Mom jeans: how to wear one of the best styles for women 40+

The baggy shapeless jeans of the 90s are back in fashion! And this is not surprising, because they do not fit anything, do not press, they are comfortable, and in cold weather you can wear warm tights. Thanks to the actress and comedian Tina Fey, this style was called “mother’s jeans”, as they were more preferred by women of mature age.

Mom jeans mask excess volume, their loose fit takes the emphasis off the hips, and the high waist covers the stomach and visually lengthens the legs. In addition, these jeans are versatile and practical in any place and situation.

Choice of pants

To look stylish and expensive, it is preferable for ladies aged 40+ to choose a model made of dense fabric – it keeps its shape better and hides extra roundness. The colors are calm, monochromatic: black, gray or classic blue. For warm weather, light blue or even white are suitable. You should not fill the wardrobe with models:

  • bright colors;
  • heavily torn;
  • with decorative embroideries, rhinestones, catchy inserts;
  • from thin fabrics.

The original length of the jeans is ankle length, it suits short women, and is also appropriate in winter. Modern models are slightly shortened or with lapels, focusing on the graceful ankle.

What to wear

Common combinations of moms are with a white shirt, T-shirt or turtleneck.

The main thing is that they are tucked inside. Otherwise, an ugly bulge will appear in the abdomen. A replacement for a shirt can be elegant blouses or shirts of a classic type, as well as with a fitted silhouette. Multi-layering is also welcome.

Here are the options with which to wear mom jeans:

  • tucked sweater or pullover;
  • vest on a T-shirt or turtleneck;
  • cardigan on a sweater or t-shirt;
  • jacket on a blouse;
  • cropped jacket;
  • coat of any length;
  • jeans;
  • parka or down jacket.


Almost all types of shoes are suitable for this type of jeans. The main rule is the absence of a high top. Mom jeans are not tucked in, so they are not worn with boots. Depending on the season and mood, the appropriate option is selected. For an elegant look, pumps with heels or ankle boots are suitable.

For a summer walk – sandals or sneakers.

In spring and autumn, jeans will complement boots with a light toe. The height of the boots either ends at the level of the trouser leg, or neatly goes under it.


Each woman is unique and unique with her own individual style. And it will always add a twist to the basic outfit by decorating it with an accessory. It can be:

  • elegant hat or cap;
  • a large scarf wound around the neck;
  • a watch with a large and bright dial;
  • unusual brooch;
  • a small bag without patch pockets;
  • classic leather belt;
  • massive decorations.

An important rule is that additional elements attract attention without distracting from the overall appearance.

Even Marilyn Monroe loved to flaunt in wide jeans, but at the same time she remained the sex symbol of America. And although it is believed that mom jeans are rough and look like men’s, the right things for any lady will easily create a feminine and sexy look.

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