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Nail design in 2018 is full of variety thanks to the use of bright and rich palettes in combination with modern nail art techniques, which can be seen in the photo in the portfolio of leading manicure masters. This means that rather creative nail design options have come to replace the monochromatic design, which are based on the use of an abundant amount of decor, as well as a combination of different patterns and textures. We have given the most original of them further in our article.

Stylish manicure design – trends 2019

Nail art trends 2018-2019

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The manicure of a modern girl should not only be neat, but also meet the latest fashion trends. This year, stylists have proposed a number of trends that must be present in every nail design.

Fashionable moon manicure with stylish geometry

  • Drawings. Artistic painting has been a leader in the nail fashion industry for several years now. However, this season, the trend is exceptionally complex patterns with a large number of color combinations, as well as a play of textures. As for the theme, in addition to the standard geometry and floristry, images of animals, insects or cartoon characters are also relevant.

Nails with a beautiful pattern

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Idea! The main hit of 2019 is the manicure design, in which the storyline of the drawing is divided into several parts at once., applied to different nails.


Drawing with a plot on different nails

  • Naturalness of flowers. Today, overly flashy and acidic tones are best abandoned in favor of natural palettes. It can be either light pastel or nude, or rather saturated dark colors.

Manicure in natural colors

The main thing is that they should identify the colors of the gifts of nature as much as possible.

Delicate manicure in pastel colors

  • Gel drops. A novelty in the nail art segment, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Transparent gel droplets can be used both to create an imitation of dew on the nails, and as a decorative complementary element in the design.

Story manicure with drops

  • Rhinestones. Decorating nails with colored stones still remains at the peak of fashion trends. The only difference with last season is that in this season, decor must be expensive. Therefore, fashionistas should abandon cheap pebbles in favor of Swarovski crystals, sapphires, topazes, etc.

Manicure with rhinestones

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Important! Do not forget about the length and shape of the plates. In addition to the current short ones with semicircular and oval shapes, long nails with a sharp tip will also be in trend.



Fashion Design Ideas

The upcoming autumn-winter season is preparing for modern fashionistas a lot of original design options for marigolds, among which the “hottest” are the design ideas below.

Fashionable negative space manicure

  • Neutral stone manicure. Stone or as it is also called marble design this season should be as light and concise as possible. Delicate pale pink, cream and beige tones in a duet with a stone pattern will create an unusual and at the same time calm manicure, which is the best fit for discreet girls and business women.

Marble manicure

  • Stamping. This technique of manicure on the nails looks very beautiful and elegant. Contrasting gold, silver or white print over a bright background will create a truly festive mood. The main thing here is not to overload the overall design and highlight only one or two nails with stamping patterns.

Trendy and attractive stamping

Interesting: Geometry on nails is a hit of 2018

  • Stained glass. This is one of the most complex, but at the same time very spectacular and interesting designs. It is based on the creation of drawings on nails imitating stained glass painting. Mostly such a manicure is done using foil with the effect of broken glass or using acrylic powder to achieve a textured and voluminous surface.

Stained glass manicure

  • iridescent iridescence. Fans of bright solutions will like a manicure using multi-colored kamifubuki and sparkles. It is based on the application of this decor over a colored or transparent substrate in a gradient technique or in a chaotic manner. In any case, this design on the nails looks catchy and unusual.

Gradient with glitter

  • With broach. This is a fashionable Japanese technique, which, due to its practicality, began to rapidly gain popularity. Its meaning is that when applying a decorative coating at the base of the nail with a special brush, the color is “stretched”. Thus, when the nail grows, the contrast is not so obvious, which allows you to wear this manicure for up to 6 weeks.

An example of a manicure with a lingering from the base of the nail

  • Minimalistic. This style involves the use of light palettes with little decor. However, in modern nail design, it is often diluted with bright saturated shades, such as dark blue, green, khaki, burgundy and brown.

Manicure in the style of minimalism

Interesting: Manicure design in the style of minimalism

Also, do not forget about the game of textures. The combination of matte and glossy finish in this design will look the best.


  • Manicure ⅓. The original idea of ​​\u200b\u200bdecorating marigolds, which, despite its originality, appealed to modern girls. This manicure design involves the use of exceptionally bright and saturated coatings that are applied to the surface of the nail plate in small areas. For example, it can be a selection exclusively of the hole, or a wide vertical line is drawn along the nail.

Manicure ⅓

  • French motives. Despite the fact that the jacket has been in fashion for more than a year, this season it still remains relevant. Instead of its classic performance, nail art masters offered many interesting ideas for this design.

Unusual beveled jacket

For example, this year’s novelty is an inverted jacket, in which a “smile” line is drawn at the base of the marigold.

reverse french

Another option is to use a colored substrate instead of a beige, and highlight the “smile” with bright decor in the form of foil, rhinestones or kamifubuki.

French with glitter

One has only to look at the photos presented in our selection, as you can see that the modern nail design of 2018 is replete with all sorts of new products, as well as original ideas with non-standard use of basic techniques. We hope that the manicure design options we have proposed will appeal to you and you will decorate your nails this fall with at least one of them.

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