Menswear trends for summer 2023

There are more and more men who follow fashion. And this cannot but please the beautiful half of humanity. But, if it is easier for women in this regard, because the Internet is replete with detailed style guides, then men’s seasonal fashion is not such a popular topic. One way or another, this segment does not stand still, and the trends for the stronger sex for the upcoming hot season are full of interesting solutions. What is it – fashionable men’s clothing for the summer of 2023. We’ll tell you in today’s review.


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Menswear trends for the summer months 2023.

This season, fashion designers did not deny themselves anything and invited men to follow their example. In fact, modern fashionistas are allowed to wear everything from their favorite jeans with brutal fading to pajama shorts in pastel colors. We will tell you more about fashion trends for the strong half of humanity for the summer of 2023 below. What do you need to look fashionable and not overdo it?

  • Pantsuits. After all, this is a timeless classic! Suits this summer will look as always irresistible. It is especially fashionable to combine wide trousers with a double-breasted jacket, using the brightest colors to create an image. Also worth noting is the trend for asymmetric cut suits with overhead details. Of course, this option is not suitable for everyone, but for the daredevils – that’s it.


  • Denim total look. A tribute to the style of the nineties and zero remains at the height of fashion. In a denim total look, all elements must be made of jeans. In this case, the fabric may slightly (or vice versa contrast) differ in color and density. Denim looks in a variety of combinations are relevant: a shirt with shorts, wide jeans with a bomber jacket, a denim jacket with classic jeans. Choose to your taste, the main thing is to make sure that all the elements are from the same fabric.


  • Tracksuits. Over the past few years, they have become an indispensable part of both women’s and men’s wardrobes. This summer, tracksuits with little touches of retro style are especially relevant. For example, with stripes on the sides of trousers and sleeves. Returned to the lists of trends and olympics. This also includes costumes made from outdated fabrics. Designers recommend combining a sporty style with a classic one (shoes with pointed toes are perfect).


Interesting: Fashionable men’s shoes 2023

  • Long shorts. Where without shorts in the hot season! If we take into account the trends of menswear for the summer of 2023, then the most relevant can be attributed to jorts (the so-called wide denim shorts). Also in fashion are laconic pajamas and shorts with voluminous patch pockets in the style of cargo. In such models, designers urge to go both to the feast and to the world. Choose t-shirts and shirts for tops.


  • Floral print. Large flowers, flashy prints and monochrome floristry in the summer of 2023 in men’s looks will look more welcome than ever. And for the most daring fashionistas, designers offer to try to delve into the garden theme: flower embroidery and imitation of a green lawn on clothes are very unusual, but why not try? If you prefer something more traditional, then here are some tips from stylists: choose a small flower, but contrasting, without a rippling effect; give up excessive brightness, for example, red poppies on a black shirt is too much; things with a floral print should have a straight or semi-adjacent cut – they look the best.

As for the colorful Hawaiian shirts, they should be worn only when it is relevant – at sea, on vacation outside the city. But within the boundaries of megacities, they are still inappropriate.

  • baggy jeans. They are considered an absolute hit in 2023. Without such jeans, the creation of fashionable images in the casual style loved by many already seems impossible. You can combine this model both with basic things and with other trendy tops.


  • Elements of children’s clothing. Men’s fashion for the summer of 2023 is sometimes extravagant. No matter how strange it may sound, designers offer to add infantile motifs to men in the image. For example, stripes, applications, drawings, wavy piping and other attributes of children’s clothing. The most fashionable combination will be their mix with basic and classic things: a jacket, strict trousers or a white shirt.

  • Safari style. It is already recognized as a must-have this year. For a more understated look, you can mix safari-inspired pieces with more traditional wardrobe items: shirts, jeans and jackets. And for complete authenticity, designers advise boldly including jackets and pants with patch pockets, safari hats, matching shorts and backpacks in the image. Without the attention of others in this way, you definitely will not be left!

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These were the loudest hits of fashionable menswear for the summer of 2023. Remember, to look stylish, it is far from necessary to blindly follow all the trends. Choose which ones suit your attitude and suit your taste. Only after that, smoothly begin to introduce them into your wardrobe, and the photos presented in our review will help you create bows.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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