Men’s fur coat: for strong and stylish

A fur coat is a piece of women’s clothing. This is the opinion of most people who are far from the world of fashion. And they are wrong. Seeing a pop star or an extravagant fashionista in such outerwear is a common thing, but meeting a man in a fur product on the street is a rare phenomenon.

However, the men’s fur coat is becoming a more frequent guest in the closet of those who take care of themselves and fashion. This piece of clothing is a symbol of a self-confident man who appreciates elegance and style. In the online store “Roksan” you can buy both new items from the latest world collections and classic fur coats for men. Such outerwear will become your highlight, will last for many years. And the main bonus of this purchase is that you will forever forget about the cold in the winter months.

How to choose fur for a men’s coat

When buying a fur coat, the price is not the most important criterion. A fur product is an expensive purchase, but you will not regret such an investment. Men’s fur coats from the gallery of fur and leather “Roxan” (Nizhny Novgorod) is the most profitable investment. Such a product will be your reliable companion for many years, and the question will no longer arise: what to wear in winter?

But in order for such outerwear to last 10, 20 or even 40 years, special attention must be paid to the choice of furs. There are several rules that will help even a person far from the fur industry to determine the quality material for a fur coat:

  • if you need outerwear for severe frosts, choose furs with a thick pile. The formula is simple: the higher this figure, the more heat the fur coat will retain. Ideal skins for low temperatures are arctic fox, fox fur and silver fox;
  • don’t be afraid to try the fur, squeeze or shake it. From afar, any fur coat is beautiful. But the quality of the fur can only be determined by direct contact with it. Squeeze the skin into a fist: if the fur immediately straightens and takes its original shape, then you have high quality fur. A solid skin has no bald spots, it is evenly trimmed and colored. To make sure that after the first snowfall, the fur coat does not change color, run a white cloth over the fur. A quality product will not leave any trace on the flap;
  • listen to your coat. It is by ear that you can determine whether the fur is well dried. Poor-quality furs will make a chirring sound when shaken. Overdried skin is a direct road to brittle fur, which means to an early purchase of a new fur coat;
  • the larger the fur fabric, the higher the quality of the product. Fur coats made from pieces are cheaper than products made from whole skins. Pieces of fur are waste that is obtained after tailoring expensive fur coats. The seams in such models quickly disperse, and the owner returns to his old winter coat.

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