Modeling facial massage

What woman does not dream of soft, supple skin and clear facial contours? In the struggle for youth and beauty, beautiful ladies sometimes resort to radical methods: the introduction of subcutaneous drugs and unsafe surgical interventions. However, there is a more pleasant and no less effective way to maintain the youthfulness of the skin of the face – regular massage, especially its variety – modeling facial massage (its other name is “Spanish massage”).

The clients of the salons offering the service of modeling massage, as a rule, are women of 35-40 years old. In this category, age-related changes on the face are already quite noticeable, but regular massage can prevent and minimize further skin aging.

Reasons why you should try facial massage

With this type of massage, the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté are deeply worked out. As a result of such effects, muscle hypertonicity is removed, firmness and elasticity return to the skin, its ability to regenerate increases, collagen and elastin (necessary elements for maintaining youth) begin to be actively produced. The skin is enriched with oxygen and nutrients, metabolic processes are accelerated and, as a result, toxins are removed.

Modeling massage has an excellent drainage effect, which is achieved by acting on the lymphatic and blood vessels located in the superficial layers of the skin. Thanks to this, you can forget about swelling under the eyes and a double chin for a long time. The “crow’s feet” will be smoothed out, the oval will become more clear and the muscular frame of the face will be strengthened. Massage is able to reduce the causes of wrinkles, given the structural features of the face of each woman.

The procedure of modeling massage is exceptionally pleasant and comfortable. It will allow you to escape from unpleasant thoughts and give a much-needed relaxation to every woman.

To achieve a sustainable effect, it is recommended to take a course of 10-12 procedures every 2 days. Then maintenance treatments should be done once a month. Such a scheme will give you youth and beauty for many years to come.


Despite the exceptional benefits of modeling massage, it is not suitable for women with the following problems:

  1. Infectious and allergic rashes on the face in the acute stage;
  2. The presence of a large number of nevi (moles) and papillomas;
  3. Violation of the integrity of the skin in;
  4. The presence of rosacea and spider veins;
  5. Recent deep and medium chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments.

Description of the procedure

The difference between modeling massage and other types of massages lies in its plasticity. The main movements are light strokes. However, in fact, this massage is very deep: there is a complete relaxation of the muscles, resulting in the reduction of wrinkles.

Modeling massage is always developed individually for each client. Massage techniques each session are selected differently, each time there is a study of different groups of facial muscles.

Before the start of the session, make-up removal is performed, the face is thoroughly cleaned. According to the type of skin of the client, the means by which the massage will be performed is selected. For dry skin, oil mixtures are usually used, for the rest, a cream is recommended, but also suitable for the individual skin type. Gliding hands over the cream is much better, the skin is not injured, and at the same time receives nutrients and vitamins.

The main movements are circular, the massage is performed both with the fingertips and with the whole palm, strong and weak pressure alternate. Massage is performed not only on the face, but also on the neck, shoulders, décolleté. Particular attention is paid to areas with reduced tone and elasticity. Massage movements are performed in the direction from the middle to the edges.

The duration of the massage is about 20-30 minutes. During the session, according to your desire, the specialist can turn on pleasant relaxing music or light scented candles.

The procedure should give you not only beauty, but also help relieve stress. At the end of the session, the face is washed and a cream is applied to it, since nutrients are absorbed more efficiently on a heated face.

After a session of modeling massage, tone improves, skin elasticity increases, swelling decreases and mood improves.

Modeling massage requires a creative approach. The same hand movement is practically not repeated during the session, which allows you to work out even the deepest muscles of the face. Massage is purely individual, taking into account the characteristics of the body. It is also important to find “your” specialist, whom you would be imbued with confidence and whose touches would be pleasant to you.

It is desirable to carry out modeling massage in courses, 3-5 procedures per week for a month. Then you can carry out maintenance sessions once a month. Cosmetologists recommend resorting to massage courses 2 times a year, however, depending on the desires and capabilities of the client and taking into account the recommendations of a specialist, the schedule may change.

Modeling massage is a wonderful technique that allows you to achieve stable results in a short time and prevent the development of biological skin aging processes.

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