Model gait of women

External beauty, hairstyle, clothes, legs – this is what men always pay attention to first of all when they see an unfamiliar woman. But be sure that if a woman does not know how to walk beautifully, her chances of success with men are sharply reduced.

Unfortunately, not all women know how to walk correctly and gracefully. Some twirl their hips, others shake their shoulders, others mince. Meanwhile, a beautiful gait not only favorably emphasizes the dignity of a woman, but also hides many of the shortcomings of her body.

Conventionally, women’s gaits are divided into two categories: one is for working on the podium, the other is for use in everyday life.

Several types of model gaits are known: classical, clubfoot, like a heron, crosswise.

Young top models train for a long time so as not to fall off the catwalk, because the model walk is an unnatural and impractical way to move around.

For the first time, the concept of a model gait appeared in the world in 1910. Its inventor is the French fashion designer Paul Poiret, who specialized in tailoring women’s clothing. He created the so-called “lame skirt” (Humpelrock). It differed from the previous wide crinolines in that it envelops the hips and legs of models quite tightly.

If a woman stood motionless, then the new skirt looked very pretty on her. And it was almost impossible to move around in it. The very first step taken tore the hem of the skirt. Neither the bows sewn on the hem, nor the compacted hem saved. And only after fashion lovers began to bandage their knees under a skirt with a narrow fabric, did the model gait become widely known.

The mincing step kept the fabric of the skirt. Over time, the “lame skirt” fell out of fashion, but models still use the mincing gait. The fact is that with a slow mincing gait, the fashion model spends much more time on the podium, therefore, buyers have more time to evaluate the outfit. And besides, with a narrow step, the clothes do not wrinkle so much and at the same time remain attractive.

If you want to learn the skills of model gaits, you need to know their basic movements.

  • Classical: when stepping, the leg should be straight and only after lowering to the floor does it bend.
  • Clubfoot: before starting the movement, tuck the foot “in a ballet way” (inside).
  • Like a heron: push off with a foot from the floor, bend it (bend angle – 45 degrees), then straighten it and take a step forward.
  • Crosswise: when walking, the right leg is brought to the left, and the left to the right; while the step length should be in the range from 15 to 20 cm.

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