Milan Fashion Week 2020

What surprised the fashion show in Milan 2020? We have studied the key trends and are ready to share the new products with you!


Top news

Giorgio Armani surprised this time with a combination of gray and lime colors, which is more than adaptable for everyday fashionistas.

The Dolce&Gabbana brand turned its models into real princesses and decorated their clothes with lace and stones. Of the prints featured forest dwellers and keys.

The Versace show struck with dresses made of satin and silk with asymmetrical seams and slanting cuts. Such products were presented mainly in a noble rich palette.

The Gucci collection surprisingly combined elements of different styles and eras. This show had it all – flared style, large crosses, light chiffon dresses complete with belts, velvet jackets and daring mini-length dresses. It is worth highlighting the bright high-waisted velvet trousers and Victorian-style ball gowns.

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Important trends

In all this riot of new original solutions and manifestations of the individuality of each brand, we still managed to identify a list of common trends.

The three main colors of spring according to Max Mara…

…with which many other designers agreed. The titles to be in this trendy palette have earned gray and beige, as well as the whole range of pastel colors.

By the way, in the Max Mara collection in Milan, other current trends also loudly declared themselves: layering, patch pockets, monochrome, straight cut and creating an emphasis on the waist.


In the 2020 season, designers are not departing from the idea of ​​introducing neon accents into familiar basic looks. Just a couple of bright cheerful strokes, and the image immediately acquires a new stylish reading.

Interestingly, in tandem with dark things, neon blotches look even more juicy and stylish.


The fashion show in Milan finally confirmed the relevance of jumpsuits in the spring-summer 2020 season. The trend is a large selection of models – from laconic plain to bright printed ones. High-rise safari-style jumpsuits with patch pockets and a belt at the waist have gained particular popularity.

If the jumpsuit is made of thin fabric, it should be tucked into high heeled shoes – this is the fashion of the 2020 season.

Pointy collars

Sometimes the simplest clothes give out a trendy detail, such as a sharp collar. If such a chip is present in the image, it immediately becomes clear – this girl knows a lot about trends. By the way, such collars can be overhead and contrast in color to the thing.


Hyper-voluminous silhouettes as a separate trend showed themselves a few seasons ago. At the Milan show, they were still relevant, and invariably often showed themselves in accent sleeves.

Fancy sleeves

By the way, the sleeves can now be not only voluminous, but also deconstructed, as at the N.21 show as part of the Milan Fashion Week. According to the creative director of the brand, sleeves are needed not at all as a functional element, but as a highlight and decoration of a thing.


From past seasons, retained its rights and asymmetry. Designers are just coming up with new ways to implement it. For ordinary fashionistas, more conservative versions of asymmetry are still acceptable – an interesting hem or a game with a wraparound cut.

Emphasis on the waist

Emphasis on the waist is the unconditional trend of the leading season. Designers do not get tired of coming up with new ways to put it into practice. From the latest ideas – a leather belt on outerwear and fanny packs in combination with jackets.


Each designer had their own norm of permissibility in the manifestation of this trend. Some were limited to organza in combination with basic plain items or separate inserts, while others used outrageous transparency, which did not allow even underwear to be adjacent. For everyday bows, fashionable white lace is perfect, which only hints at the transparency of the texture.


Among the actual decor, fringe comes to the fore. She showed herself most clearly in the design of dresses and skirts. But some women of fashion have also adopted bags with long tassels, which look very organic in summer looks.

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In addition to the already familiar metal chains and silk scarves, there were several more trends among accessories at the Fashion Week.

The Gucci brand campaigned for audacity and introduced leather belts, large crosses, neck bonds and hats with leather straps. It was proposed to combine such self-sufficient details with quite innocent things, because the show featured a lot of “school” suits, light romantic dresses and lace blouses.

In many top collections, various scarves and thin headbands were seen. It is safe to say that these are one of the most fashionable accessories for the warm season.

High leggings, caps and ties became a stylish feature of many images. Many designers have paid enough attention to sunglasses, relying on the effect of their large form.

Images of guests

Many trends have already been outlined in the images of the stars and guests of Milan Fashion Week. Interesting combinations, spectacular silhouettes, elegance and fashion in one bottle – you want to admire such outfits and, what’s there, take some chips into service. We advise you not to be shy and note the leading trends for yourself. In such images it is extremely easy to be the most stylish and feminine coming spring!

Modern minimalism is especially beautiful in the embodiment of street style heroines. Look at this photo – plain things do not look boring at all due to interesting silhouettes. Worthy of attention is the palette of the image – beige and brown: this is a pair for all time. It is worth noting the fact that the current minimalism is not at all against accessories – on the contrary, with stylish details it looks more expressive and fashionable.

[stextbox id=’info’]Another hot trend in this look is the high waist paired with a wide belt. This technique can be used with both jeans and trousers.[/stextbox]

Kaia Gerber showed off the most fashionable silhouette of spring – straight jeans. In 2020, it is important to choose black or blue models and combine them with short jackets, voluminous jackets and leather jackets with buttons.

The guests of the shows made it clear that they are real gurus in the world of fashion trends. For example, any self-respecting fashionista knows that leather items are the undoubted must-have of the 2020 season. A win-win wardrobe investment this year is a leather trench coat that looks out of the ordinary, but at the same time does not go beyond versatility.

Leather can be not only outerwear, but, in general, anything. The girl in the photo shows that she had the courage and knowledge of fashion to combine a red blouse with a bow and yellow leather trousers. 5 points!

Modern fashion, like this girl, for the play of contrasts and…

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