Mistakes in autumn looks that make you look old

In this fresh review, we analyze what mistakes in autumn looks make a woman look older. We invite you to visually get acquainted with these annoying mistakes and never repeat them in your images.

Major Mistakes

dull palette

Clothes of faded and neutral colors, although convenient in practice, still often make the image gloomy and boring. Of course, one should not expect a rejuvenating effect from such an effect.

The black color, so adored by many women, deserves special attention. There are no complaints about the corrective properties of this color – it really skillfully hides flaws and makes the figure more slender. But if we study the effect of color on appearance, then we have complaints about the black color scheme. The fact is, this is such an insidious shade emphasizes all age-related changes and makes the tone of the face dull and painful. In addition, in an image with a predominance of black, it is so easy to cross the line between true elegance and gloom and dullness.

If you don’t want to look older than your years, but are not ready to give up practical black things, dilute the muted palette with bright accents. For example, you can add a trendy coat in refreshing pastel colors to dark trousers this fall, a bright blouse, or at least a light silk scarf around the neck.

When creating individual rejuvenating images, bright accessories can also come to your aid – they will serve as such accents that add a modern and dynamic touch to the look.

Too bright colors and large prints for women of elegant age should be used with caution. For such ladies, stylists recommend relying on gentle, calm colors of clothes, as well as on small and medium-sized motifs.

Mix of prints

Among the common mistakes in autumn looks that make your appearance look older, you can also add a combination of several prints at once within one bow. This approach noticeably overloads the image, depriving it of elegance and harmony.

If you want to combine several patterns in an outfit, limit yourself to just two motives and stick to win-win combinations. For example, in an autumn bow, a strip and a cage can perfectly get along with each other in a ratio of 70 to 30. Their single color palette can also be responsible for the unity of the drawings.

Thin knit sweaters

In the fall of 2020, thin, tight-fitting flimsy knitwear inevitably ages the look. Even tight turtlenecks have now completely sunk into oblivion. In addition, stylists note that this is the main enemy of all women. If you want to look young, modern and attractive, you can also ruthlessly exclude from your wardrobe sweaters, jackets, jumpers and cardigans made of fine jersey with a tight fit.

Stylists advise not to let thin knitwear into your wardrobe even for a cannon shot, also because it emphasizes the slightest imperfections of the figure, and also treacherously focuses on the borders of underwear. A stylish alternative for such products would be fashionable sweaters, turtlenecks and cardigans from a dense knitted texture that do not fit too tightly to the body. In such novelties, you will not only look modern, but also feel more comfortable.

frayed jeans

Stylists are sure that jeans should definitely find a place in the basic wardrobe of a woman of any age, because such clothes hide a real elixir of youth. Dense uniform denim in an actual fit always makes the wearer more modern, dynamic and attractive.

However, one should not expect a similar effect from worn jeans with torn holes and other active decor. Such models have long lost their relevance, and, therefore, mercilessly add years. If you want to get a youthful effect from jeans, choose a laconic modern model.

The fit of the denim trousers deserves special attention. Stylists suggest that in 2020 it is better to use the average and high level, but the old-fashioned low rise should be ignored.

old fashioned bow

We firmly believe that the woman who tries to be on the same wavelength with modern fashion looks young and fresh. At the same time, she selectively treats current trends and from all their diversity chooses only those new items that take into account her age category. Stylish colors, prints, silhouettes and accents may well be your personal elixir of youth, because they really work unconditionally well.

But if you are not aware of modern trends and from year to year adhere to a conservative attitude when compiling images, then you are making an obvious mistake that mercilessly adds years. Loyalty should be kept to people, not clothes. We suggest that you, immediately after reading this article, arrange an audit in your wardrobe and eliminate outdated, dull things, as well as clothes that have lost their original appearance. Instead of abandoned wardrobe items, place stylish, relevant and beautiful silhouettes of clothes in it.

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Shapeless silhouettes

Yes, yes, we know that the oversized clothing format is now at the peak of popularity. However, we urge women over 40 to treat this trend with a grain of salt. One loose piece in an outfit is OK if it is balanced by more fitted silhouettes. But if a lady completely wraps herself in shapeless things and seasons this oversized bow with accessories, her feminine forms are simply lost against such a background.

Stylists suggest that fashionistas of elegant age are the best suited for trends that allow embodying an emphasis on the waist. That is, in creating successful autumn outfits, you can and should use belts, fanny packs and overhead peplums, which perfectly form the feminine silhouette of the figure. Such stylish accessories will give forms of harmony, structure and clarity – and these are the most accurate associations with youth.

Mini length

No matter how young and attractive a woman looks, she is unlikely to be able to emphasize her beauty with the help of short skirts and dresses. After a certain age limit, the length of the mini already loses its coquetry, and is endowed with vulgarity and vulgarity. Accordingly, its use in images always makes visually older.

The other extreme – shapeless and dull clothes to the floor – also will not bring the desired rejuvenating effect to the outfit. She will only hide all the advantages of the figure and make the bow boring and gloomy.

If you want to look young and attractive this fall, bet on the elegant midi length – it is now at the peak of popularity. The mark below the knee always looks elegant, stylish and feminine.

Leading trends include:

  • high rise pencil skirt
  • denim and pleated models,
  • A-line products
  • variations with asymmetry and smell.

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