Men’s fashion 2021

The main trends in men’s fashion trends for 2021 are emphasizing individuality, practicality and versatility. Therefore, designers are trying to combine all styles into one whole, such as putting a jacket on a T-shirt: street style elements + office style. But let’s not rush and consider everything in order.

Men’s Fashion Trends 2021


And let’s start our review with fashionable men’s outerwear for 2021. The constant favorite of this year is the oversized style. Wearing such models is not only fashionable, but comfortable. Even in the most severe frost, you can easily put on a thick warm half-over or an elongated hoodie. What outerwear do you prefer?

  • Oversized coat with wide shoulders and showy sleeves;
  • Trench coat with double-breasted closure and turn-down collar;
  • Fleece jackets;
  • Anorak;
  • Raincoat made of waterproof materials;
  • Warm jackets with fur collar;
  • warm parks;
  • bomber jacket;
  • Bulky down jackets;
  • Quilted twists;
  • Windbreakers;
  • Stylish sheepskin coats with turn-down collars;
  • Leather Jacket.

As for colors, your preference should be given to beige, sand and dark blue. But at the same time, you should not give up on a bright red hue, especially since for 2021, designers have used a variety of tones:

  • Pale red;
  • blood red;
  • Hemoglobin red;
  • Brick red.

Red is a definite must-have of the season. But fashionable men’s jackets and coats in 2021 may have the following prints:

  • Strip;
  • Cell;
  • Letters and inscriptions;
  • Floristics;
  • Animalism.

Military-style jackets are a definite designer love for 2021. With hoods, patch pockets and zippers.

Basic clothing

Fashionable men’s clothing for 2021 is divided into 3 types:

  • Classic style. Modern costumes are somewhat different from boring mega-loose or too fitted and tight models. Wide, but slightly tapered to the bottom, trousers with pressed arrows, loose jackets, and, of course, three-piece suits with a vest. Fashionable costume prints: plaid and stripes;

The main trend of the classic style, which will definitely fall in love with the supporters of casual-siil, is sneakers under a suit.

  • street style: it is customary to add checkered shirts, denim jackets to fashionable men’s looks in 2021. The unisex style is especially welcome and, accordingly, the same Family look;
  • Sport. In this case, choose not just clothes for the gym. Designers recommend collecting free and completely self-sufficient models in your wardrobe. Combine sportswear and a classic coat, sweatshirts and jeans.

Fashionable men’s shirts

The most fashionable shirts are named in dark blue, but other bright or pastel colors are also suitable:

  • Yellow;
  • White;
  • Pink;
  • Khaki;
  • metallic.

Fitted shirt, with or without a tie, with rolled up sleeves, made of satin, cotton, jeans, linen. You can wear it with both standard classic trousers and leather ones.

For the summer season – shirts with prints: Tie Dye, striped, plaid, marine, fruit, animal and floral themes.

Fashionable men’s “sweatshirts”

Among the fashionable men’s “sweatshirts” are the following:

  • Sweater;
  • Jumper;
  • Cardigan;
  • Hoodie;
  • sweatshirt;
  • Sweatshirt.

Prefer yellow, blue, red, burgundy, green, brown and gray shades. With a large wide knit or with a pattern, plain or with a print. By the way, about prints. If we are talking about a winter “jacket”, then choose Scandinavian motifs. Also suitable are inscriptions and logos of brand companies, checks and stripes in the most unexpected combinations, with funny drawings, floral motifs.

Fashionable men’s t-shirts

To assemble a fashionable look for the summer, choose the following t-shirts in advance:

  • Polo;
  • Round neck;
  • Retro style;
  • Hipster style with animal prints;
  • Single color;
  • With prints;
  • Asymmetrical bottom.

Fashionable men’s trousers 2021

Looking for trendy pants? Look for leather or suede. Of course, you don’t need to give up the classics, but you can add your own flavor to it. Also choose:

  • Oversized trousers;
  • Skinny;
  • Classic;
  • Shortened tubes;
  • With stripes;
  • Direct.

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And finally…

Finally, I would like to talk about the trends that occupy the most leading positions, and a variety of things can be represented in their performance:

  • total print. Bold and bright. Clothes are made in one pattern: shirts, jackets, trousers, ties;
  • Prints with faces. Both black and white and color portraits are welcome. They can be found in shirts, capes, sweaters, jeans;
  • glitter. The sparkling magic of disco style or improved fashion from the 80s. Coats, shirts, sweaters, cardigans, bombers. Anything can shine;
  • 70s fashion. Flared trousers, bright prints and a scarf around the neck. Any elements of bohemian style;
  • Sheep’s wool. On jackets, sheepskin coats;
  • Mittens. Not the ones that we wear as standard, but high knitted or leather ones.

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Now you know everything about the fashion trends for men’s fashion for 2021: it’s easy to look stylish, and most importantly, everyone can!

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