Men’s shoes 2020: fashion trends

Fashionable men’s shoes in 2020 have as much right to exist as women’s. After all, despite their masculinity and brutality, which we are used to in our men, representatives of the strong half of humanity still love high-quality and good things.


What materials are in fashion in the spring-summer 2020 season

As a rule, good shoes are associated with natural materials. And in this world couturiers rely on leather, suede, nubuck. Different levels and degrees of dressing can make men’s shoes or boots coarser or vice versa, more elegant, polished. But one thing is invariable – the quality of leather, suede and nubuck should be on top. Otherwise, shoes or boots will quickly lose their presentation.

For summer models, the use of coarse linen and similar fabrics (canvas, etc.) is provided.

By the way, models made of artificial leather will also be considered stylish. But only high quality.

[stextbox id=’warning’]An important nuance: with the transition of the whole world to a green eco-direction, it is advisable to abandon shoes made of snake and crocodile skin. She, of course, looks eccentric and expensive. But for every day such a pair is blasphemy![/stextbox]

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Color spectrum

Fashionable men’s shoes for spring-summer 2020 exclude boring shades in black. In the coming season, men are more free to choose.

Eminent fashion designers preferred such shades in men’s shoe collections:

  • blue;
  • blue;
  • mustard;
  • saffron;
  • emerald and green;
  • brown;
  • burgundy;
  • sand;
  • Gray.

Moreover, bright models in trendy colors were noted even in the winter-autumn 2020 collections. Well, lovers of the classics will always find black shoes or boots for themselves.

What will be fashionable?

The fashion trends of 2020 regarding men’s shoes indicate that at the peak of popularity there will be such product options:

  • Boots. Great option for spring or fall. Lightweight models often have a comfortable elastic sole. Walking in these shoes is a pleasure. Moreover, shoe models are made both in the classic and in the sports version. Therefore, men who prefer different styles of clothing will definitely find a pair of boots for themselves. Chelsea boots have been especially popular for more than one season (a rounded, slightly elongated toe and a top raised above the bone). Chelsea are characterized by the absence of superfluous decor. Only smooth regular or patent leather, or suede on the castle.

  • Shoes. In a wide variety, not only classic lace-up options are presented, but also such intricate models as loafers. These have the appearance of shoes with a protruding label and a rounded toe, without lacing. Loafers, by the way, can be beautifully and stylishly combined with classic slacks, jeans and a light linen jacket.

  • Sandals. And exceptionally open, on a comfortable sole. Outwardly, sandals in the upcoming spring-summer 2020 season resemble Greek and Roman shoes. So, the diverse weaving of narrow leather straps looks beautiful on them. Of course, you should not pair sandals with socks, as was shown at fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York. Although, if you really want to repeat the style of models from the catwalks, then you have every right to do so.

  • Sneakers. Sports shoes have always been in trend for more than one season in a row. It is convenient, comfortable, and today it is also combined with office trousers and a jacket in a casual style.

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  • Moccasins and slip-ons. This type of footwear is something in common between sneakers and slippers. Slip-ons were originally developed as comfortable rubber shoes for divers. But they are so relished by modern men that they are firmly established in the list of everyday models. It is noteworthy that slip-ons can also be beautifully combined with a business, office style. Moccasins differ from slipons only in the decorative top (fringe, lacing, etc.). But also comfortable.

  • Oxfords. This is a kind of shoes, but premium class. The main difference between oxfords and other similar models is that they have hidden lacing. Oxfords are the perfect option for an expensive business suit.

  • Slippers. They have long been recognized not only as beach shoes. Today, in good leather slippers, you can even go to the office, if the dress code allows. Slippers look stylish with jeans, shorts, slacks. Easy to wear in the evening in the summer in the city.

fashion chips

If we consider fashionable men’s shoes for the spring-summer 2020 season by individual elements, then we can distinguish the following main features:

  • Wide straps and metal clasps. They are increasingly found both in models of boots and sandals. One wide strap – equally self-sufficient design of men’s shoes.

  • Buckles. Looks great on loafers and boots. And it’s good if they have the effect of patina, aging. With a buckle, men’s shoes look more expensive, more interesting.

  • Bright inserts and contrast stripes. Even against the background of a coal-black pair of shoes, such inserts look stylish. In addition, they allow you to add colors to your wardrobe. From this, the image of a man becomes less boring and official.

  • Fringe. More often inherent in moccasins. It looks quite stylish, especially in summer looks. Suede fringe is a chic option for an urban style of clothing.

  • Perforation. It adorns the smooth leather of oxfords or loafers. Perforation is a hallmark of expensive, well-tailored shoes. In addition, small holes provide not only a beautiful look to the shoes, but also breathing to the legs while wearing.

  • Lacing. Looks stylish on ordinary sneakers, winter boots, shoes. Lacing – the ability to make the shoe fit on the leg. And if decorative rings and other metal elements are added to the lacing, this makes the shoes more interesting.

  • Fur. Spring-autumn shoe models are especially beautifully combined with fur. They make the image of a man more brutal. Moreover, the fur may not occupy the inner surface of the shoes, but only serve as a decorative decoration. Fur looks stylish in boots or sneakers in casual style.

  • Sports elements. Even at first glance, classic boots have interesting sports details – rubber inserts, logos, etc. Such eclecticism dilutes the dullness of the models.

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Important rules when choosing fashionable shoes

When choosing a pair of fashionable shoes for yourself, be guided by the following recommendations:

  • Make a purchase in the evening, when the leg is a little tired and swollen. So the new couple will sit more comfortably on a normal day.
  • Give preference to patent or matte leather.
  • Let fashionable shoes, moccasins and boots be bright or at least an unusual shade.

Which fashion shoe trend will be your favorite in 2020?

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