Minimalist clothing: less is more!

One of the most famous admirers of minimalist clothing was the unsurpassed Coco Chanel. It is she who owns the famous expression “Elegance does not tolerate excesses.” Let’s talk about what this style is expressed in and about its main rules. Is it as simple as it seems at first glance?

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What is this style about?

Minimalism is always about simplicity, elegance and conciseness. Fans of this style know how to look tasteful by combining basic things. You will never see such a girl in flashy clothes with lots of accessories. She does not seek to shock and be the main center of attention.


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But, surprisingly – such a girl always attracts the eye! She expresses her impeccable taste in things of simple cut, skillfully combining them with each other. She is confident, elegant, and knows what she wants from life.

Basic principles

The main rule of minimalism is the absence of unnecessary details. You can also easily recognize this style by the following features:

  • laconic cut of clothes;
  • line cleanliness;
  • clear colors of neutral shades;
  • lack of gloss;
  • natural fabrics;
  • minimal decor or its complete absence;
  • deep neckline, ruffles and flounces are excluded;
  • things that cost (or look) expensive.

Distinctive features of minimalism

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Minimalism today

The young lady’s fashion is fickle and she loves to make her own adjustments to various styles of clothing. Of course, minimalism, beloved by many girls, could not be an exception.

In the 2019-2019 season, it is distinguished by:

  • the presence of thin straps;
  • basic black skirt;
  • lack of complex drawings;
  • metallized things are not excluded, but they should be as concise as possible;
  • little black dress;
  • simple but elegant shoes (such as pumps or solid colored boots);
  • pastel colors in clothes.


Some fashionistas mistakenly believe that minimalism excludes the presence of any accessories. Of course, this is not so, otherwise it would not be stylish, but boring.

Minimalism in clothes and accessories

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This style welcomes the presence of expensive details with a certain mood. An interesting accessory can even attract attention and catch the eye, but there should be only one such thing in a concise way.


Minimalist accessories and clothes

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If you want to dress in a minimalist style, collect interesting brooches, belts, elegant bracelets and delicate chains. Then you will always have a solution on how to diversify your everyday look.

Minimalism in jewelry

You can not do without handbags in the appropriate style. Simplicity of shapes, colors and finishes is everything. Fake labels always spoil any image. Therefore, it is worth either buying really status things, or finding a more economical alternative that looks presentable. A win-win option is a pure color frame bag without unnecessary accessories.


When choosing sets in the style of minimalism, you should always pay special attention to shoes. These should be high-quality models, preferably from natural materials – suede or leather. The color scheme is not limited to black alone. You can replenish your wardrobe with a fashionable pair of gray, brown, emerald, burgundy or olive.

Women’s shoes in the style of minimalism

As a rule, minimalism welcomes the following models:

  • boats;
  • ballet shoes;
  • sandals or mules with heels;
  • high wedge boots;
  • over the knee boots with a heel-column or at low speed;
  • oxfords.


Main things

A minimalist wardrobe can be quite rich in clothes, or it can consist of several capsules based on basic items.

Typical things of this style are:

  • tight-fitting sheath dress;
  • pencil skirt;
  • tight golf;
  • dark straight jeans;
  • office shirt;
  • silk blouse in peach or pearl color;
  • business suit with a skirt or trousers;
  • classic coat or raincoat;
  • turtleneck;
  • wool cardigan.

When these pieces are in neutral hues, they are easy to pair into stylish, minimalist looks.

The principles of combining things

To make a fashionable bow, you should take as a basis a simple piece of fitted cut. For women who want to hide extra centimeters, a straight cut is relevant. An unambiguous “no” to minimalism speaks of excessive volume and layering. If it’s cold outside, throw on a simple raincoat, trench coat, or fitted jacket.

Choose colors that harmonize easily with each other. The minimalist color palette consists of:

  • black;
  • dark blue;
  • brown
  • olive;
  • burgundy;
  • white and beige;
  • gray
  • powdery.

Where to find such things

Modern minimalism is impossible to imagine without the famous Calvin Klein. It is he who skillfully combines femininity, elegance and sexuality with a laconic silhouette. The maestro is delighted with the shade of ghee, the color of wet asphalt and the palette of beige.

Minimalism by Calvin Klein

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Popular brands representing minimalist clothing are also Zara, Cerruti, New Look, DKNY and 3.1 Phillip Lim.


Tricks for girls who are afraid to look boring

Minimalism is beautiful in its conciseness and chic. But at the same time, there is always a risk of turning into a gray mouse. Where is the fine line between modesty and style? The main secret lies in learning how to create impeccable images from simple things.

  • Basic things are quite easy to mix with each other, this is the main advantage of minimalism. Add one trendy piece to each look to make it more creative. An original brooch, multi-tiered chains, an interesting texture of one thing will come in handy.

Stylish and not boring minimalism

  • The style of minimalism implies the use of not only plain clothes, but also printed things. The main motifs are a simple cage, polka dots and stripes. In a word, you can use a laconic geometric print, which is on the list of top trends today.

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Modern abstract art is in many ways similar to the ideology of minimalism. Things of a simple cut with strokes of paint, laconic abstract motifs look perfect with a solid base.


  • Manicure should keep the general trend of minimalism, but a touch of originality in the design will help to make it an interesting accent in the image. Give preference to stylish geometry and futurism.

Manicure in the style of minimalism

  • Don’t forget about hair accessories too. Metal invisibles and barrettes with simple geometric shapes are the best choice. Note! Which is definitely not…

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