Mint color in clothes: how to combine

Virtuoso designer Marc Jacobs presented a collection of mint-colored clothes to the fashion world a few years ago. The popularity of this color has not faded for several seasons, but everyone cannot clearly outline the picture of the final image in their head. And the main question that fashionistas ask is how to combine mint color in clothes.

Mint color suggests the presence of blue, turquoise and green undertones. And it is, based on the prevailing color, that you can harmoniously combine mint clothes with other shades.

How to choose the right shade of mint color

To date, there are five types of mint color. These include the color of sea foam, turquoise, menthol, delicate mint and the color of pistachio ice cream. Conventionally, these shades can be divided into two types: mint green and mint blue. This parameter depends on which undertone prevails in the selected clothing.

Despite the pastel tone, mint can unprofitably emphasize the appearance of its owner, so initially, it is worth choosing a shade according to the type of appearance.

We select a shade for the type of appearance

If you are the owner of fair skin and hair, you have blue eyes, then mint green color is perfect for you. It will refresh and contrast on your skin. Pronounced blondes need to pick up more saturated, bright shades of mint so that the clothes do not merge with light, porcelain skin in the image.

Mint blue color is relevant for owners of dark hair. Brunettes are recommended to acquire calm, pastel colors. So they will look good, and contrast with the “cool mint”. If you are the owner of soft eyes and hair (light blond, chestnut, dark blond strands), any shade of mint color will suit you, be it a delicate pastel or bright, rich turquoise or sea foam.

On a note: owners of very fair skin should choose a mint outfit more carefully. Sometimes the shade gives a painful look, both in life and in the photo. Therefore, if there is a desire to buy “mint clothes”, do not neglect makeup, and most importantly, visually choose a shade that will be in harmony with the type of appearance.

Mint color in clothes: successful combinations

Despite the complexity of the color, choosing a harmonious shade that will play in tandem with mint is not so difficult.

mint and green. This combination will act as a smooth gradient. Emerald, gray-green, malachite shades will look relevant.

Mint and pink. The palette of pink can range from dusty pink to vibrant fuchsia. But the main thing here is that the colors are medium-clean, that is, a little muted. In this image, the emphasis is on the contrast from cool to warm.

Mint and yellow. An excellent combination for both summer and winter, because such a color tandem refreshes and rejuvenates. It can be combined both with bright and saturated shades of yellow, and with a calmer palette.

mint and blue. This couple especially favorably emphasizes each other. This combination is filled with freshness, coolness and sophistication. Blue undertones make the image more vivid and noticeable. Blue shades give the image presentability. It is important to combine mint with cornflower blue, denim, dark blue-green shades.

Mint and purple. If you want to achieve an oriental look, then this combination will suit your taste. Feminine lilac shades successfully harmonize with fresh mint, fill the image with tenderness and airiness. Fashion 2021 just welcomes such a tandem, so you can easily be in trend. Light contrast allows you to favorably emphasize the shapes and refresh the bow.

Mint and brown. In this case, the greater the intensity of brown, the more autumnal the image will turn out. For spring, it is better to choose shades of beige, coffee with milk and tan undertones. The combination of mint and chocolate tends more towards rigor and formality. With it, you can create a stylish bow for work or an interview.

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Mint and black and gray colors. If you don’t know how to combine mint color in clothes, choose neutral shades: black or gray. They can act as leading colors or, on the contrary, create a classic, but at the same time fashionable look.

And, of course, for summer and spring, it is ideal to combine mint with snow-white shades. If you want to dim the brightness a little, choose calmer shades of white, such as ivory. Such a bow will look win-win anywhere.

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How to combine mint color in clothes: examples

What is better to choose: mint pants, or a cardigan, or maybe a blouse? This question aggravates the choice of girls. To understand how to introduce mint color into your wardrobe, you can look at fashion shows or photos from women’s magazines. There’s plenty of information there.

We offer to consider some of the most successful combinations with photo shows:

  1. Mint floor-length dress and coral sandals with a white clutch. A great option for going to a restaurant or an evening promenade around the city;
  2. Mint ankle-length trousers with white slip-ons, gray cardigan and mint bag. The best look for everyday activities. Fashionable, stylish, bright;
  3. For work, you can wear a turquoise jumper, a black knitted T-shirt, bluish-green pipes, beige shoes and a bag to taste.

In fact, combining mint color in clothes is not difficult at all. The main thing is to choose the right shade for yourself and think about what the chosen item from the wardrobe will be in harmony with.

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