Midi Dresses 2020: Fashion Trends

Fashionable midi dresses in 2020 are especially popular today. These models make the image of a woman more sophisticated, refined and fragile. In addition, this length suits almost any height and figure. What is fashionable this season from midi dresses, we understand below.

MIDI length features

We draw your attention to the fact that the length of the midi is most often a skirt for a palm below the knee or a palm or two above the ankle. Therefore, such outfits are ideally suited for girls and women of high stature and taller than average. But if women of fashion with small stature still want to wear such a length, then you need to combine it exclusively with a heel. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be too bulky, and the figure itself will be lost in the volume of the dress.

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Choosing a stylish model (cut features)

Fashion 2020 offers just an abundance of midi length dress models. The most popular is the fitted sheath dress. And there can also be a lot of variations:

  • Smell model. These midi dresses are a godsend for overweight women. They visually outline the waist, emphasize the shape of the bust, and slightly smooth out the steepness of the hips. Wrap dress can be chosen in the daytime and evening version. It will look equally beautiful with the right jewelry. Fragile girls can wear a wrap dress in a walking style, combining it with sneakers or sandals. But again, remember about the features of growth.

  • Midi dresses with ¾ sleeves. A great option for cool autumn and spring. This sheath dress looks chic in the office with high boots or high heels. On a similar model, you can beautifully throw on a cardigan, trench coat or coat. Be sure to complement a sheath dress with a three-quarter sleeve with interesting decorations. Let it be large earrings, a watch on your wrist or a set of original bracelets.

  • Fitted midi dress with shoulder straps. Ideal for girls with large busts. In this version, the upper part of the dress is accented. A midi dress with straps is a great option for a cocktail party, for a meeting in a restaurant, for a walk around the city (if chosen in a sporty style). In the latter case, the outfit can be organically supplemented with light summer sneakers.

  • Sheath dress with flounces. Please note that ruffles, flounces and frills are in a special trend in the coming season. So use them in your outfits. But remember one feature – flounces and ruffles visually increase the area of ​​​​the body in which they are located. In this case, you can choose a model of a midi dress with a frill on the bottom of the skirt or with a frill in the neckline. In the upper part, the frill always visually expands the line of the shoulders and slightly increases the shape of the bust. Therefore, if you have an inverted triangle figure, it is better to choose the first version of the outfit (a model with a frill at the bottom of the skirt).


Dresses with bell skirt

This is the second popular cut for midi length dresses. Such fashionable midi dresses in 2020 can be picked up for every day or for going out. It all depends on the color, print and decor elements.

Urban style dress

Most often made of cotton or light synthetic fabric. It has a floral print or coloring in a cage, a strip. The top of this dress resembles a button-down blouse. Collar – more often stand or turn-down. The sleeve is long or not at all. The waistline is emphasized by a wide bow belt. Such dresses are ideal for wearing during the day, for walking around the city, for pleasant meetings with friends. It is this option that can be combined with ballet shoes, with sneakers, with light sneakers or espadrilles.

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Romantic off-the-shoulder model

This style is especially suitable for young, young girls. Remember, if the skin in the neckline already has the first signs of fading, it is better to refuse such a dress. Most often, such models are sewn from light cotton fabrics such as cambric, cotton, linen. Decorate with embroidery and knock out a pattern on the fabric. The décolleté area in most cases is decorated with lush flounces and ruffles. The bell skirt can also be decorated with frills. In general, the dress looks like a big airy foam. Makes the image of a woman more fragile.

Strict dress in the style of the 70s

It looks like a teacher’s outfit. The top of the dress has a stand-up collar and a bow tie. The sleeve is long. Waist must be indicated by a belt. The skirt flows freely to the ankle. For such a dress, colors with polka dots, a cage or plain fabrics are relevant. To make the dress beautifully emphasize the features of the figure, it is sewn from light, flowing fabrics. Be sure to wear pumps for this outfit. As a result, you will become the most stylish among your friends.

In the trend today and midi shirt dress

A great walking option that can be worn with or without a belt. Depending on the features of the figure, height and the chosen style, it can be combined with shoes with low soles or heels. In general, this version of the midi dress is ideal for going to the office or for daily wear.

70s style midi cocktail dresses

Look at graduation photos of mothers and grandmothers of that time. Surely there they flaunt in stylish dresses with puffy skirts. The top of such models is either made like a corset, or beautifully outlines the bust. More often, such dresses are sewn from luxurious guipure, tulle, chiffon, organza. The more magnificent the skirt, the more solemn the outfit looks. This dress will perfectly complement a romantic look or will be a great option for going to the theater. A similar model in the style of the seventies will suit a woman of any age. The main thing is to choose the right shade that rejuvenates.

Asymmetry patterns

Separately, it is worth considering asymmetric models of midi length dresses. But remember that such styles are not suitable for everyone. It is desirable that the average height of a fashionista be a little more than 1.70 m. Asymmetrical models have an uneven cut of the skirt or neckline. Often, plain fabrics are used for such dresses, since the dress itself is already an ornament and does not require additional decor. The fasteners of such outfits are either buttoned or a hidden zipper.

Cozy jersey

And of course, you should not bypass cozy knitted dresses. The thinnest yarn can be a great solution even for summer, on cool evenings. If we are talking about winter and autumn, then it’s worth choosing only such outfits. There are a lot of knitted midi dresses. You can play with textures, colors, patterns. One of the most popular is a sheath dress with a high voluminous collar or with an open shoulder line. As a result, such a dress, as it were, moves down on one shoulder. A light knit midi dress in 2020 allows you to create a fashionable bow with sneakers.

Fashionable colors of dresses

As such, there is no specific range of colors this season. And yet on the catwalks in the vast majority were presented models in green and blue …

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