Men’s fashion autumn-winter 2019: main trends

Modern men follow fashion as closely as the fair sex. Men seeking to create their own unique style need to follow fashion trends. It is already known that men’s fashion fall-winter 2019 and the main trends will be quite interesting. Many shows were presented that set certain trends and foundations. At present, it is worth dwelling in more detail on all aspects of fashion.


In the autumn-winter 2019 season, comfortable, warm clothes are in fashion, which effectively emphasize all male virtues. Leading designers have offered so many stylish trends that absolutely every man will be able to choose things to his liking. Consider the most current trends of the upcoming season.

Trendy colors

The unequivocal favorite of this season is blue. Designers use materials of this color for sewing outerwear: windbreakers, coats, raincoats, down jackets. In addition, the blue tint is actively used in sports men’s fashion. Sky blue tracksuits are very relevant this season. Blue items should be combined with white, black, and gray wardrobe items.

When choosing clothes of this color, it is worth remembering that this shade is not for everyone. Solid blue things can be safely chosen by dark-haired brunettes with dark skin, but fair-skinned blondes should give preference to things of a different color with blue accents. All that is required of you is to approach the color scheme of the wardrobe as naturally as possible, as this is of great importance. The color combination should also be comparable.

From year to year, men’s wardrobe becomes brighter and more creative. This trend continues this season, so most fashion items are dyed in juicy reds, oranges and even yellows. Modern men’s fashion fall-winter 2019 and the main trends in this direction have many interesting accessories and additions with which you can decorate your wardrobe. Bright shades have almost always been in fashion, but with the onset of the autumn and winter season, it is still better to give preference to dark colors.

However, not all representatives of the stronger sex love bright colors. Fans of strict suits and monochrome colors should turn their attention to all sorts of shades of brown. A shirt, tie, bow tie or chocolate-colored jacket will make the look stylish, but at the same time not violate its severity. This style is suitable for both evening out and office work.

Actual prints

Representatives of the world’s leading fashion houses put forward their own ideas for decorating the men’s wardrobe. Fashion houses and famous designers have paid attention to the technology of printing. The popularity of such a flow is based on the cheapness of the technique and the possibility of applying almost any drawings and sketches. However, the following prints are especially popular:

  1. Scottish cell. A bright red-black geometric pattern is used to decorate sweaters, shirts, suits and even outerwear. Moreover, such a print will perfectly fit both business and street style. The cage can be not only the traditional red and black, but any color. A small black and white check is used to decorate men’s coats, formal suits and office shirts.
  2. Camouflage. The fashion for military style is back again. Therefore, men can wear camouflage suits, trousers or jackets in dark green. And it is worth choosing wide things of a free cut. Such a coloring will make any representative of the stronger sex more courageous.
  3. Creative drawings. Images of animals, portraits of public and political figures, a bright ethnic pattern or an unusual avant-garde pattern – all this is in trend in the coming season. Fashionistas will also be pleased that, if desired, a unique print can be created independently. There are many companies that provide quality textile printing. Every man can realize his creative ambitions.
  4. Inscriptions. In sports men’s fashion, everything is much simpler. Designers decorate stylish things with short inscriptions written in a simple font. Wise quotes and complex sentences are not relevant. The caption should be as short and clear as possible.

For the most daring men, stylists offer items made from pieces of fabric in contrasting shades. As a rule, all the bright colors of this season are used: all shades of blue and blue, purple, orange, yellow. In the office, such things will be out of place, but for a walk with friends or a noisy party, this print is perfect. Prints, of course, are a stylish element, but not always out of place. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to a strict style.

Preferred Materials

To emphasize masculinity and brutality, things made of natural or artificial leather are called upon. Any fashionista can plunge into the atmosphere of the 80s by choosing classic leather pants or a leather jacket. In order to stand out from the crowd, stylists offer not to be limited to the usual black color and choose brown, blue, burgundy leather items.

Many current models of classic suits are made of unusual fabrics: velor or velvet. These materials, on the contrary, make the image softer and more elegant. Interest in men’s fashion for the fall-winter 2019 season lies in the main trends that fashion houses and brands set. Unusual fabric is interesting because you can emphasize your individuality and excellence. Of course, denim material will also be in fashion.

Knitwear and denim also do not lose their relevance. Most men’s things are sewn from these materials. Denim jackets, trousers and overalls are no longer everyday wear. They are offered to wear to social events and business meetings. It is only important to choose the right shade. It can be not only traditional blue-blue, but also gray, black, beige.

Top things of the season

Having dealt with materials, prints and colors, you can start choosing stylish things. This is a pretty important step, as you will have to focus on a lot of factors and ideas. Of course, you can find something suitable in your wardrobe, but it’s still worth going shopping. Already today, several categories of products that you may be interested in have been identified. What does a stylish man need to buy this season?

Very wide or, conversely, very tight trousers. In 2019, no compromise options are acceptable. Therefore, pants should be either as loose as possible or ultra-narrow.

[stextbox id=»warning»]Men should be aware that wide models are only suitable for tall people. Narrow, on the contrary, can be chosen by men with short stature.[/stextbox]

In addition, when choosing additional wardrobe items, you should …

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