Mistakes in winter looks that most women make

The stylists have identified the main mistakes in winter looks that are aging and look old-fashioned, and told how to replace them. The operation, code-named “search and neutralize” begins!

Accessory kits

The unconditional anti-trend of winter 2023 is a ready-made set of winter accessories in a single style. A one-color set of gloves, a hat and a scarf hopelessly simplifies and ages a woman’s bow.

To prevent an insidious property, bet on interesting combinations of different accessories. For example, it is permissible to choose a bright or printed scarf for a plain hat – the winter season is suitable for stylish experiments!


In the category of old-fashioned mistakes in winter looks, stylists include the use of snood. A conservative detail adds age and spoils even a perfectly calibrated bow.

Stylists urge to get rid of scanty small-sized knitted scarves without regret – such a detail spoils the impression of any image.

Round knitted scarves have given way to classic rectangular accessories with a hint of oversize. Such novelties not only look stylish, but also visually slim the silhouette, provided that the vertical is created.

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dark palette

A faceless gray and black palette instead of light and bright colors is the main winter failure. To get rid of a bad habit, introduce new alternative shades gradually, in the form of accents: the effect will pleasantly surprise you!

Outerwear according to the figure

In the category of mistakes in winter looks that age, outerwear with a tight cut is the leader in repetition. Such models are not only old-fashioned – they warm even less compared to semi-loose silhouettes.

Jeans and high boots

A failing winter look for women over 50 is the outdated duo of skinny tabernacle jeans with high boots. Such trousers can only be saved by oversized tops and shoes with a free top.

Tight sweater dress

A sweater dress is a winter wardrobe must-have, but only if it’s not an outdated tight fit. Lost relevance and models with three-dimensional patterns in the form of braids and bumps.

But knitted dresses in a comfortable free cut invariably correspond to the leading trends. A win-win move is a smooth texture combined with a straight cut or wrap model.

nude pantyhose

The real crime in the fashion world is nude tights in a winter wardrobe. Such a detail should definitely be postponed until the warm season. It used to be forgivable to combine light-colored tights with boots, but now such a duet is unforgivable.

Modern trends prioritize comfort. Warm dresses are mixed exclusively with tight tights and leggings, as well as with high boots. Health is above all!


Boots and ankle boots with stunning stilettos are a profit level for a woman, but is it worth making such sacrifices? Modern fashion has chosen an excellent course for comfort and convenience – heels remain, but stable and safe. Hairpins now look comical and old-fashioned.

Obsolete combinations

Mistakes in the winter image of a woman are easy to figure out by outdated combinations of things. A typical marker of the past is a combination of shoes and a matching bag or an image with skinny jeans, a similar turtleneck and a necklace around the neck. Another example is a tight shirt paired with a flimsy jersey cardigan. All combinations are boring and old-fashioned – it’s time to change them to modern trends.

Winter 2023 fashion offers a variety of combinations that rejuvenate the look and give comfort. Study trends, current styles and principles of trend combination – this is the basic knowledge in order to look perfect.

We have analyzed the main winter style mistakes that many women make. Enemies of fashionable and trendy images should be known by sight: to ignore and understand what combinations to replace outdated techniques. We wish you stylish and expressive images!

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