Meghan Markle style: the best images of the duchess

In this article, we have collected the best images of Meghan Markle, because this girl really has a lot to learn! The style of the royal person has noticeably changed with the title of Duchess of Sussex – her outfits have become especially feminine, elegant and neat.

The best bows

Effortless naturalness

FROMMeghan Markle’s style is not characterized by impeccable observance of the canons of the royal family. This became clear back in 2017 – then the girl first appeared with Prince Harry at the Invincible Games. Her look was light and casual – blue jeans and a light blue shirt symbolized comfort and practicality. This look was completed with Finlay & Co. sunglasses. It is worth noting that the public appreciated the image of Megan and the same accessory model gave the company a revenue of 20,000 pounds in just a day.

The formula of the look based on a shirt and ripped jeans and subsequently became one of Meghan Markle’s favorites. In this bow, the girl masterfully combines blue denim and a white top. And so that the final outfit does not look boring, Megan dilutes it with stylish accessories – in this look there is an elegant hat from Chanel and sunglasses.

Combination of textures

Many girls rightly consider Megan a style icon and strive to repeat her beautiful images. In fact, this is not difficult at all, because Markle often uses simple and clear principles that are easy to put into practice. One of her favorite stylistic tricks is the combination of textures.

It doesn’t matter if Megan chooses a monochrome outfit or acts on the basis of a combination of several colors, the girl always pays special attention to the play of materials in the image. This is the very trick, thanks to which the bows of the royal person want to be considered for a long time and eventually repeated. If you want to follow her example, use clothes from different textures in the image, but at the same time make sure that the materials do not conflict with each other in mood and density.

We present to your attention photos of the best images of Meghan Markle, in which she skillfully combines several contrasting materials.


In the era of oversized and masculine sports shoes, the desire for femininity is already perceived as a bright individual style. Meghan Markle is close to this direction and she willingly uses elements of femininity in her images.

So, one of Megan’s favorite outfits can be considered a dress in the legendary new-look silhouette. This cut looks romantic and feminine, and it also gracefully emphasizes the waistline and beautiful silhouette of the figure. To make the image with such a dress look as complete as possible, Markle complements it with heeled pumps, neat styling and discreet natural makeup.

Royal stylists in creating Meghan’s images confirm that active ruffles, frills and flounces are far from every appearance. For example, against the background of Markle’s angular features, such decor would look out of place. But the girl uses chiffon sleeves, delicate colors and flying silhouettes with great pleasure.

elegant coat

Trench coats of various colors act as the girl’s favorite outerwear, and as it gets colder, Megan takes out classic elegant coats from the wardrobe. Markle demonstrates from personal experience that this outerwear can take even a simple laconic look to a new level.

The secrets of a successful choice of the duchess lie in expensive colors, perfect fit, laconic silhouette and discreet fittings. The colors of the coat are usually basic and universal – the girl’s favorites are blue, white, black, gray and beige tones. But there are stylish exceptions – for example, a coat with a classic and at the same time fashionable plaid print in blue and green colors. This model looks most advantageous in a duet with black clothes.

If you want to follow the example of Meghan Markle, you can transform your wardrobe with a classic coat made of quality wool or cashmere. You will see, such a completion will make any image more noble and elegant!


Meghan made a real revolution in the royal wardrobe, because she included trousers in it. In order to present these clothes as elegantly as possible, the girl relies on exquisite monochrome and complements light trousers with a turtleneck sweater and matching midi coat.

Boring minimalism

Meghan Markle is no stranger to bright and juicy colors of clothes that perfectly match her dark hair and expressive appearance. For example, one of the sensational images of the girl was the appearance in a spectacular yellow dress. But it is worth noting that the outfit is presented in a laconic straight cut midi length, which embodies the modern style of minimalism. Such a reading of the stylish direction has already been adopted by many fans!

One of the girl’s favorite pairs of shoes is exquisite beige pumps. This model visually lengthens the legs and generally slims the silhouette. Also, nude shoes are perfectly combined with almost the entire wardrobe and embody the main quality of the royal wardrobe – elegance.

Trench dress

Trench dress can rightly be called one of the best outfits Meghan Markle. Any stylist will confirm that this cut emphasized the girl’s figure as effectively as possible – the double-breasted collar visually lengthened the silhouette, and the wrap-around cut, combined with a belt, emphasized the waist. At the same time, the dress is chosen in length below the knee, which makes it more strict and elegant. The monochrome palette of the outfit also deserves attention – its beige incarnation looks simply amazing!

If you follow the evolution of Markle’s style, you can understand that the girl has special feelings for dresses in the style of trench coats. Here is another stellar exit – also in a classic cut, but in dark blue colors. Definitely five points!

Shirt dresses

At the heart of the wardrobe of the royal person is also a wide variety of shirt dresses in various colors. If many girls today love to combine such an outfit with sneakers, Meghan Markle combines a dress of this cut with classic sandals or pumps. And it is worth noting that she does it with a special sense of style!


It was once believed that royals should only wear dresses, but Meghan Markle decided to break this rule – in her wardrobe there are not only feminine outfits, but also elegant trouser suits. The girl most often combines such ensembles with classic plain shirts in contrast with the suit itself and pumps with heels.


In her everyday wardrobe, Megan relies on practical jeans – and, not only classic, but also torn. More often than not, a girl complements this bottom with a shirt. And here is a stylish example of an actual total bow with jeans and a denim shirt. With the classic coloring of this texture, the traditional beige coat most advantageously harmonizes.

Suits with shorts

To keep her elegance even in hot weather, Meghan…

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