Milan Fashion Week 2019

Oversized jackets and fur coats in bright colors, flared trousers with flirty cuts, flying pleated skirts, bold prints, watercolor colors and incredible combinations of textures – Milan Fashion Week 2019 really impressed with its originality and originality. For 7 days, guests of the world fashion center enjoyed inspiring images. Let’s find out what is fashionable to wear this season?


Stunning prints and colors

Milan Fashion Week 2019 traditionally shone with wealth and luxury. In the photo of fashion collections, you can see both calm classics and clothes of an extraordinary cut, for example … with a cutlet print! Yes, fantasies of the world couturier are clearly not to be occupied. Let’s highlight the colors and prints that designers have bet on this season.

If we talk about the classics, then the designers managed to provide all the shades of beige that you can imagine! This was especially true for outerwear such as coats and trench coats. Also, the game in contrast is still in trend, for example, a combination of juicy green and scarlet, turquoise and yellow.

Colored total-look have also become trendy. It is impossible not to notice them in the ultra-stylish collections from Max Mara. Here again appears beige, black, as well as bright colors – turquoise, blue, yellow. And the Alberta Ferretti brand presented a whole collection of clothes in white total-look.

They look especially stylish in clothes for the autumn-winter season – when you can additionally use coats, jackets, fur coats, hats and long boots. In such total looks, shades and, of course, textures may vary slightly! Not a single fashion house could do without a combination of materials that are completely different in texture.

Apparently, trendsetters clearly want modern girls to stand out from the crowd. The cutlet print mentioned above, the dollar suit (with the appropriate print) – what could be more original?

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How do you like, for example, an extravagant dress in the style of slot machines? In the same version, the famous brand Moshino even presented outerwear – a coat! In the photo, you can also note the mega-volume hair styling.

Also a very trendy print option was the combination of a cage … with a cage! We have mentioned more than once that the checkered pattern will be key this season. But the designers went even further and combined different types and colors of the cage in one product. Or it can be separate elements of clothing, but made in a fashionable cage. The more types of cells you can combine, the more trendy the image will be.

Separately, I would like to note the brocade. In gold or bronze color – just like from the time of Louis XVI. You can see such dresses in the style of palace chic in collections from Dolce & Gabbana, Etro, Gucci.

There were a lot of decorative finishes in Milan! Some clothes from top to bottom are decorated with shiny sequins, rhinestones, beads. This was especially true for dresses.

Main clothing trends

Milan Fashion Week is the third in the list of the main events of the fashion industry. In addition, they are held in cities such as New York, Paris, London.

More than 85% of Italian fashion houses (from the total number of participants) participate in the shows of this fashion week, among which you can find new items from Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Versace and other famous couturiers. What trends did they present to the whole world?

  • A new take on lingerie style dresses. Such models gained so many fans around the world that they began to sound very ordinary in trends. Like jeans or white T-shirts. So fashion designers, armed with fresh solutions, presented us with something new!

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini in his collection complemented an elegant dress with lace trim with coarse boots in a masculine, even somewhat military style. And Prada and Versace supplemented them with interesting bright inserts and even three-dimensional drawings.

  • Candid dresses with long gloves. An ultra-fashionable option for the release of spring-summer 2019. Such dresses are decorated with stones and rhinestones, and gloves are selected according to the principle of sharp contrast.

  • Wide leg baggy style trousers oversize. The main message of designers in such a product is a combination of comfort and coziness. And in such trousers it will really be no less comfortable than under a warm blanket. They are made of wool, satin, leather options were less common on the podium.

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AND oversize trousers this season are by no means necessarily combined with tight-fitting tops. You can choose an elongated jacket with an interesting cut, as well as low-speed shoes.


  • Extravagant office wear. Woven leather skirts, translucent mesh over short shorts, and even translucent wide leg trousers trimmed with sequins and rhinestones. Definitely Milan Fashion Week tried to set new rules for office outfits. But is this suitable for every dress code?

Even the usual suit fabric is not presented in the most typical business style options. For example, in a combination of several prints – in the form of interesting inserts. How do you like the combination of strict stripes and floral patterns? By the way, stylish layering and masculinity are still in trend.

  • Fitted coats and jackets. Brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Prada decided to diversify the masculine trend and presented a whole collection of items with an accentuated waist. At the same time, extended shoulders remained, which helps to create an hourglass figure. And, of course, trendy wide trousers complement the look.

  • Total-leather look – a trend for the most daring. Moreover, the skin is presented not only in classic black, but also in bright shades. Such somewhat daring images were presented at the Tod’s show. Double-breasted raincoats, leather jackets, leather skirts, wide trousers have also become a trend option.

  • Oversized patch pockets. And not just pockets – they are so voluminous that they can compete with a small handbag. At the same time, the feminine silhouette does not deteriorate at all. At Milan Fashion Week 2019, such pockets could be found on coats, jackets, and suit jackets.

  • Extravagant mesh and translucency. Fashion trends in Milan are often striking in their frankness. Weightless and graceful images with a grid are combined with a tight combidress. The see-through clothes at the show were presented not only in the form of mesh, but also almost completely transparent chiffon, for example, in a pleated skirt.

  • Knitted dresses and vests – touching and very cozy little things. Some even have a touch of infantilism, for example, at Gucci you will find a vest with a lamb pattern. Eye-catching, isn’t it? And Arthur Arbesser has an excellent knitted vest with a trendy check.

Fashion Shoe Trends

Yes, during Milan Fashion Week, all 2019 collections were distinguished by originality and a fresh look at a particular style. And of course, this also applies to shoes!

Unusually shaped heels, ribbed soles and wide men’s shoes are in trend.

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