over the years. Experts believe that this, correctly performed, haircut does not need styling.

Mireille Mathieu

Debut and Aurora are from the “family” of haircuts with a short crown. This is a positive moment for ladies 50+, which allows you to add volume to your hair, but it is recommended to perform these haircuts only on sufficient hair density. If the hair is sparse or thin, it is better to make a different haircut or do Aurora or Debut on a short length.


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[stextbox id=’info’] Advice. Full and large women should stop at elongated haircuts so that the strands reach the shoulders.[/stextbox]

Fashionable hair coloring for fifty-year-old women

In order for the chosen haircut to work 100%, you need to think about the hair color. Many women after 50 prefer to paint in light, believing that he is younger. But we must be careful: light shades may not suit everyone and look dull and lifeless. Sometimes it’s enough just to add a little caramel, golden or wheaten shades – to make highlighting – to refresh your hair and pleasantly lose years.

You can successfully hide gray hair with ashy highlighting – then no new gray hairs will be a reason for frustration.

There are ladies who choose bold bright colors – shades of red, which are now in trends. This attracts the attention of others, gives self-confidence and adds internal energy. But it’s worth it first…

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