Men’s fashion autumn-winter 2018-2019: novelties and trends

Men’s wardrobe today, like women’s wardrobe, must comply with all major fashion trends, therefore, in their collections for the autumn-winter 2019-2019 season, designers offered completely new ideas and trends to the stronger sex, which will be appreciated by bright and bold personalities. And if you are one of those, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the “fresh” trends of the upcoming autumn season in the men’s fashion segment.


“Explosive” trends of the upcoming autumn

Men’s fashion this year is distinguished by its futuristic and even outrageous trends, which can be seen in most of the photos presented by bloggers from various shows. Nevertheless, among them we can single out the most relevant and, most importantly, wearable trends that will certainly appeal to modern Casanovas. These include the following:

  • Classic. Strict business suits are the indestructible foundation of the men’s wardrobe. The modern man is offered both standard products in black, blue and gray tones, as well as completely non-standard options for bright colors with a glossy texture.
  • Cell. This is not the first trend, which is gaining more and more popularity. In addition to suits and trousers, stylists in the coming cold season offer to turn their eyes to jackets, coats, sweaters and even shoes made in this print.

Outerwear for men

  • Animal colors. Trench coats, jackets and coats decorated with leopard, tiger or zebra print will be just a godsend for extraordinary personalities. And thanks to the fabrics of various textures and colors of these products, memorable and stylish images will turn out.
  • Leather. It is an ideal option for bold and brutal men. Jackets, jackets and trench coats made of genuine leather will help you create not only a courageous elegant look, but also protect you from the autumn weather.
  • Fur. Fur coats and sheepskin coats with natural fur can emphasize not only the solid status of their owner, but also his refined sense of style. In addition to the standard color palette used for these products, designers presented bright and spectacular models with a simultaneous combination of several colors and types of fur to lovers of bold decisions.

Warm and stylish down jackets

  • Retro style. Oliver Spenser in his autumn-winter collection invited men to wear products with vintage notes. Cropped trousers, jackets with rolled up sleeves and oversized coats will be an excellent basis for creating a stylish masculine look.
  • Sport style. Today, absolutely all things that are at least somehow involved in sports are in fashion, be it standard sneakers or a small sports bag.

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! Stylists recommend to a modern man to combine sports elements with a classic style, thereby creating a fashionable fusion bow.[/stextbox]

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  • Layering. A jacket over a coat, a polo over a sweater, as well as shorts with leggings and many other similar combinations are simply unshakable trends of current fashion trends.
  • White total look. Despite the fact that this outfit is not entirely practical, especially in autumn bad weather, designers recklessly offer to wear it in the coming season, diluting the image with various colored accessories.

layered look

  • Outrageous. Fans of creativity and outrageous fashion houses offered midi-length skirts with pleats, long pleats, transparent peignoirs and corset dresses. Bright floral motifs on these products will help to complete the image.

Top must-haves for men’s fall wardrobe

Despite the fact that men’s fashion in 2019 is already very colorful and changeable, there are still things that representatives of the strong half of society cannot do without in the coming autumn season. These include:

  • Vest. An element of clothing that will help keep warm in the cold season and at the same time create an elegant masculine look. Today, both classic models from costume fabrics and knitwear with colored ornaments, various patterns and even photographs of cartoon characters and famous personalities are in fashion.

Fashionable images for guys

  • Bomber. This is an unshakable leader among men’s clothing, which has already conquered more than one heart of a modern fashionista, and which can rightfully be called a classic of the genre. As for the styles, the upcoming fall, the couturiers offered both classic monochromatic options and non-standard color combinations, in addition to an abundance of stripes and other decorative accessories.
  • Double-breasted coat. An element of men’s outerwear that not only returned to fashion, but also became a top trend in the autumn-winter collections of 2019-2019. In the cold season, midi-length products with a small turn-down collar will be most popular. As for fabrics, they must be of high quality and expensive. Your attention should be paid to coats made of tweed, wool and cashmere.

fashion coats

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! As a headdress for a coat, you can pick up a hat that is so fashionable today. It should be a tone on tone with outerwear or a few tones darker.[/stextbox]

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  • Jeans. They are rightfully considered “eternal”, since for more than a dozen years they have not dropped in the ratings among men’s fashion trends. Today, both standard models and options decorated with various stripes, fur inserts and collars are in trend. And so that these products could be worn not only on warm, but also on colder days, jeans were also supplemented with warm linings.
  • Leather pants. In the upcoming season, they will become a must-have men’s wardrobe. Straight-cut pieces paired with a classic shirt will create both an elegant and sexy image of a modern macho.

Practical khaki will be in fashion in the fall

  • Raincoat. In addition to allowing you to go for a walk in bad weather, it is also the main focus of the whole image thanks to fashionable design solutions in the form of non-standard cuts, bright designs and all kinds of color combinations.
  • Blanket. It has become a full-fledged representative of outerwear, both women’s and men’s wardrobe. Monophonic or colored canvases make it possible not to bother, and just throwing over them to go for a walk or an informal meeting.

Looks with bombers

Men’s fashion for the fall-winter 2019-2019 season is very diverse and multifaceted. Nevertheless, if you approach the matter creatively and with a proper understanding of style, even from such a contrast, you can choose those products that will emphasize your individuality and masculinity.


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