minimalist wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles in the style of minimalism captivate with charming conciseness and elegance. See photos of fashionable options to decide on your favorite and create a truly magnificent image of the bride.


Naturalness and minimalism are key trends in wedding hairstyles. Desirable qualities are displayed in a low bun hairstyle, which is suitable for medium to long hair.

The bridal bun is gorgeous with textured strands. A simple way to achieve the desired volumetric effect is to pre-form the curls and only then proceed to the formation of the beam.

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The wedding bun welcomes a slight negligence in the design – such a hairstyle will be decorated with relaxed weaves, volume, strands deliberately released from the styling.

You won’t have to worry about the wind on a special day – if the curls gently unravel, the minimalist bun will not get worse.


An exquisite hairstyle with waves fits perfectly into a wedding look in the style of minimalism. Romantic curls can always be decorated with additional accessories or completed with the Malvina technique.

Conciseness and elegance are present in the styling in Hollywood style. A smooth wave will fit perfectly into the image of a modern bride.

Wedding hairstyles with curls are the perfect option for any dress. Elastic and generously varnished curls are out of fashion for a long time – stylists prefer to make moving and natural curls.

low ponytail

A wedding hairstyle for long hair can be an elegant ponytail, decorated at the back of the head. This styling goes well with accent earrings.

Photos of wedding hairstyles prove that a sophisticated low ponytail looks great with the addition of accessories. Hairpins with delicate flowers and rhinestones are beautifully fixed on smooth hair.

It is important to complete the minimalist hairstyle of the bride with a smooth strand that wraps around the base of the tail and masks the elastic band.


The elegant completion of the image of the bride will be a relaxed braid, decorated with delicate flowers. Complement the hairstyle with curls released from the face.

Another option for a wedding hairstyle for long hair is a braid on one side, made up of curls. It will be fashionable to look weaving in the French technique or in the “fishtail”.

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The bridal headband bridal hairstyle proves that you don’t have to create incredible structures with curls and accessories to look sophisticated and gentle on your special day.


Wedding hairstyles with loose hair as in the photo are created on the basis of the classic “Malvina”. The principle of the technique remains unchanged – it is necessary to collect strands from the temples above the back of the head.

With accessories

Wedding hairstyles with a diadem turn the bride into a real princess – the groom will not be able to contain his emotions! The tiara goes perfectly with the minimalist style, adding elegance to the look. Hairstyle with a diadem will beautifully complement the wedding look with an A-line dress.

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You can complement the fashionable hairstyle of the bride with sophisticated flowers. A win-win move is the choice of plants that repeat the composition from the wedding bouquet. In a minimalist way, wreaths of flowers with ribbons or single hairpins with plants look harmonious.

Fashionable studs with pearls of chaotic sizes wonderfully fit into the style of minimalism. It is important to use large beads as accents on the bride’s laconic hairstyle – for example, a low bun.

The leading trend in wedding fashion is a bun hairstyle with a decorated base. Hairpins and hairpins act as a fashionable accessory.

Photos of wedding hairstyles in the style of minimalism confirm: naturalness and elegance will always be a confirmation of the good taste of the bride. The focus of such an image will be the tenderness and natural charm of the girl, which will not be overshadowed by tons of varnish, bulky curls and uncomfortable accessories.

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