Mistakes that women make when choosing a swimsuit

Not the first year, mistakes are common that women make when choosing a swimsuit. Beach fashion is diverse, but among the assortment it is important to choose a model that is right for you. The material tells the most relevant swimwear and mistakes that should be considered when buying.

Common mistakes when choosing a swimsuit

Stylists identify several errors when choosing a bathing suit.

  1. Bright colors.

A rich “neon” color can highlight body imperfections such as stretch marks, pigmentation, spider veins, or skin that is too pale. If you are not ready to emphasize such details, then you should carefully approach the choice. For girls who are self-critical about themselves, swimsuits of light and muted shades are suitable.

  1. Unsupported top for a fuller bust.

Even if you have beautiful toned breasts, this can visually change in a bathing suit. A bra without support in the form of bones, straps, liners will either squeeze the chest too much, or, on the contrary, hold it badly. If you have a large bust, then try to choose models with bones and wide straps that will support you securely.

  1. The choice is only by advertising, without fitting.

To choose a swimsuit according to your figure, you need to correctly choose a model in size. If you have already tried on and ordered a swimsuit or underwear from a manufacturer, you can take a chance and take another model of this brand. But if you are not familiar with the line, then you should not trust advertising. In photographs in correctly selected poses, any swimsuit will sit well. And in motion on the beach, it can slip, bristle, emphasize extra folds, etc.

  1. Transparency.

Too thin and transparent fabric under the influence of liquid can reveal piquant places to others, which will lead to awkwardness and embarrassment. It is clear that in the store you will not pour water on the goods to check this quality. During the fitting, take a sheet of paper with dark text/drawing, put it under the swimsuit. If it shines through, then look for another option.

  1. Small size.

A swimsuit of the wrong size can ruin even the most spectacular look. Thanks to the elastic material and the right cut, slimming underwear under clothes can correct the figure. But a swimsuit one size smaller will create a “sausage” effect, pinch the body and cut into the skin. In this outfit, you will get nothing but discomfort. Therefore, always choose a swimsuit according to your parameters.

What swimwear is in fashion in 2021

This season, the most relevant will be the following swimsuit options.

Any model with an animal print.

For the past few years, animal patterns have been in special demand among girls, and bathing suits have also been affected by fashion. Designers presented swimsuits in the style of zebra, leopard, tiger, cow. Therefore, for the summer, you can safely choose your favorite swimsuit model in this color.

With frills.

Ruffles, airy frills and frills this season can be found not only on blouses and dresses. A fashionable swimsuit with this decor has become an adornment of designer shows. With frills, both one-piece and separate models look good. A trendy swimsuit will help create a flirtatious romantic look. With the help of this style, you can favorably emphasize your strengths. For example, focus on the chest, waist or shoulders. When choosing, consider what you want to highlight.

On one shoulder.

This year, swimwear with asymmetry has become relevant again. Designers offer closed swimsuits that are suitable for active pastime, and open models for sunbathing and relaxing holidays. A white one-piece swimsuit with a ring on the strap and under the bust will look advantageous.

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With cutouts

A swimsuit with cutouts on the sides or at the waist successfully hides the stomach and visually creates an hourglass figure. For example, a black one-piece swimsuit with sharp cutouts on the sides. He makes the girl thinner, and due to the open parts of the body looks separate.

With bindings and ties

Another relevant style this year are models with all kinds of ties and overlaps. This bold option will effectively distinguish you from others. It is worth remembering that sunbathing in such a swimsuit is undesirable if you do not want to look like a zebra. Take a closer look at the pale pink swimsuit with a criss-cross on the stomach and a small heart between the cups of the bra.

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High cut thighs

This option slims and visually lengthens the legs. If you’re wearing a bikini, simply pull the ties up to your waistline. In piece swimsuits and high-waisted two-piece swimsuits, choose the highest possible cutouts in the hip area. For example, a black swimsuit with one-piece swimming trunks and a top with ties.

With rings

If you want to look bright on the beach or are preparing for a photo shoot, swimsuits with rings will suit you. Designers suggest choosing models with rings instead of ties or with such a decor in some part of the product – feel free to experiment. Rings can be made of metal or plastic of any color. Take a closer look at the spectacular black one-piece swimsuit with gold rings in the form of a vertical insert on the sides.

When you know the mistakes that women make when choosing a swimsuit, you can confidently go for a stylish new thing for the beach.

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