Military style in women’s clothing

Military or military style in women’s clothing is one of the leading trends of 2019. Therefore, today designers have presented in their collections a wide variety of products designed in this theme, which should rightfully become the basis of the basic wardrobe of every modern woman. And about what to wear and combine such things with, we will tell you in our article.


Features of the “military” style

Unlike previous years, in 2019 the military style has undergone significant changes. Even fabrics such as wool, cotton, linen, cashmere, knitted materials, as well as silk and chiffon are now used for tailoring. The color scheme has also become more extensive and in addition to the standard khaki color, there are dirty shades of green, brown, burgundy, a beige palette and purple tones in the military theme.

However, the main characteristic features of the military style in clothing remained. These include:

  • decor in the form of shoulder straps or their visual imitation;

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  • classic white or colored stripes on trousers;

  • stripes on outerwear in the form of orders and other military symbols;

  • large metal buttons with military engraving;

  • belts made of natural or artificial leather with overall badges;

  • stand collar;

  • even cut products.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! A significant advantage of things in the military theme is their versatility, since they have no age restrictions and are suitable for women with any complexion, including full ones.[/stextbox]

Varieties of style

Due to the fact that couturiers regularly experiment, modifying this fashion trend, as a result, many types of military style have appeared, the most popular of which we have presented below.

  • Youth. A rather informal trend in women’s fashion, based on classic military men’s clothing, such as camouflage jackets and trousers, rough boots and voluminous belts.

Military style will go well with jeans and striped print

  • formalistic. Its main characteristic feature is camouflage colors not only on clothes, but also on shoes and hats.

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  • High-military. It is a relatively young trend, which differs only in small hints of military style in clothes. It can be silk trousers with stripes, classic khaki coats, a dress with a very wide men’s belt or a pleated skirt with a pea jacket.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! This season, designers have decorated women’s military clothes with ethnic-themed patches and embroidery.[/stextbox]

Building a Military Style Wardrobe

The choice of military-style clothing today is incredibly large. But if we talk about the basic wardrobe, this year special attention should be paid to the products presented below.

  • Dresses. Such outfits have a somewhat angular and straight cut, which looks aggressive in the finished bow.

Their main characteristic is a wide shoulder line, a narrow waist and a slightly flared bottom.

As for decor, military dresses have a predominantly minimalist design.

Only a few buttons, a belt or decorative inserts from the same material, but only in a different color, are allowed.

  • Mikey. This is an essential element of the summer wardrobe. They must be long.

Various trims, tears and cuts can be used as design elements.

  • Skirts. They can have a straight or flared cut.

Most often, such products are sewn from wool or cashmere, cotton or thick suit fabrics.

Fashionable military style wrap skirt

  • Trousers. These are mostly fashionable models of cargo or riding breeches in 2019.

Stylists recommend wearing them not only with casual tops, but also with more feminine outfits, such as light chiffon blouses, translucent knitted jumpers or even silk tops.

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  • Coat. An elongated double-breasted wool or cashmere coat is a real must-have for the upcoming autumn season, which can be combined with almost everything from the basic wardrobe.

  • Shoes. Classic military style shoes are rough leather boots with laces.

However, now you can also find more feminine versions of shoes or sandals with heels, which are decorated in a palette characteristic of this fashion trend.

  • Accessories. As for jewelry, in the military theme there are mainly massive items made of metal or leather.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! This season, stylists recommend not being afraid to experiment and boldly combine “military” items with products designed in other styles.[/stextbox]

fashion images

The range of women’s clothing in military style is now very large. Therefore, creating fashionable bows with these things will not be difficult for anyone. Below we just gave examples of such ensembles.

  • An excellent option for going to work is dark green linen wide trousers and a cotton white shirt. A wide black belt, boots or classic high-heeled shoes, as well as a bag to match the shoes will help to complement the image.

  • Slender girls can afford to wear tight leggings or camouflage jeggings, as well as a tight-fitting black T-shirt. Shoes here will be appropriate, both at low and at high speed.

  • You can also add a touch of military style to the classic set with the help of a small accessory, for example, a cotton scarf, as in the photo below.

  • The ensemble, consisting of jeans and a striped T-shirt, can be diversified with a stylish camouflage jacket. As an accessory, a simple plain scarf and glasses are suitable.
  • Casual style fans can combine a wide oversized cotton or chiffon long shirt with dark knit or leather leggings. The look is completed with boots with steady heels and a beige hat.

  • Military-style coats can be emphasized with bright accessories. For this, a multi-colored scarf or belt around the waist will do. Do not forget about shoes. It should contrast against the general background.

  • But lovers of creative solutions will definitely like the look, which is based on voluminous boyfriend jeans with bright heeled shoes and a khaki parka. A large leather handbag will help complete the ensemble.

  • For the hot summer heat, a light green cotton dress is well suited. Complete the look with an animal-colored belt, high-top gladiator sandals and a trendy see-through bag.

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As you can see in the photos presented in our article, fashionable military-style clothing in 2019 not only emphasizes the smooth curves of the female figure, but also makes the image as a whole more stylish and relaxed.


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