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We invite you to take an active part in the search for ideal novelties in the world modern manicure 2020 season. It will be interesting!


The nail industry is undergoing significant changes in the 2020 season. Many fashionistas rightly consider them positive, because the key desire for minimalism means the rejection of pretentious and complex nail design. Today, manicure comes to the fore in nude colors with minimal decor. Often the main decoration is laconic drawings in silhouette technique. Such nail art looks restrained, which means it can be the best novelty and for short nails.

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Interestingly, the current style of minimalism can not be called boring at all. Fashionistas love to look for new ways of expressing themselves that do not contradict the restraint of design. That is why modern manicure well suited in this direction. for teenagers.

pastel palette

A well-deserved favorite of fashionistas in the 2020 season has become a variety of pastel shades that skillfully vary in their saturation. Interestingly, girls now do not have to choose a single favorite from this fashionable range – it is now fashionable to create sophisticated and sophisticated combinations of several pastel colors at once. For example, in your trendy manicure, you can create a gentle duet of pink and blue or lilac and lemon polish.

natural tones

In the embodiment of a fashionable and beautiful manicure, a restrained natural palette can also take an active part. In the 2020 season, this trend highlights the relevance of mustard, brown, beige, yellow, burgundy, pale blue and green shades. Such trendy colors can be successfully combined with each other – the resulting duets will have a special aesthetics and harmony.

[tds_warning]Mint color is another unconditional favorite of the season. Accents in such colors are most relevant to combine just with a natural palette.[/tds_warning]

Bright design

Along with the desire of fashionistas for minimalism in the 2020 season, bold nail art does not lag behind in popularity, which involves a combination of several patterns in rich and contrasting shades in the design at once. To ensure that such a design, along with its originality, turns out to be harmonious, the masters recommend placing drawings on a single plain or transparent background.

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Focus on one nail

An impeccably fashionable solution in the 2020 season is a chic manicure, which embodies the emphasis on just one nail on each hand. Modern masters offer many stylish solutions on this topic. For example, they like to decorate selected plates using the “unicorn tear” technique or scattering of crystals. The combination of textures in this design will also look very fashionable!

In addition to the design in the Feng Shui style, in the 2020 season, the creation of an accent on large nails with the help of contrasting nail art will also be in demand. This extraordinary technique can be implemented both on one and on both hands.


The masters of nail art endowed the actual embodiment of animal prints with new colors and creative unexpected solutions. In addition to using the original bright palette in this style, the absolute leaders in the 2020 season are the novelties among the drawings. So, in addition to the usual leopard, snake and tiger, now in a fashionable youth manicure can also feature the color of a cow or a zebra. It is now customary to combine such patterns with a plain coating and stylish foil decor in the form of stripes.

[tds_note]Animal motifs long nails risk looking pretentious, so on this basis it is better to limit yourself to a concise design.[/tds_note]

Floral motifs

You can also make your manicure stylish and unforgettable with the help of a stylish embodiment of floral motifs. In the 2020 season, such a design is created in a nude or bright palette. To make it look modern, it is worth playing with a combination of gloss and matte finish, as well as drawing laconic twigs and sketchy flowers. The resulting design will be the best solution for feminine and sophisticated natures.

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A very unexpected novelty in the world of nail art of the 2020 season was the watercolor technique. Stylish Ideas Manicures suggest that characteristic subtle designs are now best done in a translucent style (that is, with a large addition of water) and a neutral finish. Most often, masters use this technique to create an abstract or floral design.


New trendy modern manicure 2020 of the season in the form of an actual embodiment of the abstract style can also make the nail design stylish and winning. The formula for success in creating such nail art involves a fashionable combination of pastel or nude tones with transparent inserts, as well as a tandem of thin lines with accents in the form of foil or the “quail egg” technique. In abstraction manicure in 2020, laconic portraits, floristry and inscriptions most often appear. Moreover, more and more often masters refuse manual drawing and rely on ready-made stickers.

thin lines

Experts in the world of nail art highlight another unconditional trend that promises to be in demand throughout the 2020 season. We are talking about laconic drawings, embodied in the form of thin black lines. Such accents promise to look equally stylish on both discreet and bright backgrounds.

Paint strokes

Strokes of paint, randomly scattered on the canvas of modern manicure, are also in great demand in the current nail art. Such a design will definitely benefit in its expressiveness if it is transformed through a fashionable play of textures. This technique is embodied extremely simply: it is enough just to arrange the top in a matte finish, and present the drawings directly in gloss.


Among new products 2020 season in the world modern beautiful manicure the embodiments of various textures stand out in particular. For example, textures of stones, marble, as well as watercolors of other natural textures can take center stage in modern design. Such drawings will look stylish only on a few plates in the form of an accent. The ideal combination can be realized if you choose a monochromatic coating to match such an image. Laconic sparkling blotches in the form of foil or glitter will also be useful.


Nail art masters in the 2020 season did not lose sight of the relevance of luxurious gold accents. Rich arrangements of stones of various diameters temporarily faded into the background, giving way to more concise polishes with a shimmer, foil, rubbing, miniature glitter and kamifubuki. Such novelties are a great solution for ladies who like to create a spectacular, and at the same time, universal design.


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