Milk face masks

Facial cleansing.

All women know that before applying a mask to the face, it is necessary to clean it. Skin cleansing can be done with fresh and sour milk, preferably if you take cow or goat milk for this, but if you do not have such an opportunity, then store-bought milk is also suitable, but with a high percentage of fat content. Such procedures are convenient in that you can carry them out regardless of weather conditions, they are suitable for owners with any type of skin, and they are suitable for frequent use. But they are not recommended if there are various kinds of wounds on the face.

Cleansing your face with sour milk also helps to get rid of annoying freckles, as it whitens your skin.

Perform the cleansing procedure with cotton wool, or with a cotton pad slightly soaked with milk. Moisten each subsequent cotton wool more abundantly than the previous one. Cleanse the skin until you see that the skin has become clearer. Remove the rest of the milk with the last disk soaked in milk, but well squeezed. Then immediately apply the cream to the skin.

Milk masks

Milk is an excellent moisturizer that is used even without the addition of other ingredients, as a cleansing tonic. And if you add other products, you can make many masks with various miraculous results for the skin. The use of milk masks is very convenient, as they are easy to prepare (the ingredients are always available) regardless of the season, convenient and not contraindicated for use in the area around the eyes.

Milk masks are applied to the face for about fifteen to twenty minutes. When the time has come to wash off the mask, do it first with warm water, and then refresh it with cold water in order to maintain the effect and narrow the pores.

Purifying masks

Use of turmeric and lemon juice.

Thanks to this mask, you can get rid of freckles and age spots on your face, you can whiten your skin, reduce the appearance of sunburn, help your skin cope with irritations (if you have them) and tighten pores. To do this, you need to take ingredients such as turmeric and lemon juice (a teaspoon of each product) and add this to two tablespoons of milk, mix thoroughly. You will be delighted with this mask.

Use of milk powder and oatmeal.

This mask is easy to prepare, can be used for all skin types without restrictions. To prepare it, you need milk powder and oatmeal (mix the ingredients one tablespoon at a time), which are diluted with water at room temperature. For owners of the dry type, it is recommended to add vegetable oil in the amount of two teaspoons.

Salt mask.

A milk mask with the addition of sea salt helps the owners of oily skin very well in getting rid of acne rashes, black spots and pimples. To do this, add one tablespoon of sea salt to two tablespoons of milk. But you can wash your face after applying it only after thirty minutes.

The use of cottage cheese, honey and lemon juice.

To cleanse and moisturize the skin, you can make a mask that simultaneously tightens the pores: for this, you need to add well-ground to two tablespoons of milk – a tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese, a teaspoon of honey and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

Milk and bread mask

The mask is good for any type of facial skin, the main thing is to choose the right bread. Bread is chosen depending on what type of skin you have. For dry skin, choose white bread or a loaf and warm milk. For oily skin, use rye or black bread and cool milk. If desired, add an egg yolk or your favorite essential oil.

Soak thirty grams of the crumb with three tablespoons of milk, leave for about fifteen minutes, then rub it until a gruel consistency is formed. The mask is very simple and effective, helps to relieve swelling and irritation, smoothes mimic wrinkles. Dry skin of the face after such a mask becomes silky, soft and moisturized.

Milk masks with raw eggs

The yolk is used for dry skin, as it nourishes, tones, softens and moisturizes. To moisturize the skin, this mask recipe is useful: one tablespoon of milk + egg yolk. If you have combination skin, then apply the mixture on dry areas, and grease oily areas of the skin with protein. For mixed skin types, use egg white instead of yolk, and if you have oily skin type, you can mix a whole egg.

A moisturizing and nourishing mask with the addition of milk and eggs can also be made from milk powder. This mask is more suitable for dry and normal skin types: mix the following ingredients (one ingredient each): a tablespoon of powdered milk, a teaspoon of honey and egg yolk.

To get rid of blackheads and dead skin layers on the face, a cleansing mask-film with the addition of gelatin powder will help you. To do this, pour one tablespoon of gelatin in milk (one and a half tablespoons), heat it in a steam or microwave oven, wait until it cools down and add one protein. Apply to the face until the mask dries.

A milk mask will give your face a rejuvenating effect, in which the yolk of one egg and one tablespoon of sifted flour are added. You should get a creamy consistency, which must be applied to the face for twenty minutes. Wash off this mask after twenty minutes with water diluted with one teaspoon of lemon juice in one glass of water.

Milk mask with cottage cheese

Those with dry skin type can use a mask to improve its color by mixing two tablespoons of warmed milk with one tablespoon of cottage cheese, one tablespoon of freshly squeezed carrot juice and two teaspoons of olive oil.

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