кружева и шифон

Models from lace and chiffon are the leaders of the warm season 2020

In the wardrobe of every fashionista should be models of lace and chiffon. They are the main trend of this season. Such things will give the image elegance, femininity and sophistication. The main thing is to know which models are in trend and what they are combined with.

lace and chiffon

Fashionable chiffon for dizzying looks

Flowing chiffon is a good basis for spectacular images for the warm season. Dresses made of this fabric are airy and light, which makes the bow feminine and romantic. Despite this, you can create a successful ensemble in casual style from such things. To do this, it is enough to be able to correctly combine chiffon with coarse fabrics.

It is worth noting that chiffon models can be used both in a casual look and in creating a total look for a gala event in order to look elegant and stylish on a holiday.

Which models are worth paying attention to

This season, light clothing of the following types is relevant:

  1. Sheer chiffon blouses. They go well with skirts, trousers and jeans. This year, star designers have relied on light blouses with a stand-up collar.

chiffon blouses

  1. Skirts made of such material have remained at the peak of popularity for several seasons. Their main advantage is that they keep their shape well. This skirt gently sways when walking, creating the effect of a flying gait.

chiffon skirt

  1. Dresses made of flowing fabric hide figure flaws, which is important for women with luxurious shapes. Mini, maxi, layered, tunics – this year fashionistas got a wide choice of styles.

chiffon dress

When choosing clothes from chiffon, you should pay attention to shoes. She can ruin the whole image, making it heavy and comical. This season, world fashion houses reveal secrets: chiffon items are best combined with Greek strappy sandals and wedge sandals.

Delicate lace for trendy looks

This season, lace rightfully occupies a leading position among the fashion trends of 2020. According to statistics, most men pay their attention first of all to girls dressed in lace. This is due to the fact that openwork clothes make the image mysterious, light and sophisticated.

It is worth noting that the following have become fashionable this season:

  • dresses;

lace dress

  • blouses;

lace blouse

  • skirts.

lace skirt

When choosing such clothes, you should pay attention to the very texture of the openwork fabric. The thinner the fabric, the smaller the pattern. Such clothes look both intriguing and romantic. Dense lace with a voluminous pattern will suit women in the body.

Effectively lace dresses, skirts and blouses look with classic and strict English jackets. As shoes, pumps are ideal.

lace blouse

It is interesting to note that the two trends are combined with each other. For example, a lace blouse can be worn with a chiffon skirt.

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