Modern manicure 2021

The modern manicure of the 2021 season will allow you to logically complete any of your looks and make it more stylish and perfect. Be the first to know about key news!

Stylish novelties


The main trend that opens up wide scope for the imagination of fashionistas is a combination. The essence of this trend lies in the combination of different colors, textures, prints and decorative solutions. Theoretically, a girl can use each nail as a clean background for her experiments, but in this case, she must ensure that the final nail art looks holistic and harmonious.

With a combined manicure for short nails, you should be extremely careful – the fact is that the natural length does not accept an overloaded design. On this basis, it is better to limit yourself to 2-3 colors and just a few accents.


Foil decor can hardly be called a novelty, but nevertheless it has firmly established itself in the list of leading trends. However, the 2021 season was not without innovative solutions – if before fashionistas expressed their preference only for silver or gold foil, now their choice often leans towards colored jewelry. Fashion Tip: Red, green, blue or black foils stand out especially in a stylish matte finish.


If you follow stylish manicure ideas, then you have probably already heard about the incredible popularity of laconic nude design. You may even have already signed up as a fan of minimalist manicure. In this case, take great news – this style will retain its leadership position in the 2021 season!

Nude base can be left in splendid isolation – such a design, easily created at home, will advantageously complete any look. If the soul craves experimentation in the new season, complement the neutral background with geometric or animal motifs, transparent or neon inserts, miniature rhinestones or glitter, polka dot patterns or trendy sliders. But still, use a sense of proportion when decorating a nude coating – the charm of a stylish design is hidden in conciseness.

linear gradient

Fashionable modern manicure of the 2021 season may also imply the presence of a linear gradient – a fresh version of the embodiment of the well-known ombre technique. This novelty looks as elegant as possible in a matte finish. Interestingly, when creating such a design, it is now not necessary to be limited to shades from one palette – you can safely use contrasting colors.

It is fashionable to decorate the classic ombre technique in the 2021 season with contrasting geometric compositions. For example, against a dark or saturated pastel gradient, clear white lines can be successfully placed.

On the nails of a modern fashionista, a gradient that adheres to a diagonal direction can also be organically located. If you choose a neutral palette for such a design, it can be completed with expressive decor.

thin lines

A stylish feature of nail art in the 2021 season is often thin lines that give the manicure elegance and chic. Such a trend can be embodied using the notorious gossamer technique, but it looks just as sophisticated in the design of various patterns. The beauty of this trend is that it perfectly reveals itself on nails of any length.

It is worth noting that the refined features in the 2021 season are actively used in the image of female portraits, floristry and abstract compositions. Such an accent most often acts as a decoration for one nail, while the rest of the plates are decorated with a plain varnish.

different hands

Among the novelties of the 2021 season, a modern beautiful manicure is also announced, in which an excellent design appears on different hands. Such nail art always attracts attention and looks creative, and at the same time it is quite simple to implement. If you want to repeat the leading trend, you can cover the nails on one hand with a plain bright varnish, and decorate the rest of the plates with an interesting design that features a key shade. By the way, such a novelty will be an excellent option for nails of natural length.

Emphasis on the thumb

The trendy feature of manicure 2021 can be deservedly considered to be an emphasis on one or two thumbs. It is fundamentally unimportant what exactly the fashionista prefers to implement such a technique – a contrasting color of varnish, an interesting decor, an original drawing or print. Here it is the placement of the accent in nail art that decides.


A popular technique of the 2021 season can also be called a design in which a metallized texture and the same decor appear. To repeat this trick in practice, you can use varnish with a sparkling metallic finish or iridescent decor in a manicure.

The desired effect is also created by the good old rubbing – a special powder, which in the 2021 season was replenished with new color variations. In addition to the classic bronze or silver pigment, color and pearl powder will now be in trend.

Volumetric metal decor is another hit that deserves a place in the modern manicure design of the 2021 season.

New rules of floristry

An interesting novelty of the 2021 season can also be considered the “water way” technique, in which the drawings on the plates are made in a delicate floral design and resemble light reflections on the water. An ideal basis for such nail art would be a transparent or nude background.


If a manicure makes you want to touch it, it is most likely in line with the trends of the 2021 season. In such a design, the so-called “tears of a unicorn”, the dragon scale technique or other voluminous and expressive decor can be indicated.

Fashion jacket

It is amazing how French design has managed to maintain its position of relevance over the years, but the fact remains that in 2021, French is at the peak of popularity. Only the variations of its incarnation have changed.

So, the classic design with a non-standard smile is recognized as the leading trend – a bright accent or a fashionable pattern can be placed on this area. Geometric jacket and nail art with decor in the hole area are also considered popular ideas. In the design of French manicure, the game of matte and glossy textures is also welcome, which looks most impressive on long nails.

simple abstraction

The abstract style is no less relevant in the 2021 season, but now it is moving towards simpler forms of expression. If you want to embody a trendy design, you can combine multi-colored abstract shapes, dots, lines and transparent varnish inserts in it. A modern 2021 manicure like this is especially well suited for teenagers who welcome fresh and unconventional solutions.

The watercolor technique often becomes a stylish highlight of abstract design – if desired, it can be implemented at home. To make a manicure with translucent stains look …

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