Men’s fashion for summer 2021

At the present time, not only ladies follow the trends in clothing, so men’s fashion for the summer of 2021 is an urgent issue. Every season, designers offer new looks for men, excluding outdated trends. If you want to look stylish, then you should pay attention to actual things, combinations and colors. They are presented in the material.

Men’s fashion trends for summer 2021

This season, experts offer men to choose the following outfits.


This piece of clothing is perfect for cool summer weather. Under the bottom you can wear T-shirts or turtlenecks. A black bomber jacket will be a universal option. Products made of gray and dark green material will also look beautiful. You can use classic models or choose an unusual option. For example, a green bomber jacket with white sleeves, a stand-up collar and black patterns on the front.

working a uniform

In 2021, uniforms have become a trend in both menswear and womenswear. Designers are trying to convey the aesthetics of the working atmosphere through utilitarian things. There are discreet options for light colors that resemble military uniforms. And there is a bright shape with a lot of pockets. For the most daring Kenzo created a model in purple. It consists of trousers, jacket and panama. Breathable material allows you to wear such an outfit in the summer.

Linen suits

Men’s fashion for summer 2021 includes pantsuit trends. Summer is the time to relax, so formal outfits should be put away in the closet. Linen is a casual option for a waterside getaway. Beige suits look good. They are comfortable, give freshness to the skin and repel the sun’s rays, which is especially important in summer.


One of the main trends of the season, without which no vacation can do. The free cut of a product allows to move freely. This year it is better to give preference to models that do not cover the knees. You can choose models with or without lapels. Of the colors, calm tones look actual: white, light brown, green, blue and blue.

Loose trousers

This season, tight pants that you can’t move in are out of fashion. Free models have become relevant. You can choose slightly tapered models that follow the shape of the leg, or trousers with a wide cut. Pay attention to the standard colors: white, beige, blue. Monochrome looks trendy. For an informal meeting, beige trousers with a plain white T-shirt and sneakers of the same color are suitable.


Designers offer to remember the forgotten trend in a new guise. You can use the classic version of the vests or choose extraordinary options. For example, a striped sleeveless jacket combined with loose shorts and sandals.


Such material is usually used for autumn or winter. But men’s fashion for the summer of 2021 suggests using this trend in cold or windy weather. You can choose a plain sweater or a product with an interesting pattern, as in the photo.


This trend is not the first year in demand among men. Black and white colors, suits without unnecessary details, free cut – details that will help business men look beautiful even during working hours. Pair a loose white shirt with an oversized black straight-cut suit. This combination will favorably emphasize the status and masculinity.

Print combination

This season, designers offer not only discreet trends. Lovers of bright images can safely combine different prints. In the summer of 2021, it won’t look too much. For an outfit, you can take tie-dye, animalistic pattern, stripes or floral pattern. One of the options is trousers with leaves and a leopard sweatshirt. This image is suitable for informal meetings and parties.

If we talk about colors, then both pastel shades and bright neon tones will be relevant.

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Stylists suggest choosing clothes in delicate shades: from light purple to pink. This coloring gives the image a touch of optimism, which is so lacking this year. A monochrome purple bow looks interesting: a t-shirt with a slogan, loose jeans and a sweater on the shoulders. It is suitable for an evening walk along the promenade.

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Bright colours

This season, fashion allows you to maximize your imagination and create eye-catching bows. The most relevant colors will be neon yellow, hot pink, orange, green and deep red. Yellow is considered especially stylish, which is associated with something new. For a party, take a neon shirt of this color, top with a light windbreaker and light-colored trousers. A bright highlight will make you the center of attention.

Fashionable men’s shoes for summer 2021

Among the shoes, the following models can be distinguished.

  1. Moccasins and sports shoes. Available in one/two colors or with inserts. Suitable for linen suits.
  2. Espadrilles made from organic materials. Mandatory item – a thin sole. Dark models with light inserts on the toe look actual.
  3. Sandals. This year they can be used both on the beach and in the city.
  4. Slippers. Choose from black, brown or white leather. For the beach, you can take models of bright colors.

Men’s fashion for the summer of 2021 is full of variety, this can be seen in the photo. Therefore, there are options for adherents of any style.

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